PEP Scholarship Florida Guide: Unlocking Educational Opportunities in the Sunshine State

The Personalized Education Program (PEP) Scholarship in Florida offers a tailored educational experience for students who are not full-time public or private school attendees. Launched through the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship Program, the PEP Scholarship provides eligible Florida students with an educational savings account to cover their unique educational needs. This comprehensive guide will help you understand the PEP Scholarship program, its eligibility criteria, application processes, and the educational choices it offers, along with the funding, and finance aspects.


The PEP Scholarship aims to cater to students’ individual learning plans, taking into account their strengths, weaknesses, interests, and goals. Parents have the flexibility to choose the educational services and providers that best meet their child’s needs, including supplemental educational services and various learning resources. The program ensures academic assessment and accountability, serving as a tool for monitoring students’ academic progress and guaranteeing compliance with legal requirements.

Key Takeaways

  • The PEP Scholarship in Florida offers customized education for students outside full-time public or private schooling
  • Funding is provided through the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship Program, covering educational needs through an educational savings account
  • The program allows flexibility in choosing educational services and providers while ensuring academic assessment and legal compliance

Understanding the PEP Scholarship

What Is PEP?

The Personalized Education Program (PEP) is a unique scholarship initiative in Florida that aims to support students who are not full-time private or public school enrollees. This program provides an educational savings account (ESA) to fund various educational needs for eligible students. PEP is focused on enabling students to obtain a tailored learning experience to meet their individual needs.

Through the PEP scholarship, Florida’s home education population can access funding opportunities to enhance their learning experiences. This personalized approach to education allows students to explore various learning resources, materials, and extracurricular activities to support their growth and development.

History and Purpose of PEP

Established as part of the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship Program, the PEP initiative has undergone several revisions in recent years. The 2023 Personalized Education Program focuses on removing financial eligibility restrictions for applicants. The program now prioritizes awards for students whose household incomes do not exceed 185 percent of the federal poverty level while still offering support to those in slightly higher income brackets.

The primary goal of the PEP initiative is to ensure that every student in the state has access to a quality education tailored to their unique learning needs. By providing financial support, the program empowers families to customize their children’s educational experiences and resources, thereby promoting academic success and personal growth.

Eligibility and Application Process

Determining Eligibility

To be eligible for the Personalized Education Program (PEP) scholarship in Florida, students must not be full-time private or public school students1. The program assesses household income, giving priority to students with household incomes that do not exceed 185% of the federal poverty level2. It is essential for applicants to be Florida residents. Choice Navigators help determine the student’s eligibility3.

Application Steps

The PEP scholarship application process consists of several steps:

  1. Check eligibility: As mentioned earlier, ensure that the student meets the eligibility criteria based on household income and residency.
  2. Submit an application: Parents can submit an application through the scholarship funding organization, such as Step Up For Students or AAA Scholarship Foundation.
  3. Choice Navigator assistance: Work with a Choice Navigator who will help with the application process and ensure students have access to educational services3.

Required Documentation

Applicants will need to provide several documents when applying for the PEP scholarship, including:

  • Proof of Florida residency
  • Verification of household income
  • Documentation related to student’s educational needs

With these documents, the scholarship organization can determine the student’s eligibility and provide an educational savings account (ESA) to fund their educational needs1.

To ensure a smooth application process, it’s essential to gather all required documents and follow all guidelines provided by the funding authority1. This helps in expediting the review and approval of the PEP scholarship application.

Florida Tax Credit Scholarship

Overview of FTC Program

The Florida Tax Credit Scholarship (FTC) is a program designed to help eligible students in Florida access quality education. The program provides scholarships through Scholarship Funding Organizations (SFOs) to students with household incomes that do not exceed 185 percent of the federal poverty level, with a second priority given to students living in households with incomes between 185 percent and 260 percent of the federal poverty level 1.

A part of the FTC program is the Personalized Education Program (PEP), which allows students who are not full-time private or public school students to receive an educational savings account (ESA) to fund their educational needs 3. PEP students will have a student learning plan, which outlines their educational goals and the resources needed to achieve them 2.

Applying for the FTC Scholarship

To apply for the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship, families must go through an approved Scholarship Funding Organization (SFO) 4. The application process generally involves providing documentation to prove eligibility, such as household income. Additionally, parents of PEP students may need to register with their school district as a home education program 2.

Once a student has been awarded the FTC Scholarship, they will receive funding through their chosen SFO. This funding can be used for tuition fees, educational materials, and other approved expenses related to the student’s education. By following the student learning plan, families can make the most of the assistance provided by the FTC Scholarship program, ensuring that their children receive a quality education tailored to their needs.

Funding and Finance

Understanding Tuition and Fees

The Personalized Education Program (PEP) is a financial resource provided by the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship Program, which aims to help eligible students cover the costs of their education. The program is designed for Florida students who are not full-time private or public school students, and who require tailored educational programs to suit their individual needs. Tuition and fees for these students will vary depending on the specific program they choose. For more detailed information, you can visit the Florida Department of Education website.

