New American University Scholarship Guide: Essential Tips for Success

The New American University Scholarship is a prestigious award program specifically designed to support academically qualified students in pursuing higher education at Arizona State University. With a wide range of financial benefits, the program focuses on fostering academic excellence and inclusive access to higher education for incoming freshmen, transfer students, and international students. By providing substantial monetary assistance, the New American University Scholarship significantly eases the financial burden on students, allowing them to focus on their academic pursuits and personal growth at ASU.

Arizona State University’s commitment to fostering academic excellence is reflected in the various types of merit-based scholarships offered under the New American University Scholarship program. These scholarships cater to different categories of students, such as residents, nonresidents, Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) participants, national scholars, and international students. To be considered for these awards, students need to be admitted to ASU and meet specific eligibility criteria based on their academic achievements, extracurricular involvement, and other factors.

Key Takeaways

  • The New American University Scholarship supports academically qualified students at Arizona State University.
  • Different types of merit-based scholarships are available for various student categories.
  • Students must be admitted to ASU and meet specific eligibility criteria to be considered for the awards.

New American University Scholarship Overview

The New American University Scholarship is a prestigious financial assistance program offered by Arizona State University (ASU) to outstanding incoming freshmen and transfer students. These scholarships aim to reward students who excel academically and are committed to making a difference in their communities.

Recipients of the New American University Scholarship receive monetary assistance that ranges between $4,000 to $15,000 per year. This financial aid can be renewed for up to 3 additional years, depending on the student’s academic performance and availability of funds. Besides financial support, the program also provides scholars with unique opportunities to contribute to the university’s mission through research, community service, and innovative projects.

Being selected as a New American University Scholar signifies more than receiving financial support for education. It is an endorsement of the student’s potential to positively impact society and contribute to the forward-thinking and dynamic culture at ASU. Along with the scholarship, students are also supported through mentorship, academic resources, and networking opportunities, helping them build a strong foundation for a successful college experience and future career.

Eligible candidates for the New American University Scholarship must demonstrate strong academic achievement, dedication to community service, and a clear vision for their future at ASU. First-year Merit Scholarship Estimator can be utilized to assess whether a student qualifies as a New American University Scholar.

In conclusion, the New American University Scholarship is a significant financial aid opportunity for high-achieving students enrolling at Arizona State University. It supports the university’s mission to promote innovation, public service, and academic excellence and empowers its scholars to make a lasting impact in their respective fields and communities.

Eligibility Criteria

The New American University Scholarship sets certain eligibility criteria for its applicants. Here, we discuss the main requirements, focusing on Academic Excellence and Test Scores.

Academic Excellence

To be considered for the New American University Scholarship, applicants must have a strong academic background. The scholarship requires first-year students to demonstrate a high level of achievement in their high school education. Typically, a competitive GPA would be expected, although the specific value may vary according to the scholarship program, university requirements, and other factors.

Test Scores

In addition to meeting academic excellence requirements, applicants must provide official test scores for either the ACT or SAT. These standardized tests play an essential role in evaluating the students’ overall academic performance and skills, increasing their chances of getting selected for the scholarship. The exact minimum ACT or SAT score required may depend on the different factors similar to the GPA requirements, which the university and scholarship providers consider when reviewing applications.

Keep in mind that these eligibility criteria are guidelines for applying to the New American University Scholarship, and individual programs may have additional requirements. It is crucial for applicants to thoroughly review specific scholarship details, as well as university admission criteria, to ensure they meet all necessary conditions for consideration.

Application Process

Undergraduate Admission

To apply for the New American University Scholarship as an undergraduate student, you must first submit an application for undergraduate admission at Arizona State University (ASU). The application process requires submitting official transcripts, test scores, and a $70 application fee. ASU considers students for merit-based scholarships, including the New American University Scholarship, once they have been admitted.

It’s important to note that there are different priority dates for each scholarship, so make sure to check the deadlines before applying. The scholarship amount varies but usually ranges from $4,000 to $15,000 annually, renewable for up to three additional years.

Graduate Admission

For graduate students interested in the New American University Scholarship, the application process may vary depending on the specific program you’re applying to at ASU. Generally, you’ll need to submit an application for graduate admission, including your official transcripts, test scores, letters of recommendation, a statement of purpose, and a $70 application fee.

Once you are admitted to your graduate program, you may be considered for merit-based scholarships or other financial aid opportunities available to graduate students at ASU. It’s essential to research the specific requirements and deadlines for your desired graduate program to maximize your chances of receiving the New American University Scholarship or other funding options.

Remember to be confident and clear while following the application process, ensuring that you submit accurate information and all required documents on time. Good luck with your application!

Scholarship Award and Amounts

The New American University Scholarship aims to support students with financial aid, helping them cover tuition and other related expenses. This section will dive into the different types of scholarships available, as well as their award amounts.

