Purple Heart Scholarship Guide: Navigating Your Educational Benefits

Earning a Purple Heart is a significant honor that comes with immense sacrifices. For many Purple Heart recipients and their families, the Purple Heart Scholarship provides an opportunity to pursue higher education and to honor the bravery and dedication exhibited in military service. Scholarships like these aim to ease the financial burden of schooling for veterans and their direct descendants, including spouses, children, and grandchildren.


Understanding the eligibility criteria for the Purple Heart Scholarship is crucial for applicants. This competitive program looks for individuals with a connection to a Purple Heart recipient. It extends support not only to the veterans themselves but also plays a critical role in supporting their family members’ educational aspirations. Adequate preparation for the application process enhances the chances of securing this esteemed form of academic aid.

Key Takeaways

  • The Purple Heart Scholarship honors military sacrifice by aiding family education.
  • Eligibility extends beyond recipients to include their spouses, children, and grandchildren.
  • Preparing thoroughly for the application process is essential for success.

History and Significance of the Purple Heart

The Purple Heart is a prestigious military decoration with roots tracing back to the American Revolutionary War, recognizing the sacrifices of service members. It holds the distinction of being one of the oldest military awards in the world.

Origin of the Purple Heart

Originally known as the Badge of Military Merit, the Purple Heart was established by General George Washington on August 7, 1782. It was a significant step forward in military honors as it was one of the few commendations available to rank-and-file soldiers for their service to their country. The adornment fell out of common use but was revived in 1932, aligning with the bicentennial celebration of Washington’s birth, reestablished as the Purple Heart we know today.

Recognition of Valor

The contemporary Purple Heart is awarded in the name of the President to those wounded or killed while serving with the U.S. military. Signifying bravery, courage, and sacrifice, this decoration is a symbol of recognition for those who have given much for their nation. The adjustments over time reflect an evolving acknowledgment of the valor and commitment demonstrated by service members. The Purple Heart’s rich history underscores its ongoing significance as a symbol of appreciation for military sacrifices.

Eligibility Criteria


The Purple Heart Scholarship is exclusive to individuals with a direct relationship to service members who have been awarded the Purple Heart. This relationship extends to descendants and encompasses a broad definition of family.

Qualified Applicants

Qualified applicants for the Purple Heart Scholarship include:

  • Purple Heart recipients: Individuals who have received the Purple Heart for their military service.
  • Descendants of Purple Heart recipients: This includes the recipient’s child, grandchild, step-child, adopted child, and even step-grandchildren.
  • Spouse: The legal spouse of a Purple Heart recipient is also eligible to apply.

Service Member Affiliation

To be considered for the Purple Heart Scholarship, the service member must fulfill specific criteria:

  • Eligibility for Purple Heart: The affiliated service member must have been awarded the Purple Heart medal.
  • U.S. Citizenship: They must be a U.S. citizen, and their eligible family members (child, spouse, etc.) benefit from this status in terms of scholarship eligibility.

Overview of the Purple Heart Scholarship Program

The Purple Heart Scholarship Program offers educational financial support to Purple Heart recipients, their spouses, children, and grandchildren, demonstrating the continued honor and respect for their sacrifices.

Aims and Objectives

Aims: The primary goal of the Purple Heart Scholarship is to facilitate the educational advancement of its recipients. It acknowledges and financially aids those who have been wounded in combat, along with their immediate family members, in pursuing higher education.

Objectives: The program sets out to alleviate the financial burdens that education can impose on military families. It aims to award multiple scholarships annually, ensuring at least one of these goes to an applicant who has served in the military, honoring their commitment and bravery.

Sponsor Organizations

The Military Order of the Purple Heart (MOPH), a Congressionally-chartered veterans organization, sponsors these scholarships. Teaming up with other organizations, MOPH seeks to both commemorate and provide for the educational needs of Purple Heart recipients and their descendants. Another key organization involved is the Purple Heart Foundation, which actively promotes these scholarships and aids in securing the necessary funds through donations and other activities.

Application Process

When applying for the Purple Heart Scholarship, candidates need to prepare a range of documents and adhere to strict deadlines to ensure a complete and timely submission.

