UMD Presidential Scholarship Guide: Unlocking Opportunities for Aspiring Scholars

Navigating the landscape of financial aid for college can often be a complex endeavor, but for students considering the University of Maryland (UMD), the Presidential Scholarship represents a significant form of merit-based financial assistance. Awarded to a select group of incoming undergraduate students, this scholarship not only recognizes academic excellence but also assists with the financial burden of higher education. The Presidential Scholarship supports students for up to eight consecutive semesters, contingent upon meeting certain criteria, offering them the financial flexibility to focus on their studies.


Understanding the particulars of this scholarship is crucial for any prospective UMD undergraduate. Not only does it entail maintaining a minimum GPA to retain eligibility, but it also involves adhering to the university’s code of academic integrity. With benefits ranging from partial to more substantial financial coverage, the Presidential Scholarship opens up numerous opportunities for recipients, including enhanced academic experiences and access to a supportive network within the university’s community.

Key Takeaways

  • The UMD Presidential Scholarship provides a significant merit-based financial aid option for qualifying undergraduates.
  • Recipients must uphold academic standards and comply with the university’s code of conduct to maintain the scholarship.
  • The scholarship offers varying levels of financial support, enriching the college experience for scholars.

Understanding the UMD Presidential Scholarship

The UMD Presidential Scholarship represents a significant financial aid opportunity for academically talented undergraduates. This merit-based award is geared towards recognizing and supporting students who have demonstrated excellence in their past academic performance.

Overview of the Program

The President’s Scholarship Program at the University of Maryland (UMD) is specially designed to financially assist outstanding undergraduate students. These merit scholarships are typically awarded for up to eight consecutive semesters, provided that students continue to meet the necessary academic standards and uphold the University of Maryland Code of Academic Integrity.

Types of Presidential Scholarships

UMD offers multiple types of Presidential Scholarships. One prominent example is the Banneker/Key Scholarship, which is highly prestigious and can cover the full cost of tuition, mandatory fees, room and board, and includes a book allowance. Meanwhile, the standard Presidential Scholarship ranges, providing an award from $2,000 to $12,500 per year.

Merit-Based Criteria

Candidates for the UMD Presidential Scholarship are evaluated primarily on their academic achievements. The selection process involves a thorough review of the applicant’s GPA, SAT or ACT scores, and other indicators of academic success. Academic achievement and leadership qualities are vital components that are considered to qualify for these merit-based awards. Students are expected to maintain a minimum GPA of 3.20 to retain the scholarship.

Eligibility and Application Process


The University of Maryland (UMD) Presidential Scholarship offers a rewarding opportunity for academically talented individuals. Rigorous criteria must be met for eligibility, and the application process is structured to identify students who demonstrate both academic excellence and a commitment to community.

Basic Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for the UMD Presidential Scholarship, students must be incoming undergraduate students who demonstrate high academic achievement. Specifically, students need to maintain a minimum GPA of 3.20 and must comply with the University of Maryland Code of Academic Integrity. Both U.S. citizens and eligible non-citizens can be considered for this merit-based scholarship.

Application Submission

The application for the Presidential Scholarship must be submitted together with the admission application to the University of Maryland. It’s important to note that no separate scholarship application is required—selection for the scholarship is based on the admission application. Prospective students are advised to submit all required materials by the specified early action deadline to be considered for the scholarship.

Selection and Decision Making

Decisions for the Presidential Scholarship are made based on a comprehensive evaluation of the submitted admission application. The selection committee looks for students who are likely to excel academically and contribute positively to the campus community. The decision-making process is competitive, and applicants are notified of their scholarship status following their acceptance to the university.

Scholarship Amounts and Financial Information


The University of Maryland offers the President’s Scholarship as an initiative to support outstanding students. This scholarship provides financial aid that can significantly reduce the cost of higher education for eligible students.

Tuition Coverage and Fees

The President’s Scholarship is designed to partially cover tuition costs. Award amounts vary, and the scholarship is merit-based. Financial aid policies at the university ensure that scholarship funds do not exceed the cost of tuition when combined with other merit awards; therefore, students receive amounts that are adjusted accordingly to prevent an overage in merit funding.

Book Allowances and Other Benefits

In addition to tuition coverage, the President’s Scholarship may include other educational benefits such as book allowances. The aim is to alleviate additional academic expenses, therefore the funds are credited directly to the student’s account, ensuring that educational resources are more affordable.