Scholarship Award Amounts

The scholarship amounts provided through the Personalized Education Program can vary based on the student’s level of need and the specific educational services required. The program prioritizes awarding scholarships to students with household incomes that do not exceed 185% of the federal poverty level and to students who live in households with incomes between 185% to 260% of the federal poverty level, according to the Florida Department of Education.

Managing Scholarship Funds

Students awarded the Family Empowerment Scholarship for Educational Options (FES-EO), or the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship (FTC) should be aware of the purchasing policies outlined in the scholarship purchasing guide provided by the Scholarship Funding Organizations (SFOs), which should be updated at least annually as per Florida Statutes ss. 1002.394 & 1002.395.

It’s important for students and their families to closely monitor the use of the scholarship funds, as they are responsible for ensuring that the funds are used specifically for qualified expenses and reimbursements. The purchasing guide provides a clear outline of which educational products and services qualify as approved expenses.

By understanding the scholarship award amounts and effectively managing their scholarship funds, students can make the best use of the financial assistance provided by the Personalized Education Program (PEP) and the Family Empowerment Scholarship for Educational Options in Florida.

Educational Choices Offered

The PEP Scholarship in Florida provides a variety of educational options for eligible students. This program ensures that students have the opportunity to find the best possible educational fit for their unique needs.

Private School Options

Eligible students can access the Personalized Education Program (PEP) through the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship Program. This allows students not enrolled full-time in public or private schools to attend private institutions that meet their educational goals. Florida offers a wide range of private schools, with various curricular focuses and educational philosophies. PEP Scholarship recipients can select a participating private school to attend, using the scholarship funds to cover tuition and other eligible expenses.

Home Education

Another educational choice offered through PEP is the home education program. This option allows parents to take a more significant role in their child’s education by creating and implementing a personalized curriculum. Resources like the Florida Department of Education’s Home Education Program provide guidance to families pursuing this option, and PEP Scholarship funds can be used to purchase educational materials and courses necessary to support the chosen curriculum.

Virtual Education Programs

Virtual education programs, such as Florida Virtual School (FLVS), provide alternative education options for PEP Scholarship recipients. These programs allow students to learn remotely and often at their own pace, offering flexibility for different learning styles and schedules. Accessing various courses from the Florida Virtual School enables students to tailor a personalized curriculum, which can be funded by the PEP Scholarship. Additionally, some private schools and educational institutions in Florida offer their own virtual programs to further expand students’ choices.

Through these diverse offerings of private schools, home education, and virtual programs, the PEP Scholarship in Florida empowers families to select the best possible education for their children, ensuring they receive tailored and effective instruction.

Supplemental Educational Services


Florida’s Personalized Education Program (PEP) Scholarship provides various supplemental educational services to eligible students. These services are designed to cater to individual needs and enhance learning experiences. The program primarily focuses on the following areas:

Tutoring and Instructional Materials

PEP Scholarship recipients can benefit from access to private tutoring sessions that are tailored to their learning needs. These services may include one-on-one sessions or group classes led by experienced tutors. In addition to tutoring, students can also get support in the form of instructional materials. These resources may cover various subjects and levels, including essential textbooks, workbooks, and educational software.

Contracted Services

In some cases, students may require specialized assistance from external experts, such as therapists, counselors, or specialized instructors. The PEP Scholarship allows families to opt for contracted services, which may be essential in supporting students’ specific learning requirements or overcoming barriers to their education.

Apprenticeship and Preapprenticeship Programs

For students interested in learning practical skills and exploring career paths, the PEP Scholarship offers access to apprenticeship and pre-apprenticeship programs. These programs provide hands-on training and work experience, helping students gain valuable skills in various fields, such as construction, technology, or healthcare.

Overall, the PEP Scholarship supports students’ educational journeys by offering a range of supplemental services that address individual needs. From private tutoring and instructional materials to contracted services and apprenticeship programs, these resources aim to enable Florida students to excel academically and pursue their career goals with confidence.

Academic Performance and Assessment

Standardized Testing

In the Personalized Education Program (PEP) in Florida, a crucial aspect of measuring academic performance is through standardized testing. PEP students are required to take a Florida Department of Education approved national norm-referenced test annually. These norm-referenced tests compare a student’s performance to that of a nationally standardized group, helping to identify the students’ strengths and weaknesses.

Some popular examples of nationally norm-referenced tests include:

  • Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS)
  • Stanford Achievement Test (SAT)
  • TerraNova Test (CTBS)

These assessments provide valuable insight into the students’ academic needs, enabling educators and parents to design a tailored learning plan to meet their individual requirements.