Required Documentation

Applicants must gather essential supporting documentation as part of the application process. This typically includes:

  1. Official Transcripts: An original, official high school or college transcript. The transcript should be up to date, showing all coursework through the most recently completed semester or quarter.
  2. Proof of Eligibility: Documentation demonstrating the Purple Heart recipient’s membership status, such as their membership card or documentation if they were killed-in-action or have died of wounds.
  3. Essays: Original written essays that may be required as part of the application packet, detailing the applicant’s experiences, aspirations, or the impact of the Purple Heart recipient on their life.

Applicants are advised to keep copies of all documents for their records before submission.

Submission Deadlines and Procedures

The Purple Heart Scholarship application window has specific opening and closing dates. For 2024, the application period is from April 1st to June 30th. Procedures for submission are as follows:

  • Submission by Email: Candidates are often instructed to submit their applications via email. It is important to use an active email account and to expect a confirmation receipt.
  • Postal Submission: If required, applicants should send documents to the provided address. It is advisable to use a trackable mailing service.
  • Contact Information: Applicants must ensure to provide current contact information, including email, tel, and physical address, for any follow-up or communication regarding the application status.

Adhering to the given deadlines and properly following submission guidelines are critical to the successful processing of an application. Candidates are encouraged to submit early to avoid spring submission rushes and potential delays.

Scholarship Benefits

The Purple Heart Scholarship offers considerable support towards the educational expenses of recipients. The scholarship aims to alleviate the cost of higher education for Purple Heart recipients and their families, emphasizing tangible assistance for their academic pursuits.

Award Amounts and Use

The Purple Heart Scholarship provides financial awards that can be applied to a variety of educational expenses. Specifically, these funds can assist with tuition, books, and other costs associated with attending an accredited U.S. college, university, or trade school. For the 2023-2024 academic year, students planning to enroll as full-time students may receive awards to support their educational journey.

Additional Opportunities

Beyond the base scholarship, recipients may also be eligible for the Navy SEAL Lt. Michael Murphy Memorial Award, which offers additional support in honor of Lt. Murphy’s valor and sacrifice. This award is designed for candidates demonstrating exceptional academic achievement, leadership, and community service, further enhancing the benefits of the Purple Heart Scholarship program.

Academic Criteria


The academic criteria for the Purple Heart Scholarship are designed to identify applicants who have demonstrated a strong commitment to their educational pursuits. To be considered for the scholarship, candidates must meet certain GPA requirements and exhibit academic achievements that set them apart from their peers.

Minimum GPA Requirement

Applicants to the Purple Heart Scholarship must maintain a certain grade point average (GPA) to qualify. Specifically, they are expected to have a minimum GPA of 2.75 on a 4.0 scale. This benchmark ensures that the candidate is in good academic standing, which indicates their potential for success in higher education.

Academic Achievement Recognition

Academic achievements play a significant role in the evaluation process for scholarship recipients. Those individuals, whether they are a high school senior or an undergraduate student, who have received awards or recognitions for their academic performance, are given special consideration. Demonstrated academic excellence is a cornerstone of the scholarship program, and candidates’ achievements are a reflection of their dedication and hard work.

Additional Requirements


The Purple Heart Scholarship is not only a testament to bravery but also to the academic and community achievements of military families. It requires more than just a military service connection; candidates need to demonstrate engagement and commitment in other areas.

Military Service Commitment

Applicants must maintain a direct connection to military service, specifically relating to the Purple Heart. They or their family members need to be a Purple Heart recipient, which is awarded to U.S. military personnel wounded by an instrument of war in the hands of the enemy. This vital component of the scholarship program honors their service and sacrifice.

Community Involvement

Prospective scholars are expected to show active community involvement. Participation in extracurricular activities not only highlights leadership skills but also shows a well-rounded character. The Military Order of the Purple Heart Scholarship Program values this involvement as it reflects the qualities they seek in candidates:

  • Extracurricular Activities: A list showcasing leadership roles, memberships in clubs or teams, and other relevant activities.
  • Letters of Recommendation: At least one letter vouching for the applicant’s community spirit and contributions, ideally from someone directly acquainted with their involvement.

