KSU Acceptance Rate: Key Statistics and Trends for 2024

Choosing the right university can be daunting, especially when considering acceptance rates. When it comes to Kennesaw State University (KSU), the acceptance rate is 68%. This public university in Georgia has become a popular choice for many students seeking a comprehensive educational experience.


Kennesaw State is known for its balanced approach to academics and campus life. With an SAT score range between 1030 and 1210 or an ACT score range commonly accepted, students have a fair chance of gaining admission if they meet the average requirements. Additionally, the university offers a rich campus life and a variety of academic programs to cater to diverse interests.

For those looking to apply, understanding the admissions process and criteria can significantly improve their chances. It’s not just about meeting the test scores but also about presenting a well-rounded application. Ensuring a competitive GPA alongside active participation in extracurricular activities can make applicants stand out.

Key Takeaways

  • KSU’s acceptance rate is 68%
  • SAT scores between 1030 and 1210, or ACT scores, are commonly accepted
  • A well-rounded application can improve admission chances

Kennesaw State University Overview


Kennesaw State University, founded in 1963, is located in Kennesaw, Georgia, a suburban area just north of Atlanta.

The university is part of the University System of Georgia and has grown to become the third-largest university in the state.

Kennesaw State offers a wide range of academic programs and degrees. Students can choose from 86 bachelor’s degrees, as well as numerous master’s and doctoral programs. The most popular fields of study include business, engineering, and health professions.

KSU’s campus spans over 580 acres and provides a rich environment for both learning and extracurricular activities.

The student body at Kennesaw State is diverse, with a total undergraduate enrollment of approximately 38,891. The student-faculty ratio is 22:1, allowing for more personalized attention in the classroom.

Kennesaw State is home to the Owls, who compete in NCAA Division I sports. The university is part of the Big South Conference and the Atlantic Sun Conference.

Tuition and fees are relatively affordable. In-state students pay about $4,450, while out-of-state students pay around $15,704.

Kennesaw State University’s mission is to provide high-quality education, promote research, and foster community engagement. The campus life includes various clubs, organizations, and events, ensuring a well-rounded college experience.

The admissions process is somewhat selective, with an acceptance rate of 68%. Most admitted students have SAT scores ranging from 1030 to 1210 or ACT scores between 19 and 25.

KSU continues to expand its facilities and programs, aiming to offer top-tier education and opportunities for its students.

Understanding the Admissions Process

Kennesaw State University (KSU) has a moderately selective admissions process. Prospective students must meet specific GPA, SAT, and ACT score requirements, and they have multiple application options such as early action.

Admissions Requirements

To apply to KSU, students need a minimum high school GPA of 2.5 on 17 units of required coursework. The average GPA for incoming freshmen is around 3.4.

For test scores, submitted SAT scores typically range between 1030 and 1210, while ACT scores fall between 19 and 25. A significant portion of admitted students are those with “B” grades or higher. Students must submit their application on time with all required documents for consideration.

Application Deadline

The regular application deadline for KSU is June 30. This means students must have their applications, along with all required materials, submitted by this date to be considered for admission in the upcoming academic year.

Applicants are encouraged to apply well before the deadline to ensure all materials are processed and received in a timely manner. Late applications may risk not being reviewed due to processing times.

Early Decision and Early Action

KSU offers an early action option, which allows students to apply and receive a decision earlier than the regular admission timeline. Early action can be beneficial for students eager to secure a spot at KSU who want an early response.

Early action deadlines are usually set months before the regular deadline, giving students ample time to prepare. Early action is non-binding, giving students the flexibility to apply to other schools without committing immediately.

For more details on the admissions process and requirements, visit Kennesaw State University’s admissions page.

Admissions Statistics and Acceptance Rate


Kennesaw State University (KSU) has an acceptance rate of 68%, making it somewhat selective in its admissions process. This means that out of every 100 applicants, 68 are accepted.

In 2022, KSU received 21,106 applications and admitted 14,320 students, reflecting a slight drop from the previous year’s acceptance rate of 81.6%.

The average SAT scores for admitted students range from 1030 to 1210. Similarly, the average ACT scores fall between 19 and 25.

For those considering early decision, the acceptance rate generally mirrors the regular admissions rate, providing no significant advantage in applying early.

Admission Deadlines

  • Regular Admissions Deadline: June 30
  • Early Decision Deadline: KSU offers early action, though specific dates may vary.


Kennesaw State is ranked between #394-435 in national universities, reflecting its broad acceptance criteria and wide array of programs.

