Scholarship Owl Review: Is It Legitimate?

ScholarshipOwl is an online platform designed to help students find and apply for various scholarships to fund their education. It offers a comprehensive database of scholarship opportunities and an intuitive platform that streamlines the application process, making it easier for users to access potential sources of financial aid.

Many people may question the legitimacy of ScholarshipOwl, especially considering the prevalence of scams on the internet. Fortunately, according to various sources, ScholarshipOwl is indeed a legitimate and trustworthy site. It offers both free and paid services, with the basic free services still providing value to students seeking scholarships. Users have shared positive reviews on platforms like LinkedIn and Market Realist, further affirming its reliability and user satisfaction.

What Is Scholarship Owl?

Platform Overview

Scholarship Owl is a scholarship search and application platform that simplifies the process for students. By entering their personal information such as birthdate, field of study, and current educational status, students can find relevant scholarship opportunities in the United States and Canada. The platform streamlines the scholarship application process by automatically filling in the applications for eligible scholarships without requiring multiple separate applications or lengthy essays.

Services Offered

The basic services offered by Scholarship Owl include searching for scholarships and automatically applying for those that match the student’s profile. With the platform’s user-friendly interface, parents, college, and high school students can quickly find relevant scholarships worth up to $10,000 by signing up for a free account.

Furthermore, Scholarship Owl offers optional premium services that include additional features such as personalized application reviews, early access to new scholarships, and a dedicated support team. These optional services require payment, but the basic scholarship search and application features remain free for all users.

Costs & Value for Money

Scholarship Owl operates on a freemium model, which means that their basic services are available for free. Students can create an account and search for scholarships that match their requirements without any cost. The platform generates its revenue through the optional premium services, which provide added benefits such as personalized assistance and exclusive access to new scholarships.

When considering if the platform is worth it or not, it is important to keep in mind that the basic functions are available for free. Those who are willing to invest in the premium services have the potential to save more time and increase their chances of obtaining scholarships. Ultimately, the value of Scholarship Owl depends on each individual’s needs and preferences.


Is Scholarship Owl Legitimate?

User Experiences

Students and parents who have used ScholarshipOwl often share their experiences and reviews. While some users may have certain reservations, the general consensus is that ScholarshipOwl is a reliable source for finding scholarship opportunities. You can find a variety of user experiences on third-party review websites like Trustpilot.

User Testimonials

  • “I am really grateful for this opportunity. This scholarship will enable me to pay off some of my loans and focus on my career goals.” – Ashley P., ScholarshipOwl’s first You Deserve It $1,000 Scholarship winner (source: ScholarshipOwl)
  • “I have already applied for 13 scholarships through the website, so it was only fair they keep $20.” (source: Trustpilot)
  • “Other reviews share gratitude for the site finding so many scholarships they never could have found on their own.” (source: Fractus Learning)
  • “ScholarshipOwl has been a great help in finding scholarships that fit my profile. I definitely recommend it to anyone looking for scholarships!” (source: Trustpilot)
  • “I was able to find scholarships that I never would have found on my own. It saved me so much time and effort.” (source: ScholarshipOwl)

Company Background

ScholarshipOwl is a legitimate scholarship search engine that helps college and high school students in the United States and Canada find relevant opportunities. The platform offers a wide range of scholarships, some of which are worth up to $10,000, making it a useful resource for students looking for financial aid. More information about ScholarshipOwl can be found on their review page.

Security and Privacy

When it comes to security and privacy, ScholarshipOwl takes the necessary measures to ensure users’ personal information is protected. Their website uses encryption, and they have a dedicated privacy policy outlining their data protection measures. It is essential for users to be cautious and review the privacy policies of any scholarship application websites before sharing sensitive information.

Opinions From Authorities In The Field

Authorities in the field of education and scholarship, as well as other reliable sources, have provided their opinions and insights on the legitimacy of ScholarshipOwl. Articles on websites like Market Realist and LinkedIn confirm the platform’s authenticity and usefulness for students seeking scholarship opportunities. However, it is always good practice to research multiple sources to gather well-rounded information about ScholarshipOwl or any other scholarship search engine.