Family and Dependent Support

The Purple Heart Scholarship programs are designed to assist the educational aspirations of spouses and children of Purple Heart recipients. They extend financial resources for their academic pursuits, recognizing the sacrifices of the families of service members who have been injured in combat.

Spouse and Child Educational Assistance

Spouses and children of Purple Heart recipients can benefit from scholarships that address their specific educational needs. These funds aim to lessen the financial burden of higher education, such as tuition, books, and other academic expenses. For instance, the Purple Heart Foundation provides access to educational support that reinforces their commitment to these families.

  • Eligibility Criteria:
    • Must be a spouse or a child of a Purple Heart recipient.
    • Often require enrollment in an accredited college or university in the United States.

Assistance can vary from one-time grants to renewable aids, depending on the organization’s program specifics.

Extended Family Member Eligibility

Eligibility for Purple Heart scholarships is often extended to grandchildren, acknowledging the lasting impact of military service on entire family structures. The extension of these benefits serves as a sign of gratitude towards the family lineage of the Purple Heart recipients.

  • Scholarship Availability:
    • Includes one-time awards and potentially renewable scholarships.
    • May cover a range of educational levels from undergraduate to graduate studies.

Organizations such as the Military Order of the Purple Heart recognize the value of investing in the education of extended family members to provide them with better opportunities for success.

Purple Heart Organizations and Resources


Organizations affiliated with the Purple Heart provide substantial resources and support to veterans and their families. These institutions offer scholarship opportunities and foster community through various membership and auxiliary programs.

Contact Details of MOPH

Military Order of the Purple Heart (MOPH)

The headquarters can assist with information on both membership and scholarship applications. MOPH Associate Membership is open to family members and supporters, extending the organization’s reach and impact.

Auxiliary Support

MOPH Auxiliary

The MOPH Auxiliary works alongside the MOPH to provide additional support and resources to Purple Heart recipients and their families. This branch focuses on community service and offers opportunities to contribute to programs that benefit veterans.

Recognition of Specific Service Branches


Scholarships tailored for service members often honor their specific branch of military service. The recognition aims to support veterans and their families in their pursuit of education by mitigating the financial burden associated with college tuition and fees.

Army and Air Force

The Army and Air Force branches have dedicated scholarships that recognize the distinctive service and sacrifices of their members. Scholarships for these service members may prioritize combat-related service or specific campaigns in which the individual has participated. These grants help ensure that Army veterans and Air Force personnel, along with their families, can access educational opportunities post-service.

Navy and Marine Corps

Individuals who have served in the Navy or Marine Corps are also acknowledged through scholarship programs. The rigorous training and unique experiences of sailors and Marines are taken into account when awarding educational funds. These scholarships may extend to their spouses and direct descendants, reflecting the profound respect for the commitment demonstrated by naval service members and Marines during active duty.

Coast Guard and National Guard

Service in the Coast Guard and National Guard comes with its own set of challenges and commitments. Scholarships for Coast Guard members often recognize the dual role they play in maritime law enforcement and search and rescue operations. National Guard members, who balance civilian lives with military readiness, are also acknowledged for their distinct role in domestic security and support during natural disasters. Scholarship funds for these individuals underscore the value of their versatile service to the nation.

Memorial Scholarships


Memorial scholarships play a crucial role in commemorating the valor and sacrifice of fallen servicemembers, offering financial assistance for educational purposes to their families. These scholarships recognize the ultimate price paid by these heroes and support the educational endeavors of their descendants.

Lt Michael Murphy Memorial Award

The Lt Michael Murphy Memorial Award is a distinctive honor, named after the Navy SEAL lieutenant who was killed in action during Operation Red Wings in Afghanistan. The award is part of the Purple Heart Scholarship Program and is bestowed annually. Recipients are selected based on their connection to a service member who has demonstrated exceptional courage and commitment.

  • Eligibility Criteria:
    • Affiliation with a Purple Heart recipient
    • Relationship to a service member who was killed in action or died of wounds
  • Award Details:
    • At least one scholarship awarded yearly
    • Acknowledges remarkable military service and sacrifice

General George Washington Honor Scholarships

In remembrance of General George Washington’s leadership and service, the General George Washington Honor Scholarships sustain the pursuit of education among family members of those who have received the Purple Heart. These scholarships highlight the enduring legacy of service and the spirit of resilience among the families of wounded veterans.