Test Scores Breakdown

SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing:

  • 25th Percentile: 530
  • 75th Percentile: 630

SAT Math:

  • 25th Percentile: 520
  • 75th Percentile: 620

These statistics provide a clear view of KSU’s selectivity and the academic credentials of its typical incoming class. For further details, you can visit their profile on US News or check out their admissions stats on Niche.

Admissions Criteria


Kennesaw State University has specific requirements for their admissions process. These include test scores, GPA, and a required high school curriculum.

Test Scores

For students applying to Kennesaw State University, submitting SAT or ACT scores can be optional depending on their GPA. Applicants with a GPA of 3.2 or higher may not need to submit these scores.

  • SAT scores: Typically range from 1030 to 1210.
  • ACT scores: Range from 19 to 25.

Students with lower GPAs might need to submit test scores. This can help strengthen their application and show academic readiness.

GPA and Class Rank

Kennesaw State University requires a minimum high school GPA of 2.5 in 17 units of required coursework.

  • The average GPA of admitted students is around 3.4.
  • Higher GPAs can improve chances of admission.

Class rank is not explicitly stated, but competitive GPAs are key. Applicants should focus on maintaining strong grades throughout high school. Consistent B grades or higher are common among successful applicants.

High School Curriculum

A rigorous high school curriculum is important for Kennesaw State University admissions. Students need to complete 17 units of required coursework.

This includes:

  • 4 units of English
  • 4 units of Math
  • 4 units of Science
  • 3 units of Social Studies
  • 2 units of Foreign Language

Taking challenging courses in these areas can demonstrate academic preparedness. It’s important for applicants to plan their high school courses accordingly.

Enrollment Data


Kennesaw State University (KSU) had a total enrollment of 43,190 students in 2022. This number includes both undergraduate and graduate students.

Undergraduate Enrollment: The university has a large number of undergraduates, with 38,891 students. Most of these students are enrolled full-time, while the rest are part-time students.

Graduate Enrollment: The rest of the student population consists of graduate students, who also make up a significant portion of the total enrollment.

Full-Time vs. Part-Time: KSU’s full-time enrollment stands at 30,353 students. Part-time enrollment is 12,837 students.

Gender Ratio: The gender distribution is nearly balanced, with males making up 49% of the student body and females making up 51%.

Race and Ethnicity: KSU’s student population is diverse. The university enrolls students from various racial and ethnic backgrounds, contributing to a vibrant campus life.

Out-of-State Tuition: For out-of-state students, tuition and fees are $20,966 per year.

The student-faculty ratio at KSU is 22:1, providing a reasonable amount of interaction between students and professors.

For more detailed information, visit the Kennesaw State University profile.

Academic Offerings


Kennesaw State University (KSU) provides a diverse array of academic programs designed to meet the needs of students in various disciplines. These include both undergraduate and graduate degrees in fields such as business, computer science, psychology, and nursing.

Discipline-Specific Majors

KSU offers a wide range of major programs, each designed to prepare students for specific career paths. In business, students can specialize in disciplines like management and marketing. Computer science programs provide students with coding and software development skills necessary for technology careers. Students in psychology gain insights into human behavior, while those studying nursing get hands-on training for healthcare roles.

The university also offers degrees in biology, focusing on life sciences, and communication, which prepares students for roles in media and public relations. The information sciences programs cover data management and cybersecurity, ensuring students are ready for the digital landscape.

Research and Innovation

KSU emphasizes research and innovation across its disciplines. The university supports numerous research initiatives through grants and partnerships. For instance, the biology department conducts significant research in life sciences, while the computer science department engages in cutting-edge technology studies.

Students are encouraged to participate in research projects, which enhance learning and provide real-world experience. The business and management programs often involve case studies and projects that foster innovative thinking. Similarly, psychology students engage in psychological studies, contributing to understanding human behavior better. Nursing students participate in clinical research, improving healthcare practices.

Kennesaw State University fosters a research-rich environment, promoting an academic culture that values inquiry and practical application.

Cost and Financial Aid


Kennesaw State University provides estimated costs for both in-state and out-of-state students. These estimates cover the fall and spring semesters.

Estimated Costs

  • In-State Undergraduate: Tuition and fees approximately $6,347 per semester.
  • Out-of-State Undergraduate: Tuition and fees approximately $17,329 per semester.
  • Additional costs may include housing, meals, books, and other personal expenses.