Merit-Based Scholarships

The New American University Scholar program offers merit-based scholarships for first-year students. These scholarships are granted to academically qualified students who have demonstrated exceptional performance during their high school years. The award amounts for merit-based scholarships can vary, typically ranging from $4,000 to $15,000 per year, with the possibility of renewal for up to three additional years if performance requirements are maintained. Changes in program, residency, or campus can result in adjustments to the scholarship amount.

Private Scholarships

Apart from merit-based scholarships offered by the New American University Scholar program, students can also apply for various private scholarships. Private scholarships are usually funded by external organizations, non-profits, or individuals and can significantly contribute to a student’s financial aid package.

The eligibility criteria and requirements for private scholarships differ from one another, depending on the funding source. Typically, these scholarships consider factors such as academic achievement, extra-curricular activities, community service, and financial need.

In conclusion, New American University Scholarship aims to support students with financial aid, helping them cover tuition and other related expenses. This section dives into the different types of scholarships available, as well as their award amounts.

ASU Scholarships offer ample resources to provide needed information and guidance to students interested in exploring available funding opportunities. Students are encouraged to review the available resources and keep an eye on deadlines to ensure they make the most of these financial aid opportunities.

Degree Programs and Campuses

Arizona State University (ASU) offers a wide variety of degree programs for students interested in the New American University Scholarship. ASU consists of multiple campuses, including the main campus in Tempe and other campuses like the West Campus.

ASU features hundreds of undergraduate and graduate programs, covering various fields such as business, engineering, health, and arts. Students can choose from different majors and their respective degree programs, based on their academic interests and professional goals.

The ASU West Campus is notable for its focus on interdisciplinary programs, offering degree courses in liberal arts, sciences, and professional disciplines. Students at this campus can benefit from diverse academic choices and a suburban setting for well-rounded learning.

Recognizing the importance of research, ASU emphasizes creating innovative solutions to address pressing global challenges. Scholarship holders under the New American University Scholarship have the chance to participate in groundbreaking research projects and initiatives across various disciplines.

With its extensive selection of degree programs and campuses, ASU offers a comprehensive academic experience. The New American University Scholarship enables deserving students to pursue their dream education at this top-rated institution.

Maintaining and Renewing Scholarships

Scholarship Renewal Guide

The Scholarship Renewal Guide is an essential resource designed to aid students in maintaining their scholarships. It outlines the specific renewal criteria for scholarships such as:

  • National Merit and National Recognition
  • Leadership Scholarship Program
  • Arizona Academic Decathlon Finalist and Top Score
  • New American University Merit Awards
  • RaiseMe ASU
  • Flinn Semi-Finalist Award

Make sure to review the guide to understand the requirements needed to renew your scholarship and avoid any disruption in your financial aid.


In the event that you may have a break during your studies, it is important to request a deferment in advance to maintain your scholarship eligibility. Deferment allows you to pause your scholarship temporarily, keeping it active and available for you when you return to your studies.

Remember, not planning ahead and obtaining a deferment could result in the loss of your scholarship. Make sure to communicate with the scholarship office promptly in case of any required breaks in your studies.

Adjustment in Scholarship Amount

Take note that scholarship award amounts may vary based on the campus you are enrolled in, your program, and residency status. Changes in these factors may result in a scholarship amount adjustment for you.

Stay up-to-date with your enrollment status and program requirements, and, in case of any changes, consult with the scholarship office to ensure you continue to receive the most appropriate financial aid for your situation.

Financial Aid and Resources

ASU’s Financial Aid Offerings

Arizona State University (ASU) provides various financial aid options to support students during their academic journey. One of these options is the New American University Scholar program, which offers not only financial assistance but also unique opportunities for students to make a difference while earning their degree.

At ASU, funding is available for both undergraduate and graduate students. For undergraduates, the financial aid program is based on recognizing both academic excellence and demonstrated financial need. The Financial Aid Office at American University, Washington, DC, works with students and their families to supplement their financial resources and make an AU education possible.

For graduate students, American University offers various scholarships to support degree-seeking and certificate students. Prospective graduate students can explore funding options, including on-campus and online degree programs, as well as military and veteran benefits.

External Funding Opportunities

In addition to ASU’s financial aid programs, students can explore external funding opportunities to further support their education. The Pell Grant is a well-known higher education grant that can help cover college expenses. Eligibility for a Pell grant is based on a family’s expected family contribution (EFC) and determined through the FAFSA process.

Students can also apply to the New American University Scholarship Program for the 2023-2024 academic year. This program not only provides financial support but also encourages students to focus on knowledge, learning, and research, plus resources to help address society’s most pressing challenges.

It is essential to explore various external funding opportunities, including scholarships, grants, fellowships, and other resources, to supplement the financial aid offerings provided by Arizona State University. Remember to research the eligibility criteria, deadlines, and application processes carefully to increase your chances of securing additional financial support.

Application Deadlines and Priority Dates

When applying for the New American University Scholarship at Arizona State University (ASU), it’s essential to be aware of the application deadlines and priority dates. As a prospective student, you’ll want to make sure to submit your application and necessary documents on time to maximize your chances of being considered for merit-based scholarships.