Financial Need Consideration

While the President’s Scholarship is primarily merit-based, the University of Maryland also takes into account financial need for certain scholarships funds. Students are encouraged to contact the financial aid office to understand how their financial circumstances might influence the amount of aid provided and to explore additional scholarship opportunities which may provide further financial support.

Academic Requirements and Performance


To retain the President’s Scholarship at the University of Maryland, students must adhere to specific academic standards. These include maintaining a minimum GPA and completing a defined number of credits annually.

Maintaining the Scholarship

The scholarship is awarded for a maximum of eight consecutive semesters, and students must remain in compliance with the established policies. They must successfully complete 30 credits each academic year to continue receiving the scholarship benefits.

GPA and Academic Standing

It is paramount that students maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.20 or higher to meet the scholarship’s academic performance requirements. This standing ensures eligibility for continuous scholarship support throughout the undergraduate tenure at the University of Maryland.

Probationary Terms

In instances where a student’s GPA falls below the required threshold, a probationary semester may be granted. During this period, the student must improve their academic standing to regain full scholarship compliance and avoid cancellation of the award.

Opportunities for Scholars

The University of Maryland’s Presidential Scholarship offers a robust array of opportunities to cultivate academic growth, professional development, and community involvement, encouraging scholars to reach their full potential.

Research and Mentorship

At UMD, Presidential Scholars have the opportunity to engage in cutting-edge research across various disciplines. Scholars are paired with esteemed faculty mentors who guide them through the research process, helping to enhance their academic endeavors and paving the way for scholarly achievements. The President’s Scholarship Policy at UMD underscores the importance of maintaining academic compliance, which extends to the realm of research integrity.

Networking and Career Development

Beyond academia, scholars benefit from extensive networking opportunities with alumni and professionals, fostering connections that can lead to impactful career development. The Philip Merrill Presidential Scholars Program, for instance, not only recognizes academic excellence but also aims to build a strong professional support system for scholars. This system includes mentorship from those who have already successfully navigated their academic and professional journeys.

Community and Extracurricular Engagement

Presidential Scholars are encouraged to enrich their university experience through extracurricular activities and involvement in a community of scholars. Being part of this vibrant community enables them to contribute to campus life and develop leadership skills. Involvement in extracurriculars and community service initiatives allows scholars to apply their knowledge in practical settings, fostering a well-rounded educational experience.

Additional Scholarship and Funding Sources

In addition to the University of Maryland’s President’s Scholarship, students have access to a variety of other funding sources. Each type of award has its own set of criteria and application process, expanding opportunities for financial assistance.

Outside Scholarships and Grants

Students can explore numerous outside scholarships provided by non-profit organizations, foundations, community groups, and private entities. These scholarships often require specific qualifications such as community service, leadership experience, or area of study. It’s crucial to adhere to application deadlines and submission guidelines for each opportunity.

Departmental and College-Specific Awards

Many departments and colleges within the University of Maryland offer scholarships unique to their students. These merit-based awards are tailored to students majoring in specific subjects, enabling recipients to deepen their connection with their field of study. Interested students should consult their departments for detailed eligibility requirements.

Private Scholarships and Search Tips

Private scholarships present additional funding avenues and are offered by organizations and businesses seeking to support students’ educational endeavors. Effective scholarship hunting is aided by utilizing established scholarship search platforms that match students with relevant scholarships based on a range of criteria like academic achievement and extracurricular involvement.

  • Start early to maximize your chances
  • Be methodical in your search and keep organized records
  • Avoid scams by using reputable scholarship databases

Key Academic Departments and Colleges


The University of Maryland (UMD) is renowned for various academic departments and colleges offering comprehensive educational opportunities. Students can delve into a range of disciplines, benefit from robust curriculums, and engage in research that pushes the boundaries of knowledge and innovation.

A. James Clark School of Engineering

The A. James Clark School of Engineering stands out for its strong emphasis on engineering and technological advancements. It offers various degree programs, and students have the chance to work alongside experienced faculty on cutting-edge research projects. The school is a powerhouse for innovation, attracting future engineers who aspire to lead in their fields.