  • Eligibility Criteria:
    • Must be a Purple Heart recipient, or direct descendant thereof
    • Spouses, children, and grandchildren may apply
  • Award Details:
    • Annually granted scholarships
    • Echo General George Washington’s values of leadership and commitment to service

These memorial scholarships ensure that the sacrifices of America’s servicemembers, such as General George Washington and Navy SEAL Lt Michael Murphy, continue to be honored through the advancement of educational opportunities for their loved ones.

Continued Support and Alumni Network


The Purple Heart Scholarship Program not only offers financial assistance through scholarships but also fosters a robust support system for its beneficiaries. Recipients joining the program will find themselves part of a growing network of alumni who share a unique bond through their military service and academic ambitions.

Alumni Support: Graduates of the program can access a variety of resources aimed at professional development and continuous learning. They are often encouraged to participate in events and workshops that enhance their skill sets and employability.

Networking Opportunities: The alumni network provides a platform for scholarship recipients to connect with fellow servicemen and women who have also benefited from the program. This network serves as a valuable tool for building professional relationships and exploring new career opportunities.

  • Mentorship: Experienced alumni often serve as mentors to current scholars, guiding them on academic issues and career advice.
  • Community Involvement: There’s a strong emphasis on giving back to the community, with many alumni volunteering to help new applicants and supporting the organization’s activities.

Long-term Benefits: Maintaining a connection with the alumni network can offer long-term career support and opportunities well beyond graduation. The organization behind the Purple Heart Scholarship is invested in the ongoing success of its scholars and provides platforms for alumni to showcase their achievements and contributions.

The Organization’s Role: They facilitate these connections, ensuring that members of the network have the tools and opportunities to support each other. The organization typically also keeps alumni informed of relevant events, news, and opportunities for further involvement with the program.

The commitment to sustained support highlights the organization’s dedication to the enduring success of its scholars, embodying the ongoing legacy of the Purple Heart.

Advocacy and Public Awareness

The Military Order of the Purple Heart (MOPH) plays a critical role in advocating for the interests of Purple Heart recipients. This esteemed organization not only champions issues related to veterans but also raises public awareness about the sacrifices made by service members. Their dedication to protect the rights and benefits of wounded veterans is a core aspect of their mission.

To increase awareness and support, MOPH collaborates with various entities and engages in activities such as:

  • Legislative Advocacy: Lobbying efforts to pass laws that benefit Purple Heart recipients and their families.
  • Purple Heart Trail: Establishing a symbolic and physical network of roadways across the nation, honoring those who have been awarded the Purple Heart medal.
Legislative AdvocacyTo secure and defend the rights of veterans.
Purple Heart TrailTo commemorate and raise public awareness for the honored.

These initiatives, among others, underscore not only the organization’s role in advocacy but also in ensuring that service members receive the honor and recognition they are due. The efforts of the MOPH are integral to maintaining the visibility of these heroes in the public’s eye. By supporting service-related scholarship programs, they are further fostering an environment that acknowledges and rewards the educational aspirations of veterans and their descendants.

Terms and Conditions


The Purple Heart Scholarship offers financial assistance to qualifying students, but comes with specific terms and conditions that must be adhered to. Understanding these is crucial for scholarship maintenance and compliance.

Renewal and Maintenance Criteria

Eligibility: Scholarship recipients must be enrolled as full-time students and maintain a sufficient academic standing at an accredited U.S. institution. Meeting the criteria set forth by the Purple Heart Foundation ensures continued support. Detailed information can be found in the scholarship application package.

Renewal Process: Scholarships are typically awarded on an annual basis and may not automatically renew. Recipients must often reapply, demonstrating their ongoing eligibility and academic progress.

Scholarship Compliance

Documentation: It is mandatory for recipients to provide accurate and current documentation as proof of their status and the criteria met, such as their relationship to a Purple Heart recipient or proof of military service.

