ODU Scholarships Guide: Securing Your Education Funding

Navigating the world of scholarships at Old Dominion University can be a transformative experience for students looking to fund their educational pursuits without the burden of heavy student loans. By garnering a thorough understanding of scholarship opportunities available at ODU, individuals can find worthwhile avenues to support their academic goals. Recognizing the variety and nature of scholarships—whether need-based, merit-based, or specialized—is the first step in taking advantage of the financial aid resources that the university provides.


Applying for scholarships at ODU requires awareness of specific deadlines, eligibility criteria, and application processes. Many scholarships are available exclusively to new, returning, or currently enrolled students and may necessitate active campus participation or community service as part of the qualification metrics. Furthermore, the dynamic ecosystem of financial aid at ODU is not limited to in-house opportunities; external scholarships also play a crucial role in aiding students financially. Being proactive and using all the resources offered by the university can ensure that pupils leave no stone unturned in their quest for educational funding.

Key Takeaways

  • ODU offers a variety of scholarship options to support the financial needs of different students.
  • Understanding eligibility and application procedures is vital for securing financial aid.
  • Proactive engagement with available resources enhances scholarship success at ODU.

Understanding Scholarships at ODU


Old Dominion University (ODU) offers a variety of scholarships aimed at recognizing academic achievement and providing financial support to students. These scholarships are designed for both undergraduate and graduate students to make higher education more accessible.

Types of Scholarships

ODU scholarships are categorized by factors such as donor origin, student demographics, academic merit, and specific fields of study. Endowed scholarships are funded by the earnings from a donor’s provided endowment and are often named after the donor or a person of the donor’s choosing. These scholarships form a significant part of the scholarship support at Old Dominion University. Moreover, ODU provides academic scholarships, which are primarily based on a student’s academic achievement, and need-based scholarships, which are allotted based on demonstrated financial need. Scholarships that cover a range of criteria enable ODU to support a broad student population each academic year.

Eligibility and Criteria

Each scholarship at Old Dominion University has its own eligibility requirements. Undergraduate students typically need to demonstrate a combination of academic excellence, leadership skills, and sometimes financial need. For graduate students, eligibility might hinge on academic research areas, GPA, or program-specific achievements. The criteria for scholarships often include maintaining a minimum GPA and enrolling in a certain number of credit hours each academic year. Additionally, some scholarships may require students to participate in community service or campus activities as part of their scholarship support. It is important for students to thoroughly review the eligibility requirements to determine the right scholarships to apply for at ODU.

Applying for Scholarships


When it comes to scholarships at Old Dominion University (ODU), the focus is on both the timely submission of applications and the quality of the candidates. Prospective scholars need to engage with the application process and meet key deadlines to maximize their opportunities.

Application Process

To be considered for scholarships at ODU, degree-seeking students must first complete the required application form. It’s imperative that they thoroughly provide detailed information that reflects their academic merits and potential. Successful applicants often demonstrate not only a high grade point average (GPA) but also clear educational goals and a commitment to their chosen field of study.

Key components of the application may include:

  • Personal and contact information
  • Academic transcripts
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Essay outlining educational objectives and aspirations

It’s crucial for applicants to ensure that the details are accurate and current, showcasing their qualifications in the best possible light.

Key Deadlines

The submission of scholarship applications must align with established deadlines to ensure consideration.

Key deadlines are typically as follows:

  • Priority deadline for incoming freshmen and transfer students: Often several months before the beginning of the academic year.
  • Regular deadline: For the majority of scholarships, this may fall in line with general university enrollment dates.

Applicants should consult the ODU financial aid webpage for specific date requirements related to each scholarship. Missing application deadlines can disqualify even the most deserving candidates.


  • Set reminders for deadlines several weeks in advance.
  • Follow up to confirm the application has been received and is complete.

The selection procedures aim to identify applicants who not only meet academic standards but who also embody the spirit and values central to ODU’s mission. By paying close attention to these elements, students position themselves for scholarship success.

