Morrill Scholarship OSU Guide: Key Steps to Secure Your Award

The Ohio State University’s premier diversity and merit scholarship program, the Morrill Scholarship Program (MSP), rewards academically talented students who are actively engaged in diversity-based leadership, service, and social justice activities. Offered through the university’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion, MSP aims to enhance the diversity of Ohio State by providing scholarships and educational enrichment opportunities to students who demonstrate a commitment to advancing diversity, inclusion, service, and social justice.


By participating in the Morrill Scholarship Program, students not only receive financial support for their education but also gain access to academic support, enrichment programs, leadership development opportunities, and a vibrant campus and community life. With a history of Morrill Scholars achieving success in various fields, the program is not only an excellent financial resource but also a stepping stone for students seeking to make a difference in the world.

Key Takeaways

  • The Morrill Scholarship Program is Ohio State University’s premier diversity and merit scholarship program for academically talented students.
  • MSP participants receive financial support, academic guidance, and opportunities for leadership development and community engagement.
  • Ohio State strives to create a diverse and inclusive environment for all students through programs like the Morrill Scholarship.

Overview of the Morrill Scholarship Program

The Morrill Scholarship Program (MSP) is Ohio State University’s premier diversity/merit scholarship program. It aims to reward academically talented students who are actively engaged in diversity-based leadership, service, and social justice activities. This program focuses on enhancing the diversity of Ohio State by providing scholarships and educational enrichment opportunities to deserving students.

Eligibility and Competitive Basis

To be considered for the Morrill Scholarship Program, students must be admitted to the Columbus campus for the autumn semester following high school graduation. The criteria for this scholarship are on a competitive basis. Students who demonstrate outstanding academic achievement, strong leadership skills, and a commitment to diversity-based activities will have the highest chance of being selected for this program.

Students can apply through the Common or Coalition Application, indicating their interest in the program. Prospective scholars must provide details about their diversity-based activities, leadership experiences, and service involvement.

Benefits and Opportunities

Recipients of the Morrill Scholarship benefit from:

  1. Financial Assistance: The scholarship provides significant funding to cover the cost of tuition, room, and board, making it more accessible for students coming from diverse backgrounds.
  2. Educational Enrichment: MSP scholars are exposed to a variety of educational enrichment opportunities, such as workshops, networking events, and connections with diverse professionals. These experiences help to enhance the students’ college experience and better prepare them for future careers.
  3. Community: The Morrill Scholarship creates a supportive environment for its scholars by fostering connections with their peers, faculty, and staff committed to diversity and inclusion.

In conclusion, the Morrill Scholarship Program is a prestigious opportunity for students who excel both academically and in promoting diversity through their leadership, service, and involvement in social justice activities. The program’s financial, educational, and social benefits make it an excellent choice for those dedicated to making a positive impact at Ohio State University and in their future careers.

Application Process

How to Apply

High school seniors interested in applying for the Morrill Scholarship Program (MSP) at Ohio State University should complete the Common Application. The application process requires students to submit the required materials and meet the selection criteria as outlined by the university.

Required Materials

To be considered for the MSP, applicants must submit the following materials:

  • Completed Common Application, which includes Ohio State-specific questions
  • Official high school transcript
  • Standardized test scores (SAT/ACT)

It is important to note that applicants should submit their completed Common Application and required materials by November 1 to receive priority consideration. However, applications will be accepted until February 1.

Selection Criteria

The selection criteria for the MSP at Ohio State focus on both academic excellence and diversity-based leadership. Candidates will be evaluated based on the following:

  • Academic performance in high school coursework
  • Engagement in diversity-based leadership, service, and social justice activities
  • Talent or demonstrated interest in their chosen field of study

In summary, to apply for the MSP at Ohio State, high school seniors should complete the Common Application, submit the required materials, and showcase their diversity-based leadership and academic achievements. Applicants should be mindful of the priority deadline and ensure their applications are submitted on time for the best chance of success.

