UALR Scholarships Guide: Maximize Your Financial Aid Opportunities

The University of Arkansas at Little Rock (UALR) offers a variety of scholarships for students seeking financial assistance to pursue their higher education. This guide aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the available scholarship opportunities at UA Little Rock, as well as to provide an understanding of the qualifications and application process for each scholarship.


Scholarships at UALR are available for incoming freshmen, transfer students, and continuing students. These scholarships range from merit-based awards to those designed for specific fields of study or student demographics. By understanding the different scholarship options and requirements, students can make informed decisions about which scholarships to apply for, increasing their chances of receiving much-needed financial support for their education.

Key Takeaways

  • UALR offers various scholarship opportunities for incoming and continuing students
  • Understanding the qualifications and application process is crucial for a successful application
  • A wide range of scholarships caters to different student needs, including merit-based awards and field-specific options

Understanding Scholarships at UALR

Types of Scholarships

At UA Little Rock, there are various types of scholarships available to students. These can be broadly categorized into institutional scholarships and external scholarships. Institutional scholarships are offered directly by the university, while external scholarships include those provided by private organizations, businesses, or individuals. An example of an institutional scholarship is the Arkansas Academic Challenge Scholarship which aims to support eligible students pursuing a bachelor’s degree.

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for scholarships at UA Little Rock may vary depending on the specific scholarship program. For the Trojan Guarantee scholarship, students must maintain Pell eligibility and secure the Arkansas Academic Challenge Scholarship. This unique scholarship covers the remaining tuition fees after applying financial aid. For non-Pell students, there are other scholarships available based on their qualifications and needs, as described here.

Application Process

To apply for scholarships at UA Little Rock, students are recommended to use the ScholarshipUniverse (SU) tool. This tool matches students with the scholarships they qualify for, based on their responses to the provided scholarship-matching questions. New and current UA Little Rock students can log in to Scholarship Universe using their UA Little Rock email address.

Scholarship Deadlines

It is essential for students to be aware of the deadlines when applying for scholarships. Generally, the FAFSA must be completed before the March 1 deadline for awards with any need-based consideration. However, it is advised to carefully review the specific deadlines for each scholarship program, as they may vary. Detailed information about deadlines and application procedures can be found on the How to Apply page at UA Little Rock’s website.

By understanding the types of scholarships, eligibility criteria, application process, and deadlines, students can successfully navigate the scholarship opportunities available at UA Little Rock.

Admissions and Academic Information

Undergraduate Admissions

UA Little Rock offers a variety of scholarship options for incoming undergraduate students. For eligible students, the Trojan Guarantee provides a zero-tuition bachelor’s degree. Students must maintain Pell eligibility and receive the Arkansas Academic Challenge Scholarship. There are other scholarships available for non-Pell students as well.

Admission requirements vary, but a common criterion includes a minimum 20 ACT composite score or 1030 SAT composite score. Also, the student should have a minimum GPA of 3.25.

Graduate Admissions

Graduate students at UA Little Rock are also eligible for scholarships and financial aid. Interested students should check individual program requirements as they vary depending on the specific program.

Academic Calendar

The academic calendar at UA Little Rock is an essential tool for students to keep track of important dates, such as start and end of each semester, registration deadlines, exam periods, and holidays. Staying up-to-date with the calendar will help students manage their time effectively and be aware of the necessary deadlines.

Undergraduate and Graduate Catalogs

The undergraduate and graduate catalogs provide detailed information on the various programs, courses, and graduation requirements at UA Little Rock. These catalogs are a valuable resource for students to plan their academic journey and ensure they meet all necessary requirements for their chosen-degree program.

For undergraduate students, the Undergraduate Catalog includes a comprehensive list of available programs, course descriptions, and degree requirements. Similarly, the Graduate Catalog provides information about available graduate programs, admission requirements, and course details.

In conclusion, UA Little Rock offers various scholarship options, admission requirements, and resources to help undergraduate and graduate students navigate their academic journey. By staying informed and utilizing these tools, students can work towards a successful college experience.

Tuition, Fees, and Financial Aid

Understanding Costs

UA Little Rock offers competitive tuition and fees rates to make obtaining a degree an achievable goal for its students. These costs include tuition, fees, room and board, books, supplies, transportation, and other educational expenses. Keeping track of your expenses and understanding how they relate to your education will help you budget accordingly and make the most of your investment.

Financial Aid Options

UA Little Rock offers a variety of financial aid options to assist students in covering the cost of tuition and other educational expenses. These options include federal grants, work-study programs, loans, and scholarships. Among these, the Trojan Guarantee ensures a zero-tuition bachelor’s degree for eligible students, making UA Little Rock an affordable choice for many.

