Orange Grove Scholar Tasks

  1. Each scholar contributes at least 2 items to The Orange Grove (OG)  at the beginning of the semester. This allows them to show other faculty how they are using the Orange Grove in their own teaching contexts, and ensures they are familiar with the system. They can contribute a website, or any type of digital resource. Orange Grove staff provides support via tutorials and personal assistance as needed.
  2. Meet with/contact  administrators from a range of disciplines at their institutions to make them aware of the repository and its capabilities.
  3. Place items related to the repository or Orange Grove Texts Plus (open textbooks) in campus publications.

  4. Provide demonstration or training sessions (depending on audience needs) to faculty. Collect contact information from their demonstration or workshop sessions in order to get feedback on successes and ideas for improvement.

  5. Scholars identify and suggest good digital resources that are relevant to their disciplines – this can include websites. The repository staff can add these to the repository if they need help.

  6. Participate in monthly conference calls with other Scholars and repository staff, as well as an end-of-semester conference call to review successes and challenges. Provide informal reports to document efforts on each campus.

  7. Ideas/strategies from previous years:

    • Strategy for a Scholar session – invite faculty to share resources they’re currently using in their teaching; help individual faculty find Orange Grove resources to use in their courses
    • Get in touch with your institution’s web development/faculty development unit. These units may have workshops or programs that teach faculty how to develop e-content. They might be willing to introduce The Orange Grove as part of those programs/workshops, and/or partner with you during a training session, and to encourage faculty to share their finished products through The Orange Grove.
    • Some faculty prefer to meet on a 1:1 or 2:1 basis, to get hands-on experience with the repository, and to ask the questions that they might be hesitant to ask in a workshop setting.
    • Ask faculty to contribute their favorite websites, tools, documents, animations, etc. that they like to use in their teaching, to The Orange Grove. Provide hands-on assistance as needed.

Helpful Resources

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