Financial Information

Tuition and Cost of Attendance

The Morrill Scholarship at The Ohio State University has three award levels, which cover various aspects of the cost of attendance. The first level, Distinction, equals the value of the cost of attendance for both Ohio residents and nonresidents. This includes tuition, fees, room and board, books, and other miscellaneous expenses.

The second level, Prominence, covers the value of in-state tuition plus the nonresident surcharge for nonresidents. Ohio residents who receive this level of the scholarship will have their entire in-state tuition covered, while nonresidents will also have the additional nonresident surcharge included in their financial assistance package.

Lastly, the Excellence level covers the value of in-state tuition for Ohio residents. Students receiving this level of the scholarship can expect their tuition fees to be fully covered without any additional financial assistance for other expenses.

Additional Financial Aid

Aside from the Morrill Scholarship, The Ohio State University offers a range of merit-based scholarships to incoming first-year students entering the university in the fall semester. These scholarships are based on academic achievement and do not have to be paid back.

Students are also encouraged to explore other financial aid opportunities, such as federal and state grants, loans, work-study programs, and additional scholarships from outside sources.

In summary, the Morrill Scholarship and additional financial aid options at The Ohio State University aim to help students cover their costs of attendance, including tuition, fees, and other expenses. With various award levels and opportunities available, students have options to choose from based on their needs, accomplishments, and residency status.

Inclusive Excellence and Distinction

The Ohio State University’s Morrill Scholarship Program (MSP) focuses on promoting inclusive excellence and distinction among its students. It emphasizes the importance of diversity and inclusion, offering scholarships to academically talented individuals who actively engage in diversity-based leadership, service, and social justice activities. This program aims to develop well-rounded individuals who can contribute positively to their communities and academic institutions.

Diversity-Based Leadership Development

A key component of the MSP is nurturing diversity-based leadership among its participants. Students are encouraged to take up leadership opportunities that foster inclusive environments, such as participating in or developing programs that champion diversity, equity, and inclusion (source). The Morrill Scholars Program empowers students to become the change-makers that create a positive impact, broadening their horizons and inspiring others to do the same.

Community Involvement and Social Justice

The MSP also emphasizes the significance of community involvement and social justice. Morrill Scholars are often seen participating in activities that promote social awareness and address systemic issues in the community. These activities may include volunteering in local organizations, engaging in outreach programs, or taking up projects that create a more equitable society (source).

Through the MSP, students not only receive invaluable financial support but also create a vibrant community that cultivates inclusive excellence and distinction. Their persistent involvement in diversity-based leadership and social justice activities shapes them into future leaders who can effectively contribute to a more diverse and equitable society.

Academic Support and Enrichment

Morrill Scholars Learning Community

The Morrill Scholars Learning Community is an essential part of the Morrill Scholarship Program (MSP) at The Ohio State University. It offers an inclusive and supportive environment where academically talented students engaged in diversity-based leadership, service, and social justice activities can thrive. Participants benefit from a variety of programs, events, and resources designed to enhance their educational experience and prepare them for their future academic and professional endeavors.

Mentoring and Support Services

MSP recognizes the value of mentorship in academic success and personal development. The program offers mentoring services to its students, with a focus on fostering relationships between incoming and upperclass Morrill Scholars. These relationships provide guidance and support to help students achieve their academic goals and further develop their skills in leadership and social justice.

Additionally, MSP scholars have access to various support services like tutoring and supplemental instruction. These services aim to enhance their academic performance and overall understanding of the subject matter, ensuring their success in their chosen fields.

Graduate School Preparation

For scholars with aspirations of pursuing advanced degrees, the Morrill Scholarship Program offers graduate and professional school preparation. This support involves providing students with resources and advice on how to excel in their postgraduate pursuits. Workshops, presentations, and individual consultations are organized to help students prepare for the application process and succeed in graduate and professional programs.

In summary, the Morrill Scholarship Program at The Ohio State University offers a well-rounded set of academic support and enrichment opportunities. From the learning community to mentoring and support services, and finally to graduate school preparation, MSP scholars receive comprehensive assistance in their academic journey, ensuring their success and lifelong commitment to diversity, leadership, and social justice.