The application fee for undergraduate admission at ASU varies depending on your status. Resident students need to pay $50, while nonresidents and international students must pay $70. It is crucial to include this fee in your application process to ensure that your submission is considered for admission.

Priority dates are essential when focusing on scholarship opportunities. ASU recommends submitting complete applications by the priority date for each semester to increase your chances of receiving financial aid. For the fall semester, the priority date is usually at the end of January. For example, for the academic year 2023-2024, the deadline is January 15, 2024.

Although it’s essential to meet the priority dates, some scholarships may have later deadlines depending on their specific requirements. Make sure to research each scholarship opportunity thoroughly to avoid missing essential deadlines.

Remember that the earlier you submit your application, the higher your chances are of being considered for scholarships and financial assistance. Applying by priority dates will help increase your eligibility for various scholarship types, including first-year academic awards, national scholar programs, transfer academic awards, and international academic awards (undergraduate).

To conclude, it’s crucial to be aware of the application deadlines and priority dates when applying for the New American University Scholarship at ASU. Submit your undergraduate admission application and necessary documents on time, along with the application fee, to maximize your chances of being considered for merit-based scholarships available to you.

Unique Scholarships and Awards

Carl G. Anthon Scholarship

The Carl G. Anthon Scholarship is a unique opportunity for students with a passion for history, performing arts, and ministry-related pursuits. This award specifically supports those who aspire to work in church vocations and continues to preserve the legacy of Carl G. Anthon, who dedicated his life to such pursuits. Thanks to this scholarship, students in the fields of history, performing arts, and ministry can receive much-needed financial assistance, enabling them to pursue their dreams and make a difference in their respective communities.

Carol Bird Ravenal Art Award

The Carol Bird Ravenal Art Award is an exceptional opportunity for students pursuing a degree in studio art. This prestigious award acknowledges and supports students with outstanding artistic talent. Recipients can use the funds from this award to purchase art supplies and materials or to further develop their skills and education within the College of Arts and Sciences. By recognizing and promoting the artistic abilities of its recipients, the Carol Bird Ravenal Art Award contributes significantly to the growth of the arts community and the development of new talent.

Nina M. Roscher Travel Fund for Women in the Chemical Sciences

The Nina M. Roscher Travel Fund is another unique scholarship opportunity, specifically designed for women in the chemical sciences. This fund aims to support women pursuing careers in this field by providing financial assistance for travel and research-related expenses. By helping female students and researchers cover costs associated with attending conferences, workshops, or other research-related opportunities, the Nina M. Roscher Travel Fund plays a crucial role in promoting gender equity and diversity within the world of chemical sciences.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements for the ASU Dean’s scholarship?

The ASU Dean’s scholarship is awarded to academically talented undergraduate students who have demonstrated exceptional performance in their high school or college studies. Although specific requirements may vary among different colleges within ASU, applicants typically need a strong GPA, a history of academic achievement, and involvement in extracurricular activities. To learn more about eligibility and requirements for this scholarship, it’s recommended that you visit the appropriate department within ASU.

What merit scholarships are available at ASU?

ASU offers a range of merit-based scholarships such as the New American University Scholarship, the Dean’s Scholarship, the President’s Award, the Provost’s Award, and several college-specific awards granted to students demonstrating academic excellence in different fields such as health solutions, nursing, and public service. To explore the various merit scholarships available at ASU, please visit their scholarships portal.

What are the criteria for the President’s Award at ASU?

The President’s Award at ASU is a merit-based scholarship offered to exceptional incoming freshmen who have demonstrated academic excellence throughout high school. To qualify for the President’s Award, applicants must meet specific academic requirements, such as a high GPA, strong extracurricular involvement, and outstanding achievements in their chosen fields. For more information on the specific criteria for this award, you can visit the ASU scholarships website.

What GPA is needed for the ASU Presidential Scholarship?

While various factors are considered when determining eligibility for the ASU Presidential Scholarship, a high GPA is crucial. Although specific GPA requirements may differ depending on your academic program or area of study, applicants should strive for a strong academic record and maintain excellent grades throughout their high school education. To better understand the GPA requirements for this scholarship, it’s advisable to check the official scholarship website for more accurate information.

What are the requirements for the Provost’s Award at ASU?

The Provost’s Award at ASU is presented to academically outstanding incoming freshmen who have demonstrated excellence in academics and extracurricular activities. To be eligible for the Provost’s Award, students must meet specific criteria, which might include a minimum GPA, strong test scores, a history of academic achievements, and involvement in extracurricular or community service projects. For more details on the specific requirements for this award, you can consult the ASU scholarships website.

How much financial support does the New American University Scholarship provide?

The financial support provided by the New American University Scholarship varies depending on the specific scholarship award and the student’s level of academic excellence. These awards can range from partial tuition coverage to full tuition coverage, and in some cases, additional financial assistance for housing or other educational expenses. For a detailed overview of the financial support offered through the New American University Scholarship, you can explore the scholarship program’s official webpage.

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