Orange Grove Resources

The Orange Grove has created two levels of training to support faculty in their professional development and a core value of education: to freely share one’s knowledge with others. Check with your institution to see if Level 1 and Level 2 repository training, in conjunction with contributed resources, will meet your professional development requirements and the steps necessary to meet the institutional requirements.


After completing Level 1: Basic Information and Level 2: Contributing a Resource training, participants will contribute a file and a URL with relevant and targeted metadata to The Orange Grove repository.


  1. To promote the sharing of knowldege and resources
  2. To promote the professional growth of faculty
  3. To promote peer mentorship
  4. To foster a commitment to student learning
  5. To impact student learning outcomes by providing aceess to quality educational resources in The Orange Grove

Activities Provided by The Orange Grove

  1. Two levels of training on the use of The Orange Grove

    Level 1: Basic Information – Provides an overview of the repository, the type of searches you can preform, how to make resources available to students, sharing and saving searches, receiving RSS updates, and concludes with a self assessment. Scores from the self assessment may be printed.

    Level 2: Contributing a Resource – Is a series of brief tutorials on the process for contributing a resource to the repository so it is easily discoverable to others.

  2. Assistance in the repository contribution process including metadate entry for resources contributed
  3. Assistance to participants in their mentorship of peers in the creation, dissemination, and use of open resources, including open textbooks, in The Orange Grove.


Any faculty or educational staff member with contribution rights to The Orange Grove is eligible to participate.


Participants in the training will:

  1. Participate in Level 1: Basic Information and Level 2: Contributing a Resource training.
  2. Complete the self assessments provided for each training
  3. Contribute, at a minimum, one instructiona resource (e.g., PPT, Word document, zip file, image) to The Orange Grove repository with appropriate metadata assigned to the item.
  4. Contribute, at a minimum, one Internet resource that is relevant to the participant’s discipline

Helpful Resources

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