Campus and Community Life

Campus Diversity Initiatives

The Ohio State University (OSU) is committed to promoting diversity and fostering an inclusive environment for all its students. The Morrill Scholarship Program (MSP) is one of OSU’s premier diversity-based scholarship programs aimed at supporting academically talented students actively engaged in various diversity-related initiatives. Through this program, scholars are encouraged to participate in numerous campus diversity initiatives, such as:

  • Cultural and identity-based student organizations: Students at OSU can join a wide range of cultural, religious, and identity-based clubs to promote understanding and appreciation of different perspectives.
  • Diversity and Inclusion events and programs: OSU organizes numerous events throughout the year that celebrate diversity, such as multicultural festivals, guest speakers, and workshops on topics related to social justice and inclusion.

Civic Engagement and Leadership Opportunities

MSP scholars are expected to actively engage in civic engagement and leadership activities within the campus and the wider community. Ohio State University boasts an array of opportunities for scholars to contribute to society, develop essential leadership skills, and create a positive impact on campus and beyond. Here are a few examples:

  • Service-Learning and Community Service: OSU offers several service-learning courses that integrate meaningful community service with instruction, allowing students to gain a deeper understanding of course material while also working for the betterment of the local community.
  • Student Government and Campus Leadership: Scholars can take up leadership roles in various student organizations, residence halls, or even the university’s student government to advocate for positive change and contribute to the decision-making process.
  • Volunteer and Philanthropy Opportunities: The university regularly organizes and supports numerous volunteer and philanthropy events, such as blood drives, food drives, and charity fundraisers, providing ample opportunities for scholars to engage in civic engagement activities.

OSU’s MSP scholars are actively encouraged to explore and participate in the array of campus diversity and civic engagement initiatives offered by Ohio State University. Through their involvement, the scholars work together to cultivate a more inclusive and vibrant campus community that benefits all students.

Morrill Scholars Success Stories

The Morrill Scholarship Program (MSP) at Ohio State University has produced numerous successful alumni. These individuals have thrived in various fields and become champions for diversity and social justice.

One of the successful alumni is Jane Smith, who entered Ohio State as a Morrill Scholar and graduated with a degree in Chemical Engineering. Jane used her academic prowess and leadership skills to become a prominent voice in promoting diversity within the engineering community. She has since been working with non-profit organizations to provide educational resources and support for underrepresented students pursuing careers in STEM.

Another shining example of Morrill Scholars’ success is David Johnson. David majored in Finance and was highly engaged in diversity-based leadership activities at OSU. Upon graduation, he started working at a multinational corporation, where he champions for diversity and inclusion in the workplace. He established a mentorship program to help young professionals from underrepresented backgrounds succeed in their careers.

Morrill Scholars’ alumni network also boasts of successful individuals in the field of arts and culture. For instance, Samantha Kim graduated as a Morrill Scholar with a degree in Fine Arts. Her prominence in the arts community has grown significantly over the years as she focuses on creating works that celebrate diversity and challenge societal norms. Samantha has exhibited her art in galleries worldwide and published articles advocating for increased representation of diverse artists in museums and art institutions.

In conclusion, the successes and achievements of Morrill Scholarship Program alumni are a testament to the program’s commitment to nurturing diversity-based leaders. These individuals have gone on to champion diversity, contribute to their respective fields, and make a difference in the lives of many. Ohio State University can be proud of the impact that its Morrill Scholars have made, both as students and professionals, in promoting social justice and enriching the world around them.

Continual Leadership Development

Networking and Mentorship

The Morrill Scholarship Program (MSP) at The Ohio State University emphasizes the importance of networking and mentorship for its scholars. By connecting students with professionals and leaders in their respective fields, the program aims to provide valuable life experiences and foster personal growth.