Financial Aid Resources

Navigating the realm of financial aid can be intricate, yet it is a crucial aspect of the university experience, often making higher education accessible to those who otherwise might not afford it. Understanding the available financial resources helps to demystify the process, providing a clearer path to obtaining educational funding.

FAFSA Overview

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) serves as the gateway to federal student aid. It assesses a student’s financial need and is the first step in qualifying for a wide array of financial support, including loans, grants, and work-study programs. Students are encouraged to apply for FAFSA as early as possible, as many aid awards are distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Understanding Loans and Grants

Loans and grants are pivotal elements of student financial aid. Loans, such as the ones offered by the U.S. Department of Education, need to be repaid with interest, while grants are typically need-based and do not require repayment. Examples include Pell Grants and Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants (FSEOG) which target undergraduate students with exceptional financial needs.

External Funding Opportunities

A plethora of external funding opportunities exists beyond the federal programs. Students can seek scholarships and grants from private businesses, service agencies, or institutions like Old Dominion University which offers options for various demographics and educational values. Researching and applying to these opportunities can supplement the aid received from federal sources, providing additional financial support.

Scholarship Requirements


Scholarship requirements at Old Dominion University (ODU) are multifaceted, focusing on maintaining eligibility and adhering to academic performance standards. They ensure that scholarships are awarded to students who demonstrate consistent academic merit and commitment to their education.

Maintaining Scholarship Eligibility

To maintain scholarship eligibility, students must typically uphold a certain level of academic performance and continue meeting any specific criteria set by the scholarship program. For instance, students may need to maintain full-time enrollment status and show progress towards graduation. It is essential that they thoroughly understand their scholarship conditions, as some awards may have additional requirements beyond academic standing.

Academic Performance Standards

Academic performance plays a critical role in both securing and retaining scholarships at ODU. Typically, a scholarship recipient is required to maintain a minimum cumulative GPA, which serves as an indicator of their academic strength. The GPA threshold can vary based on the scholarship; however, it often reflects a standard of excellence that aligns with the financial support’s intent to foster academic success.

Specialized Scholarships


Old Dominion University offers a wide range of specialized scholarships designed to support students in specific academic tracks and those with unique qualifications. These scholarships provide financial assistance to students who show excellence in their chosen field or who bring a diverse background to the ODU community.

Scholarships for Specific Programs and Majors

Human Services and Teacher Education: ODU supports future educators and human services professionals with targeted financial aid. Scholarships like the A. D. Morgan Scholarships cater to students of any major but demonstrate a strong preference for those committed to careers that positively influence society.

  • Computer Science and Cybersecurity: For those pursuing cutting-edge technology degrees, ODU offers scholarships aimed at students majoring in computer science, cybersecurity, and computer engineering. These are critical fields with rapidly growing demand, and ODU’s scholarships help to meet this need by supporting the next generation of tech experts.
  • Criminal Justice: A variety of scholarships are tailored for students specializing in criminal justice, preparing them for a future of upholding and understanding the law.

International and Transfer Student Scholarships

International Students: Global diversity is celebrated at ODU, with scholarships available specifically for international students. These scholarships help to alleviate the financial burden for those coming from overseas and ensure a wide variety of perspectives within the ODU community.

  • Undergraduate Transfer Students: Transfer students can find financial support through scholarships that recognize the unique challenges they may face when changing institutions. These scholarships are vital for students who have demonstrated academic achievement and wish to continue their education at ODU.

Financial assistance through scholarships helps support and recognize the hard work and achievements of students across a multitude of disciplines. Whether it’s through advancing global diversity or promoting specialized fields of study, these scholarships play a crucial role in empowering ODU students to reach their educational and professional goals.

Scholarship Opportunities by Demographics


Old Dominion University offers a range of scholarships to embrace the diversity of its student body. Tailored to various demographics, these awards affirm ODU’s commitment to an inclusive educational environment.