Review SourceOverall OpinionPositive CommentsNegative Comments
TrustpilotMixedHelped find and apply for scholarshipsCharged more than expected, did not receive any scholarships
Scholarships360PositiveLegitimate scholarship search engine, helps students find relevant opportunitiesN/A
Fractus LearningPositiveEasy to use, offers a variety of scholarshipsN/A
LinkedInPositiveMakes it easier for students to start and finish their scholarship applications, keeps track of progressN/A
Best Wallet HacksPositiveHelps fill out basic profile and template of information, allows for quick applications to multiple scholarshipsN/A
RedditMixedProvides access to a variety of scholarships, saves time and effortSome scholarships require additional steps or have low odds of success

Pros and Cons of ScholarshipOwl


ScholarshipOwl is a legitimate scholarship search engine designed to help parents and students find relevant opportunities in the United States and Canada. One advantage is that it allows users to quickly discover various scholarships with its easy-to-use search engine.

Users can enjoy a free trial and access the basic services for free, which are still beneficial to students looking for scholarships(Scholarships360). They offer a monthly $1,000 scholarship to one student aged 16 or above, which demonstrates their dedication to helping students financially(CofES).

Furthermore, ScholarshipOwl helps save time by storing users’ educational information and tracking application statuses. They also provide coaching services for essays and applications, ensuring students are well-prepared for their scholarship applications.


Although ScholarshipOwl offers numerous advantages, there are some drawbacks to using the platform. The primary disadvantage is that while some features are free, additional services and features require payment. Users may need to opt for the premium plans in order to fully access these additional offerings.

Another concern for some users may be the fact that the scholarship search engine primarily focuses on opportunities within the United States and Canada, potentially limiting those who are searching for scholarships outside these regions.

Alternative Scholarship Platforms

While ScholarshipOwl is a legitimate platform, students may find value in exploring alternative scholarship platforms. The following are some alternatives to consider:

  • Fastweb: Fastweb is a popular scholarship search engine that matches students with scholarships based on their profile information. The platform offers a large database of scholarships and personalized email alerts for new opportunities.
  • Cappex: Cappex provides students with college and scholarship matching services. Their interactive tools help students discover and compare colleges, as well as find relevant scholarships.
  • Unigo: Unigo offers a comprehensive scholarship database and tools to help students find and apply to scholarships. In addition to their search engine, Unigo also offers scholarship essay resources and advice.
  • Scholars App: Scholars App is a streamlined scholarship application platform that allows students to apply to multiple scholarships with a single application. The platform focuses on local and regional scholarships, which may have less competition.

Each of these alternative scholarship platforms has its own unique features and benefits. Students should conduct thorough research and choose one or more platforms that meet their specific needs and preferences.

It is important for students to remain vigilant in avoiding potential scholarship scams while searching for opportunities. Legitimate scholarship platforms will not require payment to access their resources or to apply for scholarships.


In this article, we have discussed ScholarshipOwl—a popular scholarship application service aimed at helping students save time and effort in their quest for higher education funding. Upon examining the available information, it is evident that ScholarshipOwl is indeed legitimate but comes with certain limitations.

The platform is run by a team of experts in the field of college scholarships and financial aid who strive to assist students in navigating the complex world of scholarship applications. Although it is a paid service, users can still search and apply for scholarships without paying—making it a helpful resource for those looking to streamline the process.

While users have found success with ScholarshipOwl, it is important to approach it as a tool rather than a guarantee for scholarship attainment. Students are encouraged to also explore other means of funding and apply directly to scholarships when possible. By combining the benefits of this service with proactive personal efforts, one can maximize their chances of securing scholarships for their education.

Helpful Resources

Navigating the scholarship landscape can often be overwhelming, but there's no need to go through it alone. Scholarship Owl offers a supportive platform that can help simplify your search by matching you with scholarships suited to your unique situation. By consolidating numerous scholarship opportunities into one place, it provides a significant time-saving benefit, allowing you to focus more on your studies and less on the search. If you're looking to streamline the scholarship application process, Scholarship Owl may be a valuable tool in your educational journey.


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