UPS Scholarships Guide: Your Path to Educational Funding Opportunities

Securing financial aid for higher education can be a challenging task, but for those associated with UPS, the journey may be a bit easier. UPS has established various scholarship programs aimed at supporting the educational aspirations of its employees and their families. These programs are designed to provide monetary support to students who are actively working to further their education at various levels, from vocational training to undergraduate and postgraduate university degrees.


Understanding the array of UPS scholarships available, and the eligibility criteria associated with each, is pivotal for applicants. These scholarships not only cover the educational costs but also pave the way for a brighter career within the UPS network or beyond. Prospective applicants should be prepared to navigate the detailed application process, taking note of deadlines, required documentation, and selection criteria that typically focus on academic excellence and personal achievement.

Key Takeaways

  • UPS offers a variety of scholarship programs that support education for employees and their dependents.
  • Candidates must be attentive to the application deadlines, eligibility conditions, and required documentation.
  • Selection for UPS scholarships is usually based on academic performance and personal achievements.

Understanding UPS Scholarships

UPS provides valuable scholarship opportunities aimed at supporting students as they pursue higher education at colleges and universities. These scholarships are part of UPS’s commitment to community involvement and educational support.

Types of UPS Scholarships

  • James E. Casey Scholarship: Named after the UPS founder, this scholarship is specifically available to children of UPS employees. The award is targeted toward students attending a four-year college or university in the U.S., and has been expanded to international students in recent years.
  • George D. Smith Scholarship: Also designed for children of UPS employees, these scholarships cater to those enrolled in a two-year program at vocational and technical schools, or pursuing a two-year degree at a four-year institution.
  • CIC/UPS Scholarships: Through its partnership with the Council of Independent Colleges, UPS offers scholarships that assist students in financial need attending private institutions.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Minimum GPA: Applicants typically must maintain a minimum cumulative GPA, often around 2.5 or higher on a 4.0 scale.
  • Enrollment Status: Students must be enrolled or plan to enroll full-time in an accredited institution.
  • Parental Employment: For the James E. Casey and George D. Smith Scholarships, candidates must have a parent who works full-time with UPS.
  • Financial Need: Demonstrated unmet financial need is another common criterion, and students sometimes must file a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Application Process

  1. Application: Students must complete a scholarship application by the specified deadline.
  2. Supporting Documents: Submission of transcripts, proof of enrollment, and a FAFSA may be required.
  3. Deadlines: Scholarship applications have strict deadlines; for instance, the 2023-2024 UPS Scholarship Program deadline was November 9, 2023.

By paying attention to these details, applicants can better understand the UPS scholarship opportunities available to them and what is required throughout the application process.

Financial Aid and Support

In the realm of higher education, financial support plays a pivotal role. Understanding the avenues for aid can open doors for students who may otherwise find college inaccessible. The subsections below address the vital components of financial support available through UPS, including assessments for need, comprehensive tuition assistance programs, and diverse grant and scholarship opportunities.

Financial Need Assessment

Financial need is the primary criterion for many scholarship grants, including the UPS Scholarship Program. An assessment often begins with a student’s Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The program provides need-based awards to eligible individuals, offering substantial support for those who demonstrate a shortfall in their financial resources to pay for college.

Tuition Assistance Programs

UPS offers the Earn & Learn program, a tuition assistance initiative designed to help part-time employees with college expenses. It has provided substantial financial support to over 140,000 individuals since its inception. This benefit can cover thousands of dollars and is available in most UPS locations across the nation.

Grant and Funding Opportunities

In addition to tuition assistance, the CIC/UPS Scholarships Program has made a lasting impact by disbursing over $62.2 million in scholarships since 1985. This illustrates the magnitude of funding that UPS commits to educational support, aiding thousands of students at independent colleges nationwide.

The Application Process Detail

Navigating the UPS scholarship application process requires attention to detail and adherence to specific requirements. The following sections break down key components of the application process.


Required Documents

Applicants must prepare a set of required documents to ensure a complete application. This typically includes:

  • Application Form: Obtainable from the scholarship’s official website or program portal.
  • Transcript: An official transcript indicating the applicant’s academic performance and standing.

Tips for Writing Your Essay

The essay component is a crucial aspect of the application. To craft an impactful essay, applicants should:

  1. Focus on clarity and originality, presenting unique perspectives.
  2. Adhere to any given prompts or topics, staying within the required word limit.