Scholarships for Veterans and Military Service Members

Old Dominion University extends its Monarch pride to those who have served by offering specialized scholarships for veterans and active duty military members. The institution caters to the unique needs of Virginia’s military community through a variety of endowed scholarships specifically designed for those who have dedicated themselves to service. A prime example is the ODU-linked Veterans and Military Service Members Scholarship, supporting those who seek to continue their education at the university level.

Diversity and Inclusion Scholarships

ODU champions intercultural understanding through its Diversity and Inclusion Scholarships, fostering an atmosphere of advancing intercultural learning. Among these is the ODU Student Concordia Scholarship, emphasizing the spirit of unity and student empowerment. Additionally, the Linda Holmgren Jensen Endowed Scholarship for the Arts highlights this commitment by supporting seniors and alumni aiming to make a significant impact in the arts, further enriching ODU’s diverse community.

Post-Admission Scholarships

After securing admission to Old Dominion University, students have various opportunities to apply for scholarships that cater specifically to their continued academic journey. These aids may come as relief and recognition for those already enrolled and excelling in their studies or as an incentivization for research and higher education pursuits.

Continuing Student Scholarships

Continuing students at ODU are encouraged to explore a range of academic and endowed scholarships. Every year, scholarships become available to students who have showcased an exceptional academic record or have been involved in university activities. These awards are designed to acknowledge and financially assist students who continue to meet and exceed the university’s standards. It is essential for these students to monitor the Old Dominion University scholarships page for updated listings and application deadlines.

Graduate and Fellowship Opportunities

For graduate students, fellowship and scholarship opportunities at ODU serve as a cornerstone for supporting their advanced studies and research endeavors. Fellowship awards often facilitate specialized research projects or study opportunities that may not be otherwise funded. Graduate students should investigate the ODUGlobal scholarships and connect with their respective departments for tailored opportunities that align with their academic focus. Honors College scholarships are specific accolades available for those engaged in the Honors College, rewarding their dedication to an enriched educational experience.

Fundraising and Scholarship Creation


In the fiscal landscape of higher education, endowed scholarships play a crucial role, often established through the generosity of private donors, with the goal of providing sustainable financial support to students. The involvement of alumni, faculty, friends, and philanthropists is fundamental, and the process involves strategic investment management to maximize returns.

The Role of Private Donors and Alumni

Private donors and alumni stand at the forefront of nurturing future generations through educational philanthropy. The inception of an endowed scholarship at Old Dominion University typically starts with a gift of $25,000, which is paid over a set period. These gifts and donations not only represent a financial contribution but also reflect a commitment to the university’s growth. Alumni and donors, by funding scholarships, provide financial support that can span indefinitely, assisting countless students in achieving their academic goals. This act of generosity is also a testament to the allegiance and trust in the institution where their own foundations for success were laid.

Endowed Scholarship Foundations

Endowed scholarships are not just gifts; they are long-term investments in the university’s future. The principal amount of an endowment is carefully preserved, while the investment returns are utilized to fund scholarships. This ensures that the scholarship can support students year after year. The endowment’s health correlates directly with the financial market’s performance, requiring astute management and strategic oversight. By creating an endowed scholarship, donors contribute to a lasting legacy that echoes their values, supports the university’s mission, and promotes the academic success of its students. Faculty and friends of the university often steward these funds, ensuring that their usage aligns with the benefactors’ intended purposes and the institution’s educational objectives.

Scholarship Management

Managing scholarships effectively is crucial for both the provider and the recipient. It involves a clear understanding of award distribution, disbursement procedures, reporting requirements, and governance practices. At Old Dominion University (ODU), these processes are carefully designed to ensure that scholarships, such as the endowed scholarships, serve their intended purpose of providing financial aid to students while maintaining transparency and avoiding scholarship scams.

Award Distribution and Disbursement

At ODU, scholarships are typically awarded based on a combination of merit, need, and other criteria established by the donors. Selection procedures are rigorously applied to identify eligible candidates. Once scholarship recipients are chosen, they receive written notification of their award, detailing the amount and any conditions tied to the scholarship.