Robert H. Smith School of Business

UMD’s Robert H. Smith School of Business is recognized for its rigorous programs that prepare students for the dynamic world of business. The curriculum is designed to develop strong analytical and leadership skills, essential for navigating the complex global market. Students in the Smith School of Business gain invaluable insights into the intricacies of economics, management, and entrepreneurship.

College of Computer, Mathematical and Natural Sciences

The College of Computer, Mathematical and Natural Sciences offers programs that span computer science, physics, biology, mathematics, and more. Through a fusion of theory and practice, students are equipped with the skills necessary to contribute to scientific discovery and technological progress. This college is a bedrock for students aiming to excel in scientific research and applications.

Each of these key colleges plays a significant role in shaping the academic framework of the University of Maryland, offering merit-based financial assistance such as the Banneker/Key Scholarship. They also foster a challenging and supportive environment for students to hone their skills, prepare for their future careers, and contribute to their respective fields.

Living and Studying at UMD


The University of Maryland (UMD) offers a robust environment for its students, with numerous programs and services that enhance the educational experience. This section outlines the vital aspects of campus life, available support systems, and housing opportunities that contribute to a fulfilling collegiate journey.

Campus Life

UMD bustling with activities, provides a dynamic campus life that is integral to the student experience. Offerings range from a wide selection of undergraduate major programs to various clubs and organizations tailored to student interests. Freshmen and incoming students are encouraged to engage in campus events to foster community and personal growth.

Support Services and Student Life

UMD is committed to student success beyond the classroom by providing comprehensive support services. Students have access to academic advising, career services, and mental health resources. These services are designed to help students navigate their undergraduate degree programs effectively and prepare them for life after graduation.

Housing and Residential Programs

Housing options at UMD are tailored to accommodate the needs of students at all stages of their university experience. Residential programs are more than just living spaces; they are communities that promote learning and personal development. Through living-learning programs, students can live with peers who share similar academic interests, enhancing their educational journey.

Alumni Success and Honors

The University of Maryland takes pride in the impressive achievements of its Presidential Scholars, who not only excel during their academic tenure but also go on to distinguish themselves after graduation. These scholars are frequently honored for their contributions and achievements, adding to the rich tradition of excellence at UMD.

Notable Presidential Scholars

UMD Presidential Scholars often emerge as leaders across various professional fields. For instance, recipients of the President’s Scholarship consistently demonstrate high academic performance and a strong commitment to their communities. Notable among them are those who have been selected for the Philip Merrill Presidential Scholars Program, a distinct honor that acknowledges students who have an exemplary academic record and have made significant contributions to their community.

Honors and Recognition Programs

Presidential Scholars at UMD are often involved with the Honors College, which offers a challenging educational experience to high-achieving students. The Honors College fosters a community where these scholars can further develop through specialized programs.

Honors and recognitions for UMD scholars and alumni extend beyond the campus. For example, the Alumni Association awards competitive scholarships to students who demonstrate a commitment to the university through campus and community involvement. Such recognitions underscore the sustained excellence of Presidential Scholars and the importance of mentoring from the UMD community.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section provides clear answers to common inquiries regarding the University of Maryland’s Presidential Scholarship, including eligibility, application process, benefits, and distinctions from other scholarships.

What are the eligibility requirements for the UMD Presidential Scholarship?

Eligibility criteria for the UMD Presidential Scholarship include undergraduate status and a demonstration of academic merit. Selected students should maintain compliance with the university’s scholarship policies and academic integrity code.

How does one apply for the Presidential Scholarship at the University of Maryland?

Students are usually considered for the Presidential Scholarship at the time of their admission to the University of Maryland, with no separate scholarship application required.

What benefits are included in the UMD Presidential Scholarship package?

The benefits accompanying this scholarship include financial support for up to eight consecutive semesters, provided students meet ongoing requirements.

What is the difference between the Banneker Key Scholarship and the President’s Scholarship at UMD?

The Banneker Key Scholarship also provides financial aid but comes with different eligibility criteria and benefits, distinct from the President’s Scholarship.

Are there specific application deadlines for the UMD Presidential Scholarship?

The Presidential Scholarship does not have a separate application; thus, the deadlines align with university admission dates. Prospective students should consult UMD’s admissions timeline for specific dates.

Can international students apply for the UMD Presidential Scholarship, and if so, what are the guidelines?

International students are eligible for the Presidential Scholarship, but they must comply with the same academic and policy standards as domestic students to maintain the scholarship.

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