Posse Scholarship Guide: Your Path to Fully-Funded College Education

Navigating the landscape of college funding can be a daunting task, but the Posse Scholarship offers a beacon of hope for high school seniors with exceptional leadership qualities and academic potential. Established with the mission to identify, recruit, and train individuals who may be overlooked by traditional college selection processes, the Posse Scholarship has been instrumental in shaping the future of diverse and talented students. It opens a pathway to higher education by partnering with prestigious colleges and universities to provide full-tuition scholarships.


The Posse Scholarship is not solely a financial grant; it is a comprehensive program that fosters community among its scholars and equips them with the skills necessary for success both in college and their subsequent careers. Candidates are carefully selected through a unique evaluation process that goes beyond mere academic scores, focusing on the individual’s intrinsic leadership abilities and personal strengths. Recipients become part of a supportive cohort, or “posse,” designed to help them thrive in the competitive college environment and beyond.

Key Takeaways

  • The Posse Scholarship provides full-tuition scholarships to students with outstanding leadership potential.
  • Selection for the scholarship goes beyond academic achievement, focusing on leadership and personal attributes.
  • Recipients gain access to a supportive network and resources for success in college and future careers.

About the Posse Scholarship

The Posse Scholarship is a prestigious award that supports students with excellent leadership potential, granting them access to full-tuition scholarships at partner universities.

Definition and History

The Posse Scholarship began in 1989 as an initiative to identify public high school students with extraordinary leadership and academic potential. These students might not have been noticed by traditional college selection criteria. The Posse Foundation operates as a community-based organization with a vision to alter the face of leadership across the United States by opening doors to higher educational opportunities.

Posse Foundation’s Mission

Posse Foundation’s mission is to cultivate a new kind of leadership by connecting talented scholars from diverse backgrounds with top-tier educational institutions. Posse Shifts the educational paradigm by not only offering a full-tuition scholarship but also focusing on creating a strong support system through its unique idea of a “posse.” This posse is a cohort of students intended to foster community and support for Posse Scholars throughout their college careers.

Eligibility and Nomination

The Posse Scholarship is a prestigious award designed for high school students in their senior year, recognizing individuals with leadership potential. To access this opportunity, obtaining a nomination and fulfilling the eligibility criteria are crucial components.

Who Can Apply

Eligibility hinges on high school seniors who demonstrate strong leadership abilities within their high school, community, or family. Potential Posse Scholars must be in the first term of their senior year to be considered. They also need to exhibit academic potential, but a perfect academic record is not a prerequisite, emphasizing the value placed on leadership qualities and the resilience of candidates.

Nominator’s Role

Candidates for the Posse Scholarship cannot self-nominate. Instead, they must be nominated by their high school or a community-based organization. Nominators play a pivotal role by recognizing and endorsing the leadership and academic potential of students, initiating their journey towards securing the scholarship.

Nomination Process Details

The nomination process begins with the nominator, which may be a high school or a community organization, submitting the candidate’s details to The Posse Foundation. Each city has a specific timeframe for nominations, generally between spring and early August before the new school year commences. It is important for nominators to adhere to these timelines to ensure that students’ nominations are considered.

Application and Selection

The Posse Scholarship application and selection process is meticulously designed to identify students with exceptional leadership potential and skills. This multi-step procedure ensures that candidates are thoroughly evaluated on various competencies vital for success.

Dynamic Assessment Process

The Dynamic Assessment Process (DAP) constitutes the first major phase of the Posse Scholarship selection. During this phase, candidates participate in group interviews, where they engage in activities aimed at spotlighting their leadership potential and teamwork abilities. This interactive format allows assessors to observe a candidate’s strengths and weaknesses in a collaborative environment.

Candidate Evaluation Criteria

In evaluating candidates, the Posse Foundation places emphasis on finding individuals who exhibit strong leadership potential and possess a positive influence on their environment. Candidates are assessed on their ability to lead discussions, think critically, and inspire group members, all while remaining coherent and focused. It is not solely academic achievement that is considered, but a holistic view of each individual’s contributions and potential impact.

Scholarship Benefits


The Posse Scholarship stands out for its significant contributions towards a student’s education by providing comprehensive financial support and bolstering educational opportunities. It targets individuals with evident academic potential, ensuring they receive full-tuition scholarships to attend prestigious colleges and universities.

Financial Support

The Posse Scholarship excels in relieving the financial burden for students with promising futures. Recipients are awarded full-tuition scholarships, ensuring that financial obstacles do not hinder their educational pursuits. This substantial financial aid enables scholars to allocate more time and resources towards their academic and personal development.

  • Coverage: Full-tuition for four years.
  • Additional Expenses: Scholars may need to cover other costs such as room, board, and books.