Deadline and Submission

Every scholarship has a specific deadline that must be strictly observed. For UPS scholarships, submission details are as follows:

  • Deadline: The application must be completed before the stated deadline; for example, one of the deadlines for the 2023-2024 cycle was November 9, 2023. Late submissions are typically not considered.
  • Submission: Applications must be submitted through the designated online portal or email, as specified by the scholarship guidelines.

Benefits for UPS Employees


UPS employees enjoy a range of benefits that bolster their financial security and career development, with particular advantages for part-time staff and educational support through comprehensive programs.

Part-Time Employee Advantages

Part-time package handlers at UPS have access to an array of benefits despite their non-full-time status. Notably, they are eligible for healthcare coverage with $0 premiums which includes medical, dental, and vision plans. Additionally, UPS offers a competitive pension plan to part-time employees, providing them with long-term financial stability. These benefits enable part-time employees to balance work with personal commitments effectively.

Education Programs for UPSers

UPSers benefit from targeted education programs designed to aid their professional and personal advancement. A standout feature is the company’s tuition reimbursement policy. The Educational Assistance Program, known as Earn & Learn, provides substantial support to both part-time and full-time employees seeking to further their education. Under this program, individuals can receive up to $5,250 annually in tuition assistance, with a lifetime cap that allows for sustained educational pursuits. For details on the application process, one might look at information provided on the Earn & Learn Tuition Assistance Program. UPS has shown a commitment to fostering the growth of its workforce through these education-focused benefits.

Academic Criteria for Selection


The UPS Scholarship has a clear set of academic criteria for selection that focuses on a student’s performance and achievements. It emphasizes the importance of maintaining a solid GPA and obtaining relevant degrees or academic accolades.

Importance of GPA

The GPA (Grade Point Average) is a crucial factor in the selection process for UPS scholarships. Applicants are generally required to have a minimum cumulative GPA, which demonstrates their commitment and ability to perform academically at a high level. For example, some UPS scholarships stipulate a minimum cumulative 2.5 GPA on a 4.0 scale.

Degree and Academic Achievements

Aspiring scholars must typically be pursuing a degree in higher education, whether it’s a two-year degree from a technical school or a four-year college degree. Academic achievements beyond the classroom, such as awards, recognitions, or participation in advanced programs, can also bolster a student’s likelihood of receiving a UPS scholarship. UPS recognizes the hard work students put into their educational pursuits and looks for candidates who have shown excellence in their academic journey.

Post-Selection Process


After the selection process concludes, scholarship recipients must understand the steps to receive and maintain the financial support provided by the UPS Scholarship. The post-selection process involves two main phases: receiving the scholarship fund and adhering to scholarship maintenance criteria.

Receiving the Scholarship Fund

Once the UPS Foundation notifies the winners, recipients typically receive the scholarship funds directly to their institution’s financial aid office. The payment process is straightforward and occurs over the stipulated period following the UPS Foundation’s guidelines. It is essential for students to ensure their educational institution has the correct banking details to facilitate a smooth transfer of funds.

Scholarship Maintenance Criteria

To maintain the scholarship, recipients must meet specific criteria. UPS scholarships often require students to sustain a minimum cumulative GPA and may necessitate enrollment in a certain number of credit hours per semester. The detailed maintenance criteria are usually outlined in the award notification, and students must adhere to these requirements to continue receiving financial support. Failure to meet these standards can result in the suspension of the scholarship.

Extended Support Programs


The UPS Scholarship initiatives extend beyond individual awards to include comprehensive support programs designed to aid in educational advancements. These efforts are uniformly structured to aid students through financial contributions and strategic educational partnerships.

CIC/UPS Educational Endowment

The CIC/UPS Educational Endowment, part of the Council of Independent Colleges, has been instrumental in providing support to students. This fund is specifically designated for student scholarships at private colleges, ensuring that those who require financial assistance can access higher education. They distribute grants annually to a network of nearly 700 small and mid-sized independent colleges and universities.

UPS Foundation Initiatives

The UPS Foundation, the philanthropic arm of UPS, extends its impact through a variety of initiatives, many of which support education. It has historically contributed to programs that span from literacy and learning enhancement to scholarships and mentorship opportunities. UPS Foundation Initiatives particularly focus on workforce development, providing students with the necessary skills to thrive in a competitive job market.