The financial aid office is responsible for the disbursement of funds, which are applied directly to the student’s account to offset tuition, fees, and other educational expenses. Any questions regarding disbursement can usually be addressed by staff within the financial aid office, who have up-to-date knowledge on each scholarship’s specific disbursement timeline.

Reporting and Governance

To maintain the integrity of the scholarship system, ODU implements a strict governance framework. This ensures that all scholarships, particularly endowed scholarships, are managed in accordance with the founding guidelines. Endowed scholarship funds are managed such that the principal amount remains intact, and only the income generated is used for awards.

Regular reporting of both financial and non-financial metrics is carried out to document the impact of scholarships on students’ educational pursuits. Events may be conducted to recognize donors and highlight the achievements of scholarship recipients. These practices reinforce transparency and ample communication between students, the university, and donors.

Additional Resources and Support


Old Dominion University offers robust support mechanisms to assist students in navigating the scholarship landscape efficiently. Central to these efforts are the ODUGlobal platform, which caters to online and distance learners, and the Scholarship Advisory Services that provide guidance tailored to merit-based scholarship opportunities.

ODUGlobal and Online Education Scholarships

Students seeking to complete their bachelor’s degree through online and distance learning have access to tailored support through the ODUGlobal scholarships. ODUGlobal is ODU’s platform for delivering high-quality education technology and student services to those engaged in online education. It recognizes academic achievement and provides scholarships specifically designed for these students, helping to minimize student loan debt while pursuing their degree program.

  • Eligibility: Enrolled in an ODUGlobal online bachelor’s degree program
  • Benefits: Reduced financial burden and recognition of merit-based accomplishments

Scholarship Advisory Services

The Scholarship Advisory Services at ODU offer personalized assistance, guiding students through the plethora of scholarship options available. They help students understand the requirements of each scholarship and the details of the admissions application, enhancing their chances of securing financial aid. These services are pivotal in directing students towards scholarships that align with their educational goals and achievements.

  • Purpose: To offer guidance on selecting and applying for scholarships
  • Impact: Helps reduce reliance on student loans and promotes academic achievement

Each student’s path to securing scholarships can be complex; ODU provides these focused resources and services to simplify the process, promoting success in their educational endeavors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Old Dominion University offers a variety of scholarships with specific eligibility criteria and application processes. This section addresses common inquiries related to scholarship opportunities at ODU to assist students in understanding how they can finance their education.

What are the eligibility criteria for the ODU Presidential Scholarship?

The ODU Presidential Scholarship requires applicants to demonstrate exceptional academic achievement, leadership experience, and community engagement. Specific criteria such as a minimum GPA and standardized test scores may apply.

How can international students apply for scholarships at Old Dominion University?

International students can apply for scholarships at ODU by first being admitted to the university. Afterward, they should review the scholarships available to them and submit the necessary application materials as outlined by the Financial Aid Office.

What GPA is required to qualify for an ODU merit scholarship?

For most merit scholarships at ODU, students are typically required to maintain a minimum GPA, though the exact figure can vary by the scholarship. It is advisable to check the specific scholarship requirements for accurate information.

How much financial assistance is provided through the ODU full ride scholarship?

The financial assistance provided through the ODU full ride scholarship generally covers the full cost of tuition, mandatory fees, and often additional expenses such as room, board, and books. Exact amounts should be verified for each academic year.

What are the renewal requirements for merit scholarships at ODU?

Merit scholarships at ODU have renewal requirements that include maintaining a full-time enrollment status and a certain minimum GPA, along with other possible conditions outlined in the scholarship agreement. Students should review the scholarship details for renewal criteria.

What is the application process for scholarships at Old Dominion University?

The scholarship application process at Old Dominion University typically involves submitting a scholarship application through the university’s scholarship portal, along with any requested supporting documents, such as transcripts, letters of recommendation, and personal statements.

Helpful Resources

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