Educational Advantages

Students benefit from more than just monetary support; they gain access to a solid support system and resources that enrich their academic experiences. The scholarship recognizes students who may have been overlooked traditionally, despite their extraordinary academic and leadership potential, by ensuring they can attend top-tier institutions.

  • Network: Access to an influential network of peers and alumni.
  • Support: Ongoing support from the Posse Foundation throughout the college experience.

Posse Scholars Program

The Posse Scholars Program is renowned for providing full-tuition scholarships and comprehensive support to leaders of tomorrow. It bridges the gap in college access through significant emphasis on pre-collegiate training and a robust support system, including faculty mentoring.

Pre-Collegiate Training

The Pre-Collegiate Training prepares Posse Scholars for the academic and social challenges they may face at college. Over the course of several months, scholars engage in workshops focusing on team building, cross-cultural communication, leadership, and academic excellence. This training is critical in ensuring that scholars can maximize their college experience and maintain strong academic performance.

Mentorship and Support Systems

Mentorship and Support Systems are integral to the Posse Scholarship experience. Scholars are provided with faculty mentoring and they benefit from a support system that continues throughout their college career. This mentorship is aimed at bolstering the scholars’ confidence and providing them with the resources and guidance needed to succeed both in and out of the classroom. Furthermore, the positive impact of these support networks is evident in the impressive retention and graduation rates of Posse Scholars.

Leadership Development

In the realm of the Posse Scholarship, leadership development stands as a pillar of the program. Scholars are equipped with pivotal skills and opportunities to refine their leadership abilities, setting the stage for future influence and success.

Leadership Skills Enhancement

The Posse Foundation takes a proactive approach in fostering leadership skills among its scholars. They are afforded access to robust training that prepares them for collegiate and professional leadership roles. Participation in leadership conferences and workshops provides a platform for scholars to cultivate necessary competencies, ranging from public speaking to teamwork dynamics. Through such rigorous preparation, scholars emerge as inclusive and effective leaders equipped for the challenges ahead.

Posse Alumni Network

Upon completing their scholarships, Posse Scholars gain entrance to a vast alumni network. This community serves as a support system, offering mentorship, networking opportunities, and resources that aid in continued personal and professional growth. Alumni remain engaged through events and collaborations, ensuring that the leadership skills honed during their scholarship have a lasting impact. This interconnected network thrives on the exchange of knowledge and experiences, cementing the legacy of Posse leadership across various sectors.

Career Opportunities

The Posse Foundation’s Career Program plays a crucial role, equipping scholars with essential tools for career development, including access to internships and career coaching. They collaborate closely with notable industry leaders to provide these opportunities.

Internships and Career Coaching

Posse Scholars benefit from structured internships that are designed to provide both hands-on experience and guidance in their chosen fields. The program facilitates career coaching sessions, where scholars receive tailored advice aimed at honing their professional skills and preparing them for leadership roles.

  • Structured Internships: Scholars gain real-world experience in various industries.
  • Career Coaching: Professionals guide scholars through personalized development plans.

Partnerships with Industry Leaders

The Career Program’s strength lies in its partnerships with industry leaders like Deloitte, among others, ensuring that scholars have access to valuable professional networks and top-tier job opportunities.

  • Professional Networks: Connection with industry leaders offers expansive professional networking possibilities.
  • Leadership-Track Jobs: Partners like Deloitte provide access to competitive positions that are designed to lead to leadership opportunities.

Through these partnerships, Posse Scholars are positioned to enter the workforce with a competitive edge that distinguishes them in their respective industries.

Special Programs

The Posse Foundation facilitates unique initiatives focusing on leadership and diversity through full-tuition scholarships. These programs are designed to support underrepresented groups and foster inclusion on college campuses.

Posse Arts Program

The Posse Arts Program collaborates with students showing extraordinary talent in the arts. Introduced with the help of Michelle Obama, this program aims to cultivate the next generation of artists. Partner institutions provide full-tuition scholarships to scholars, recognizing diversity and creativity as key drivers for success.

Posse Veterans Program

Under the Posse Veterans Program, post-9/11 veterans receive the opportunity to transform their leadership skills from the military into collegiate success. Scholars enrolled in this program are assisted not only financially but also through comprehensive support systems. This contributes to a vibrant, diverse college experience, honoring those who have served the nation.

Impact and Success

The Posse Scholarship has demonstrated effectiveness in two critical areas: bolstering the graduation rates of its scholars and making strides in cultural and community enrichment. These successes underscore the program’s ability to foster academic excellence and contribute significantly to the societal fabric.