Academic Reviews and Progress Reports

Another essential component of the PEP scholarship program is monitoring the students’ academic progress. To do this, parents and guardians of PEP students must submit a Student Learning Plan to the designated Scholarship Funding Organization (SFO) every year. This plan outlines the students’ academic goals, curriculum choices, and any additional resources required to support their learning.

In addition, the Florida Department of Education requires parents and guardians to sign a sworn compliance statement with their SFO, ensuring that they adhere to the program’s regulations and guidelines. By maintaining regular academic reviews and progress reports, PEP helps students achieve the best possible outcome in their education journey.

Through standardized testing and ongoing academic reviews, the Personalized Education Program in Florida aims to provide students with an effective, tailored, and well-rounded educational experience to ensure they reach their full potential.

Accountability and Legal Compliance

Regulatory Requirements

The Florida Department of Education (FDOE) sets up specific regulatory requirements for participating private schools in the Personalized Education Program (PEP) scholarship in Florida. The accountability measures are established in Section 1002.421(1), F.S. and cover scholarship programs such as John M. McKay, Florida Tax Credit, Gardiner Scholarship, Hope Scholarship, and Family Empowerment Scholarship Programs.

It is essential for private schools participating in PEP to comply with these requirements set by the Florida Department of Education. Non-compliance can result in penalties or removal from the program.

Sworn Compliance Statements

As a part of the regulatory requirement, private schools are required to submit sworn compliance statements to the Florida Department of Education. These statements serve as a declaration that the participating institution is abiding by all program rules and regulations.

Sworn compliance statements help ensure that schools participating in programs like the PEP scholarship maintain a consistent and high quality of education while safeguarding the best interests of the students.

In summary, the PEP scholarship in Florida is regulated by the FDOE, which imposes specific requirements on participating institutions. These include maintaining compliance with standards outlined in the relevant Florida statutes and providing sworn compliance statements. These measures are in place to maintain accountability, guarantee quality education and protect students’ interests.

Special Circumstances

Scholarships for Foster Care and Out-of-Home Care

Florida students in foster care or out-of-home care can also benefit from scholarships under the Personalized Education Program (PEP). The Florida Department of Education offers assistance to these students, helping them access the necessary funds to support their education. Students who are in foster care and those who qualify as out-of-home care students can apply for these scholarships without income restrictions, ensuring that their unique circumstances do not come in the way of their educational opportunities.

Transportation Scholarships

Transportation can be a barrier for some Florida students in accessing their desired educational programs. To address this hurdle, the PEP scholarship program provides transportation scholarships to help qualified students commute to school. This additional support aims at removing obstacles that might prevent students from attending eligible schools that best meet their learning requirements.

Military Families and Scholarship Eligibility

Military families in Florida have access to unique scholarship opportunities created to assist with their educational needs. Being part of a military family or having a parent on active duty does not disqualify students from applying for and receiving scholarships under the PEP. Moreover, these families may have access to other financial assistance programs specifically designed for their special circumstances.

In summary, the Personalized Education Program offers scholarships to cater to the unique situations faced by Florida students in foster care, out-of-home care, those requiring transportation assistance, and military families. Valuable resources such as the Florida Department of Education website can provide further information to help students and their families understand and navigate these scholarship options.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the eligibility requirements for the PEP Scholarship in Florida?

To be eligible for the Personalized Education Program (PEP) Scholarship in Florida, a student must have a qualifying disability and be a Florida resident. In addition, the student must have an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) or a Section 504 Accommodation Plan from a Florida public school. More details about eligibility can be found in the PEP FAQs.

How can one apply for the PEP Scholarship?

To apply for the PEP Scholarship, the family must contact one of the Scholarship Funding Organizations (such as Step Up For Students) and fill out the application form. The application process requires families to provide specific documentation, including proof of residency, disability diagnosis, and information about the student’s learning plan.

What expenses are covered by the PEP Scholarship in Florida?

The PEP Scholarship is an education savings account, allowing families to utilize funds for various educational expenses. These expenses may include tuition and fees for private schools or specialized public school programs, tutoring services, educational materials, and certain therapies. More information about what expenses qualify for coverage can be found here.

What is the financial value of the PEP Scholarship for eligible students?

The financial value of the PEP Scholarship depends on the declared grade level of the eligible student. Each student’s scholarship amount is determined based on their individual needs and learning plan. More information about the scholarship values can be found at the Step Up For Students website.

Are there deadlines for the PEP Scholarship application that applicants must adhere to?

Yes, deadlines for the PEP Scholarship application are established by the Scholarship Funding Organizations. It’s essential for applicants to review the specific organization’s website to stay informed about important deadlines and application requirements, such as Step Up For Students.

In what way does the Step Up for Students PEP purchasing guide assist families?

The Step Up for Students PEP purchasing guide is designed to help families navigate their education savings account funds and make informed decisions about how best to use them. The guide provides information on eligible expenses, tips for managing funds effectively, and resources highlighting available services and products. This assists families in maximizing the impact of their PEP Scholarship funds to support their child’s educational needs.


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