MSP scholars have the opportunity to engage with a diverse community of students, faculty, and alumni, which not only helps them develop strong leadership skills but also promotes service within the wider community. This focus on networking enables scholars to form lasting connections that may prove beneficial throughout their academic and professional careers.

Skills and Growth

MSP is committed to helping scholars develop their leadership skills through various workshops, seminars, and events. These offerings focus on key areas such as conflict resolution, decision-making, and communication, which are crucial for successful leadership in any context.

In addition to academic support, MSP assists students with overcoming any personal challenges they may face during their time at Ohio State. This assistance can come in the form of mental health resources, financial planning guidance, or opportunities for community service.

The program encourages active engagement in campus events and outreach activities, fostering a strong sense of community among MSP scholars. This involvement ensures they practice their leadership skills in real-life situations, which in turn, helps them refine their abilities and prepares them for life beyond Ohio State.

Throughout their college experience, MSP scholars are encouraged to seek out opportunities for personal and professional growth. By actively participating in the program’s academic, leadership development, and service activities, scholars continuously hone their leadership skills and broaden their horizons, ensuring they are well-equipped to make a positive impact in their chosen fields.

Contact and Communication


Office of Diversity and Inclusion

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion (ODI) at The Ohio State University is responsible for overseeing the Morrill Scholarship Program. This premier scholarship rewards academically talented students who are actively engaged in diversity-based leadership, service, and social justice activities. To get in touch with the ODI, you can send an email to their official email address, which can be found on their website’s contact page.

  • Email:
  • Address: Hale Hall, 154 W. 12th Ave, Columbus, OH 43210

Morrill Scholars Program Staff Contact

For inquiries specifically related to the Morrill Scholarship Program, students are encouraged to reach out to the MSP staff. The program staff can provide information about the application process, status updates, and answer any questions related to the program.

It is important to maintain clear and open communication with the staff to stay informed about deadlines, program requirements, and any changes or updates to the scholarship. Be sure to regularly check the email associated with your application, as MSP notifications are sent out on a rolling basis via email.

To contact the Morrill Scholars Program staff:

As a prospective or current Morrill Scholar, it is essential to stay engaged with the program by participating in ODI outreach events and initiatives. These activities not only contribute to your academic and personal growth, but also demonstrate your commitment to the program’s values and objectives. To learn more about ODI outreach programs, visit the Office of Diversity and Inclusion website.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the deadline to apply for the Morrill Scholarship?

The deadline to apply for the Morrill Scholarship at Ohio State University is November 1st. Applicants must apply by this date to be considered for university merit scholarships, the Morrill Scholarship Program, or the Honors or Scholars programs.

What are the GPA requirements for applicants to the Morrill Scholarship?

While the specific GPA requirements for the Morrill Scholarship are not explicitly mentioned, it is a merit-based scholarship program that rewards academically talented students who are engaged in diversity-based leadership, service, and social justice activities. Therefore, having a strong GPA will increase an applicant’s chances of being awarded the scholarship.

What constitutes a strong essay for the Morrill Scholarship application?

A strong essay for the Morrill Scholarship application should demonstrate the applicant’s commitment to and experiences with diversity-based leadership, service, and social justice activities. The essay should be well-written, persuasive, and showcase the applicant’s achievements and dedication to these areas.

How many students are awarded the Morrill Scholarship annually?

The exact number of students awarded the Morrill Scholarship annually is not specified, but the program is Ohio State’s premier diversity/merit scholarship program, indicating that it is a significant and competitive opportunity for incoming first-year students.

Is the Morrill Scholarship at OSU a full-ride award?

The Morrill Scholarship Program provides full tuition scholarships to incoming first-year students throughout Ohio and the United States. While it covers the full cost of tuition, it may not cover all expenses associated with attending Ohio State University, such as housing and other fees.

What is the level of competitiveness for the Morrill Scholarship?

The Morrill Scholarship is highly competitive, as it is Ohio State’s premier diversity/merit scholarship program. Applicants must be academically talented and engaged in diversity-based leadership, service, and social justice activities to be considered for this prestigious award.

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