Scholarship Universe Tool

The University of Arkansas at Little Rock utilizes the Scholarship Universe tool to help students find scholarships that they qualify for easily. This tool connects students to thousands of internal and external scholarships, streamlining the search and application process. Incoming freshmen are encouraged to explore the scholarships available through UA Little Rock, such as the 50% off Freshman Tuition & Fees scholarship for the 2024-25 academic year.

By understanding the various costs associated with attending UA Little Rock and taking advantage of financial aid options, including the user-friendly Scholarship Universe tool, students can make an informed decision and take control of their educational expenses.

Student Life and Services


Campus Activities

At UA Little Rock, students can engage in a variety of campus activities that cater to their interests and passions. The university offers a diverse range of opportunities such as Fraternity and Sorority Life, Registered Student Organizations, and Student Leadership Development. By participating in these activities, students can enhance their college experience, foster personal growth, and create lifelong friendships.

Academic Advising

Academic advising plays a crucial role in students’ academic success at UA Little Rock. The university’s academic advising services focus on helping students select courses, set academic goals, and navigate their college journey. Students can meet with their assigned advisors to discuss degree requirements, academic progress, and other education-related concerns. Advisors are equipped to provide guidance and resources to help students make sound decisions and stay on track toward graduation.

Student Handbook and Support

The Student Handbook is an essential resource for students at UA Little Rock. It contains essential information about university policies, procedures, and student rights and responsibilities. The handbook is designed to serve as a reference for students to better understand the expectations and resources offered by the university.

In addition to the Student Handbook, UA Little Rock also provides a wide range of support services for students. These include Special Events and Student Engagement, Student Activities Board, and Student Government Association. By taking advantage of these services and resources, students can enhance their academic experience and develop personal and professional skills that will benefit them long after graduation.

Special Categories and Additional Information

International and Non-Traditional Students

International and non-traditional students can find various scholarship opportunities at UA Little Rock. These scholarships cater to students with diverse backgrounds and may take factors like academic merit, leadership, talent, and extracurricular involvement into account. It is important for both international and non-traditional students to explore all available options and apply early.

Transfer Student Information

Transfer students are also eligible for scholarships at UA Little Rock. For Fall 2024, the institutional awards do not require a separate scholarship application as the application for admission serves as the scholarship application. Transfer students are encouraged to use the scholarship-matching tool provided by UA Little Rock to find scholarships suited to their needs and interests.

Scholarships for Specific Majors and Interests

Many scholarships at UA Little Rock are tailored to specific majors and interests. Some examples include:

  • Arkansas Rehabilitation Services Scholarship for students pursuing a career in rehabilitation services
  • Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship for single parents who are residents of Arkansas
  • Arkansas Game and Fish Commission Conservation Scholarship for students in natural resources or related fields
  • Arkansas State Board of Nursing Loan/Scholarship for students enrolled in nursing programs
  • Arkansas Society of Certified Public Accountants Scholarship for accounting majors
  • Hispanic Women of Arkansas Scholarship for female Hispanic students in Arkansas

A comprehensive list of additional scholarship resources can be found on the UA Little Rock Scholarships Resources page.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of scholarships are available at UALR for incoming students?

UALR provides numerous scholarships and financial awards to new and continuing students. Incoming freshmen and transfer students only need to apply for admission to be considered for most institutional scholarships (ones that come from the university).

How can international students apply for scholarships at the University of Arkansas?

International students can apply for scholarships at UALR by filling out an application for admission. Most institutional scholarships are available for both domestic and international students. Be sure to review all the eligibility criteria for each scholarship before applying.

What are the eligibility criteria for the UALR Fifty Fresh Scholarship?

The UALR Fifty Fresh Scholarship has specific eligibility criteria that are not provided in the search results. However, it is recommended to visit UALR’s official scholarships page for detailed information on each scholarship, including eligibility criteria and application procedures.

What GPA is required to maintain scholarships at UALR?

While the search results do not provide a specific GPA requirement for all scholarships at UALR, each scholarship may have its own academic requirements for maintaining eligibility. It is important to review the scholarship’s terms and conditions and regularly check the official scholarships page for updates.

How does one apply for the Arkansas Lottery Scholarship and what are the credit hour requirements?

Information regarding the application process and credit hour requirements for the Arkansas Lottery Scholarship is currently not available on the provided search results. However, it is advisable to research further through the Arkansas Department of Higher Education or UALR’s financial aid office for accurate information.

Are there specific art scholarships available to students at UALR, and what are the application procedures?

Details about specific art scholarships at UALR are not available in the search results. Still, interested students should visit the UALR scholarships page to explore available funding opportunities. It is also helpful to reach out to the Department of Art and Design at UALR for information on scholarships specifically linked to the arts.

Helpful Resources

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