Scholarship Opportunities by Region


The UPS Scholarship Program provides financial aid opportunities for students in various regions with a focus on supporting higher education. The scholarships are aimed at a diverse group of students, including U.S. citizens, as well as participants from India and other international locations.

Scholarships in the United States

UPS offers a range of scholarships to U.S. citizens, including programs for students attending independent colleges, the children of UPS employees, and National Merit Scholars. Among these is the UPS Scholarship Program, targeting students planning to attend a college affiliated with the Foundation for Independent Higher Education (FIHE). State councils play a critical role in distributing funds, such as through the CIC/UPS Scholarships Program which has helped numerous students demonstrating financial need.

Key U.S. UPS Scholarships Include:

  • James E. Casey Scholarship: Specifically for children of UPS employees attending a four-year college or university.
  • George D. Smith Scholarship: For children of UPS employees pursuing a two-year degree or vocational certification.

International Scholarship Programs

UPS’s commitment to education extends globally with the international expansion of the James E. Casey Scholarship. Students residing outside of the United States – for instance, in India – may have access to UPS scholarships if their parent is a UPS employee. This provides an opportunity for a wider audience to benefit from the UPS’s educational initiatives.

Notable International UPS Scholarships:

  • UPSers International Scholarships: These scholarships align with UPS’s global presence and aim to support the educational endeavors of UPS employees’ children around the world.

Scholarships for Specific Fields


Within the realm of UPS scholarships, there are specific opportunities designed to support students pursuing degrees in certain areas of study. These scholarships aim to nurture future professionals in fields critical to the continued success of industries and various market sectors.

Engineering and Technical Fields

For students with a passion for invention and innovation, scholarships targeting engineering and technical fields play a pivotal role. UPS offers aid through programs like the James E. Casey Scholarship, named in honor of the company’s founder. This is offered to children of UPS employees and encourages studies in engineering disciplines among other degree programs.

  • Eligibility Criteria:
    • Open to children of UPS employees
    • Must plan to study an engineering or technical field
  • Scholarship Benefits:
    • May cover a significant portion of tuition fees
    • Can open doors to internships and hands-on technical experience

Marketing and Business Studies

Scholarships like those in marketing and business studies are crafted to assist students in developing the acumen necessary for navigating the complexities of the modern business world. UPS understands the importance of skilled marketers and business professionals, providing support through awards that may be used at FIHE-affiliated colleges across the United States.

  • Eligibility Criteria:
    • Open to students attending a FIHE-affiliated four-year college
    • Includes National Merit Scholars and children of UPS staff
  • Scholarship Benefits:
    • Aids in funding for undergraduate studies in marketing or business
    • Connects students to a network of business and marketing professionals

Frequently Asked Questions

The UPS Scholarship programs provide financial assistance for various groups including employees’ dependents and students nationwide. Detailed below are specifics on eligibility, application processes, and tips for potential applicants interested in these opportunities.

What are the eligibility criteria for the UPS Scholarship for employees’ dependents?

For dependents of UPS employees, scholarships like the Theodore R. and Vivian M. Johnson Scholarship Program typically require the UPS employee to be actively employed at the time of the award announcement. Eligibility may extend to children of retired or deceased employees if the employee met certain conditions prior to retirement or death.

How can international students apply for UPS scholarships?

International students must check the specific UPS scholarships they are interested in as each program may have its own set of rules governing eligibility. Most scholarships target specific schools or regions, and some may be open to international applicants if they meet other criteria.

What is the application process for the James E. Casey scholarship?

The James E. Casey scholarship, named after the founder of UPS, is typically awarded through schools participating in the program. Interested students should contact their school’s financial aid office for application details and deadlines.

Are there any specific scholarships offered by UPS for female students?

UPS offers various scholarships that can be available to all qualifying students, including female students. However, if there are scholarships specifically for female students, it would be indicated in the program details of each individual scholarship.

What is the UPS Earn and Learn program and who qualifies for it?

The UPS Earn and Learn program is designed to provide tuition assistance to UPS part-time employees in eligible locations. To qualify, individuals usually must be actively employed by UPS and they can find a nearby program by selecting their state from a given list on the UPS job application page.

How can applicants increase their chances of obtaining a UPS scholarship?

Applicants can increase their chances by ensuring they meet all the eligibility requirements and submit a complete and accurate application. Staying informed of deadlines, providing all necessary documentation, and demonstrating financial need or academic merit as required can also improve the likelihood of receiving an award.

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