Obama Scholarship ASU Guide: Your Expert Roadmap

The Obama Scholars Program at Arizona State University is a comprehensive financial aid initiative that aims to help eligible Arizona residents receive a high quality education without the burden of massive student loans. As a prestigious scholarship offered by ASU, the Obama Scholars Program is designed for local students who have demonstrated academic excellence and are in need of financial support. Recipients of this scholarship can expect assistance with tuition, fees, and other educational expenses during their time at ASU. Additionally, the program promotes community engagement and academic success by offering various support services and resources to its scholars.

One of the key aspects of the Obama Scholars Program is its commitment to the financial well-being of its students. This guide will walk you through the various aspects of the program, including financial aid services, funding, and the renewal process. It will also discuss potential extenuating circumstances that may affect a student’s eligibility, as well as the opportunities available for global education and internships. Furthermore, information on deferring the scholarship, and a summary of frequently asked questions will be provided to help prospective students and their families better understand the details and benefits of this program.

Key Takeaways

  • The Obama Scholars Program offers financial aid and resources to eligible Arizona residents attending ASU.
  • Students can benefit from the program’s support in academic success, community engagement, and opportunities for global education.
  • It is important to understand the program’s funding, renewal process, and extenuating circumstances that may affect eligibility.

Obama Scholars Program at ASU


The Obama Scholars Program at ASU is a comprehensive financial aid program for Arizona high school graduates admitted to Arizona State University. The program aims to provide financial support for students in need and is made up of various sources of gift aid from federal, state, private, and institutional sectors, along with a $3,000 Federal Work-Study component see details.


To be eligible for the Obama Scholars Program, students must be Arizona high school graduates who have been admitted to ASU under assured admission. Additionally, they must have a completed Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) before January 15 and meet the program’s financial need criteria.

ASU automatically considers those who fulfill these requirements for the Obama Scholars Program. This program covers tuition and fees, and eligible students may also receive funding for housing, meals, books, and supplies see details. However, the scholarship, including the Obama Scholars Program, can only be awarded for a maximum of eight semesters.

In certain circumstances, students can apply to defer their scholarship or program funds see deferment application. Your eligibility for the program may be affected if you obtain additional scholarship money; please consult with the institution for details on this matter.

Financial Aid and Scholarship Services at ASU

Arizona State University (ASU) offers a range of financial aid and scholarship services to help students fund their education. These services are tailored to meet the needs of various student populations, including those seeking need-based aid, merit-based scholarships, and special programs such as the Obama Scholars Program.

How to Apply

Applying for financial aid and scholarships at ASU involves completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). ASU’s Federal School Code is 001081, and the FAFSA form can be completed on the FAFSA website. It is important to complete the FAFSA as early as possible, starting October 1, to increase the chances of receiving aid.

In addition to the FAFSA, some students may need to complete the CSS Profile to apply for nonfederal institutional aid. This online application is used by colleges to award nonfederal aid to students who may not qualify for federal assistance.

FAFSA Requirement

The FAFSA is a critical component in determining eligibility for financial aid and scholarships at ASU, including the Obama Scholars Program. In order to be considered for this program or other forms of aid, Arizona high school graduates must have a completed FAFSA on file before January 15.

Moreover, students must stay enrolled in consecutive fall and spring semesters to maintain their eligibility for programs like the President Barack Obama Scholars Program or ASU College Attainment Grant Program. It is important to keep track of FAFSA deadlines and maintain continuous enrollment in order to access ASU’s financial aid and scholarship services.

Funding and Renewal Process

Understanding the funding

The Obama Scholars Program at Arizona State University provides financial assistance to eligible students, making college education more affordable and accessible. The funding aims to support students from low-income families by covering various educational expenses, such as tuition fees and living expenses. It allows students to focus on their studies without worrying about financial burden. Students must meet specific program criteria for eligibility and submit a completed FAFSA by the appropriate deadline.

Renewal process

To maintain their scholarship status, Obama Scholars must adhere to specific renewal criteria. It is essential for students to be aware of these requirements to continue receiving funding throughout their college education at Arizona State University. For detailed information on maintaining the scholarship, students can refer to the Scholarship renewal guide provided by the university.

In some circumstances, a student may apply for a deferment of their scholarship, such as during an approved leave of absence or other specific circumstances. These deferment applications are subject to approval and must be supported by relevant documentation. More information on scholarship deferment can be found on the ASU’s Scholarship Deferment Application page.

Extenuating Circumstances

Guideline and Documentation

When applying for the Obama Scholarship at ASU, it is essential to understand that extenuating circumstances may be considered during the application process. These circumstances refer to unexpected events or situations beyond a student’s control that significantly impact their ability to attend classes or fulfill academic obligations. Examples include severe medical issues, family emergencies, or acts of crime or abuse. In such cases, it is crucial to provide credible documentation, such as medical records, police reports, or other relevant supporting materials, to back up the claim.

Decision Process

The ASU financial aid office is responsible for reviewing and making decisions regarding extenuating circumstances. Their assessment is based on the information and documentation provided by the student. If the financial aid office determines that the extenuating circumstances are valid, the student’s financial aid package, including the Obama Scholarship, may be adjusted accordingly.

While extenuating circumstances can play a significant role in the decision process, it is essential for students to keep in mind that proving these cases can be a challenging task. The provided documentation must be detailed, comprehensive, and credible, as the financial aid office will only consider genuine extenuating circumstances. Therefore, it is crucial for applicants to submit accurate and substantial information to support their claims and be transparent about their situation.