Usage of Funds: The Purple Heart scholarship stipulates that the funds be used for direct educational expenses, including tuition, room and board, book fees, and other incidental fees. Misuse of scholarship funds may result in revocation of the award.

Reporting: Recipients may be required to submit periodic reports to the scholarship committee detailing their academic performance and how the scholarship funds are being utilized.

Application Tips and Advice

When pursuing the Purple Heart scholarship, applicants should pay close attention to the details of their application to enhance their chances of success. It’s crucial to craft a compelling essay and understand the overall scholarship criteria.

Crafting the Ideal Essay

The essay portion is often the heart of a scholarship application. A strong essay should not only adhere to the provided prompts but also convey the applicant’s unique story and qualifications. Personal Touch: They should include personal anecdotes that resonate emotionally and underscore their aspirations. Clarity and Structure: Essays should be logically organized, with a clear introduction, body, and conclusion. Proofreading: Before submission, the applicant must thoroughly review their essay for both grammatical accuracy and narrative impact.

Maximizing Your Scholarship Potential

In addition to a well-written essay, applicants must ensure that they meet all eligibility requirements as outlined, such as being a Purple Heart recipient or a direct descendant. Eligibility Documentation: They need to gather and submit all necessary documentation proving their eligibility. Submission Details: Keeping track of submission deadlines, such as June 30th, 2024, is imperative to maximize their scholarship potential. Contact Information: Applicants should verify that their contact information is correct and up to date to avoid missing any critical communication about their application.

Closing Thoughts


Securing a Purple Heart Scholarship stands as a profound opportunity for Purple Heart recipients and their families. It symbolizes gratitude for their sacrifices and provides financial assistance in the pursuit of higher education. When considering applying for these scholarships, applicants should gather all pertinent information to ensure eligibility and meet all application deadlines.

Support is available through contact channels provided by the scholarship foundations. It is crucial that applicants:

  • Review the application requirements detailed on the Purple Heart Foundation Scholarship page.
  • Check if they meet the criteria as Purple Heart recipients, spouses, children, or grandchildren.
  • Note the application period, typically from April 1st to June 30th.

In doing so, applicants can rely on a structured process to guide their application. Should there be any questions or the need for additional guidance, reaching out via the provided contact information on the programs’ websites is encouraged.

It is also advisable to explore other scholarship opportunities on relevant academic or military platforms, as well as to prepare all necessary documents well in advance. This approach maximizes the chances of receiving financial support and honoring the legacy of Purple Heart recipients through educational achievements.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, you’ll find detailed answers to common questions regarding eligibility, benefits, application procedures, and specifics about the Purple Heart Scholarship that are essential for potential applicants to know.

Who is eligible for the Purple Heart Scholarship?

Eligibility for the Purple Heart Scholarship extends to recipients of the Purple Heart, their spouses, and their direct lineal descendants, including children, stepchildren, adopted children, grandchildren, and step-grandchildren, as outlined by the Purple Heart Foundation.

What benefits are provided through the Purple Heart Scholarship?

The Purple Heart Scholarship provides financial aid to support the educational expenses of the awardees. The exact benefits and the amount of financial assistance can vary annually.

How can dependents of Purple Heart recipients apply for educational benefits?

Dependents of Purple Heart recipients can apply for educational benefits by submitting the required application forms within the specified period, providing proof of their relationship to the Purple Heart recipient, and fulfilling other criteria detailed in program guidelines such as those provided by the Military Order of the Purple Heart.

Are there specific universities that offer additional support to Purple Heart recipients?

Several universities offer additional support to Purple Heart recipients, but this can vary by institution. Interested parties should check with individual universities for detailed information on the support programs they offer to veterans and their families.

What is the application process for the Military Order of the Purple Heart Scholarship?

The application process for the Military Order of the Purple Heart Scholarship typically includes filling out an application form, providing documentation of the Purple Heart award, and submitting academic records. For further details, applicants should refer to the application guidelines.

What was the scholarship amount awarded to students in the Purple Heart Scholarship Program for the latest academic year?

The scholarship amounts awarded in the Purple Heart Scholarship Program can vary each year. For the latest information on award amounts, applicants can visit the official Purple Heart website or the relevant scholarship announcement pages.

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