Graduation Rates and Academic Success

Data on graduation rates suggest that Posse Scholars achieve remarkable academic success. The program reports a graduation rate that consistently outperforms national averages, indicating a strong return on the investment in these students’ futures. The structured support system and the focus on leadership provided by Posse contribute to participants’ academic excellence throughout their college tenure.

Cultural and Community Impact

Posse Scholars not only excel academically but also enrich their campuses with diverse cultural perspectives. Their presence on university campuses fosters inclusivity and helps bridge gaps among student populations. Moreover, Posse’s collaboration with community-based organizations plays a significant role in empowering students from various backgrounds, promoting leadership, and preparing them to contribute positively to the broader society.

Partnerships and Support

The Posse Foundation thrives on robust partnerships with educational institutions and the support from corporate and community collaborators to empower its scholars.

Partner Colleges and Universities

The Posse Foundation partners with some of the best colleges and universities in the nation. These institutions commit to providing Posse Scholars with full-tuition scholarships. The support from these partner colleges is integral to the program, encompassing not only financial aid but also weekly faculty mentoring to ensure scholars receive the necessary guidance.

Partner Colleges and UniversitiesSupport Offered
National Partner CollegesFull-tuition Scholarships
Weekly Faculty Mentoring
Dedicated Support for Posse Scholars

Community and Corporate Engagement

Corporate partners play a pivotal role under the Posse Career Program, where more than 250 industry-leading companies provide essential opportunities for professional development. This engagement embodies efforts to harness a diverse national talent pool of scholars and alumni. Additionally, these entities actively support the program through various initiatives aimed at fostering the growth and development of Posse Scholars.

Community and Corporate SupportersEngagement Type
Corporate PartnersProfessional Development Opportunities
Internships and Job Placements
Community InitiativesSupport for National Board and Executive Leadership

The Posse Foundation, well-known for its innovative approach to college access and youth leadership development, maintains a vibrant community of partners that extends valuable support to Scholars, including those deemed Puget Sound Scholars. These partnerships sustain the program’s national impact and play a critical role in nurturing the next generation of diverse leaders.

Diverse Representation


The Posse Scholarship specifically addresses the broadening of diversity within higher education by targeting and empowering students from underrepresented communities.

Fostering Inclusive Environments

Institutions committed to fostering inclusive environments recognize the value of bringing together scholars from a variety of backgrounds. The Posse Foundation’s model is a steadfast approach that hinges on the principle that academic potential can and does thrive beyond the conventional metrics of test scores and GPAs. It seeks out students who have a demonstrable need, particularly from minority groups, and equips them with full-tuition scholarships as stated in “From Underrepresented to Empowered”.

Role of Teamwork in Diversity

Teamwork is intrinsic to the Posse Scholarship framework. Groups of students, or ‘Posses’, are intentionally formed to promote a microcosm of diversity at partner institutions, echoing a society replete with varied perspectives. These cohorts, composed of individuals from diverse walks of life, support one another through their collegiate journeys, thereby embodying a collective strength that underscores the importance of plurality within academic settings. Each Posse Scholar not only benefits from a robust support network but also contributes to the dynamic heterogeneity of their educational environment, as corroborated by the “829 Students Win Posse Scholarships” announcement.

Frequently Asked Questions


The following section provides straightforward answers to common queries about the Posse Scholarship, equipping applicants with essential information regarding its requirements, acceptance rate, benefits, deadlines, coverage, and the interview process.

What are the requirements to apply for the Posse Scholarship?

Applicants must be in the first term of their senior year of high school and can be nominated by their high school or a community-based organization. For a complete list of requirements, aspirants should review the Posse Scholarship requirements.

What is the acceptance rate of the Posse Scholarship?

The Posse Scholarship is highly competitive, although specific acceptance rates are not publicly disclosed. The number of scholarships awarded varies annually based on the funding and partnerships established with Posse Foundation’s university partners.

What are the pros and cons of the Posse Scholarship?

The Posse Scholarship offers full-tuition financial assistance, a strong support system, and leadership training, which are significant advantages for scholars. On the downside, candidates must commit to the first college they are accepted to through Posse, which may limit their college choices.

What is the application deadline for the Posse Scholarship?

Deadlines for the Posse Scholarship vary by city and partnering institutions. Candidates should check with the Posse Foundation or their high school counselors to ensure they meet all relevant deadlines.

Does the Posse Scholarship cover the full tuition amount?

Yes, the Posse Scholarship is a full-tuition scholarship. However, other expenses such as room, board, and additional fees may require separate financial assistance through mechanisms like the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

How many interview rounds must Posse Scholarship candidates go through?

Posse Scholarship candidates typically experience a Dynamic Assessment Process consisting of three rounds of interviews focusing on various competencies such as leadership, communication skills, and teamwork.

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