Global Education and Internship Programs

Global Education Program

As an Obama Scholar at ASU, there is a great opportunity to use your funding on a Global Education program. ASU Global Education Office provides a diverse range of programs for students from any background and on any academic or career path. Through these programs, students can study abroad, gain international work experience, develop research skills in a global context, and serve worldwide communities. Participating in a global education program not only enhances your educational experience but also helps in personal and professional development.

Internship Opportunities

ASU Global Education Office also offers partnership internship programs that allow you to gain valuable international work experience while earning credit. Internships are special courses for which written pre-approval from your ASU department is required to be on file with the Global Education Office prior to departure. If you wish to receive credit for an internship abroad, you must submit an Internship Coordinator Review Form as part of your ASU Global Education program application.

To explore the possibilities of utilizing your Obama Scholarship for a global education program or an internship abroad, visit the ASU Obama Scholars webpage or call 855-278-5080 for more details.

Support and Resources

Planning for the Semester

It’s crucial for students in the Obama Scholars Program at Arizona State University (ASU) to plan their semesters effectively. Utilizing available resources can help participants to stay on track and maintain their scholarship eligibility. Here are some key resources for planning:

  • ASU Academic Calendar: Familiarizing yourself with important dates such as enrollment deadlines, course withdrawal limits, and class schedules ensures you stay informed and organized throughout the semester.
  • Advising Services: ASU offers academic advisors who can help you create a personalized course plan, select courses, and stay on top of requirements.
  • Tuition and Financial Aid: Understanding the terms and conditions of your scholarship, as well as monitoring your financial aid through ASU’s Financial Aid website, is necessary for maintaining that support.

ASU Partnerships

ASU has established various partnerships that provide resources and support to Obama Scholars. Some of these collaborations include:

  • ASU College Attainment Grant Program: This program helps make college affordable and accessible for low-income families in Arizona.
  • FAFSA: All Obama Scholars must have a completed Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) before January 15 to be considered for the program. Make sure you know ASU’s Federal School Code (001081).
  • RaiseMe: Through a partnership with RaiseMe, ASU offers micro-scholarship opportunities for high school students to earn achievements toward college costs. Details can be found on the Scholarship Renewal Guide page.

It is essential for Obama Scholars at ASU to utilize these support and resources for a successful educational journey. Careful planning and awareness of resources will help you maintain your scholarship and benefit from all ASU has to offer.

Deferring the Scholarship

Deferral Process

Students who are enrolled in the Obama Scholars Program at Arizona State University may encounter situations that require them to defer their scholarship. To begin the deferral process, students must first submit a Scholarship Deferment Application. This form will ask for relevant information and circumstances explaining the deferment request.

Upon approval, students must then complete the reinstatement request form to regain their scholarship upon returning to the university. All required documentation, as stated in the form, must be submitted for the reinstatement process to be successful.

Conditions for Deferral

It is essential to understand the conditions under which deferment is permitted. First and foremost, the student must be meeting the scholarship criteria and must be in good academic standing at the time of the deferment request.

For example, the deferment may be approved if the student experiences a situation such as a medical emergency, family crisis, or other unexpected circumstance that prevents them from maintaining enrollment at the university. Students must also communicate their intention to return to the university after the deferment period. Keep in mind that during the deferment period, any financial aid, such as Pell Grants, will not be disbursed.

Another critical aspect is the student’s break in attendance. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure they request a deferment in advance to maintain their scholarship eligibility.

In conclusion, it is important for students to understand the deferral process and conditions for the Obama Scholars Program at Arizona State University. It is always essential to maintain communication with the university and submit necessary forms promptly to ensure the smooth functioning of their academic journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to apply for the Obama Scholarship at ASU?

To apply for the Obama Scholarship at ASU, you need to be an Arizona high school graduate who has been admitted to ASU under assured admission. Complete your FAFSA before January 15 and submit all financial aid items on your My ASU task list. Eligible students will be automatically considered for the program.

What does the ASU Obama Scholarship cover?

The ASU Obama Scholarship covers tuition, mandatory fees, and health insurance. It is important to note that the specific amount may vary depending on a student’s financial need and eligibility.

What GPA is required for the Obama Scholarship?

The Obama Scholarship at ASU does not specify a minimum GPA requirement. However, you must be admitted to ASU through assured admission, which typically involves meeting certain academic criteria. It is essential to maintain good academic standing to continue receiving the scholarship throughout your time at ASU.

Can the Obama Scholarship at ASU cover housing?

The Obama Scholarship itself does not directly cover housing costs. However, some students have reported that the scholarship, combined with other financial aid sources, has helped to cover most or all of their housing expenses.

How to renew the Obama Scholarship at ASU?

To renew the Obama Scholarship at ASU, you must continue to meet the program’s eligibility criteria, maintain satisfactory academic progress, and complete a FAFSA each year. Additionally, you should submit all required financial aid items on your My ASU task list to ensure your scholarship remains active.

What are the requirements for a full ride scholarship at ASU?

Requirements for a full ride scholarship at ASU can vary depending on the specific scholarship program. In general, students must demonstrate exceptional academic achievements, leadership, and community involvement. You may also need to complete a separate application and possibly interviews or additional requirements depending on the scholarship. It’s essential to research and explore the various financial aid programs that ASU offers to find the best fit for your needs.

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