Financial Aid

Financial aid options include grants, scholarships, loans, and work-study programs. Many students receive financial aid to help cover the costs.

Types of Financial Aid:

  • Grants: Need-based financial aid that does not need to be repaid.
  • Scholarships: Merit-based awards from various sources.
  • Loans: Funds borrowed that must be repaid with interest.
  • Work-Study: Program that allows students to work part-time jobs to earn money for their education.

Contact Information

For more information, visit the Financial Aid Office at Kennesaw State University’s website.

Contacting the financial aid office can provide personalized assistance and help with understanding the full range of available options. They offer guidance through the application process, ensuring students maximize their eligibility for aid.

Campus Life


Kennesaw State University offers a wide range of housing options and comprehensive support services to enhance the student experience. These facilities aim to create a vibrant and supportive campus community.

Housing Options

Kennesaw State University provides diverse housing choices to accommodate different student needs and preferences. The campus features traditional dormitories, suites, and apartment-style living. Each housing option includes essential amenities like Wi-Fi, furniture, and on-site laundry facilities.

Freshmen are often placed in traditional dorms to help them integrate into campus life. Upperclassmen can choose apartment-style housing, which offers more privacy and independence. This arrangement allows students to find a living situation that best suits their lifestyle and academic needs.

Living on campus also fosters a sense of community. Residential halls often host social events, study sessions, and group activities. These events help students to build connections and feel more engaged with campus life.

Support Services

Kennesaw State University offers extensive support services to help students succeed academically and personally. These services include academic advising, counseling centers, and health services. Academic advising helps students plan their courses and stay on track for graduation.

The University’s counseling services provide emotional and psychological support, addressing issues like stress, anxiety, and depression. Health services on campus offer medical care, vaccinations, and wellness programs to ensure students maintain good health.

Additionally, the Career Services Center assists with job placements, resume building, and internships. These support systems are designed to cater to student needs, ensuring they have the resources needed to thrive during their time at the university.

Post-Graduation Prospects


Kennesaw State University (KSU) offers a range of opportunities for its graduates, including robust career services, advanced education options, and a network of successful alumni. These elements help ensure students are well-prepared for their professional journeys.

Career Services

KSU’s Career Services provides extensive support to students and alumni in their job search. Services include resume writing workshops, interview preparation, and job fairs.

Students can access an online job portal to find employment opportunities and internships. The Career Services team also offers one-on-one career counseling to help individuals identify and pursue their career goals.

Employers frequently visit KSU to recruit students, leveraging partnerships with local and national companies.

Graduate Programs

KSU provides a wide array of graduate programs designed to advance students’ education and career prospects. Popular fields include business, education, and nursing.

The university offers both online and on-campus graduate courses, accommodating different learning preferences. Graduate students benefit from small class sizes, fostering closer interactions with faculty.

Research opportunities and assistantships are available, allowing students to gain hands-on experience and financial support.

Alumni Success Stories

Many KSU alumni have achieved notable success in their respective fields. Profiles of distinguished graduates can be found through the university’s website and alumni networks.

Highlighted alumni include CEOs, educators, and healthcare professionals. These success stories serve as inspiration and testament to the quality of education KSU provides.

Alumni often return to mentor current students, providing valuable industry insights and networking opportunities. This strong alumni community plays a critical role in supporting the career development of KSU graduates.

Additional Features


Kennesaw State University (KSU) offers a variety of unique opportunities for students. These include extensive community engagement initiatives and a wide range of extracurricular activities.

Community Engagement

Kennesaw State University has a strong commitment to community engagement. Students can participate in numerous service-learning projects that provide practical experience and benefit the community. Additionally, KSU collaborates with local organizations to offer volunteer opportunities.

The university’s internship programs, in partnership with local businesses, further enhance practical learning. These internships are designed to prepare students for the workforce while contributing to the community.

KSU also hosts events such as community fairs and workshops, which foster a connection between students and local residents. These events often focus on pressing social issues, environmental sustainability, and cultural enrichment.

Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular activities at KSU are diverse and cater to a wide range of interests. The university boasts more than 200 student organizations, including academic clubs, sports teams, and special interest groups.

Students can join clubs related to their major or personal interests. These clubs often hold meetings, workshops, and competitions that enable members to apply their skills in real-world settings.

Athletics play a significant role at KSU with options for both competitive and recreational sports. Students can participate in NCAA Division I sports, club sports, and intramurals.

Creative outlets are also abundant. The university supports various art, music, and theater groups that allow students to showcase their talents and collaborate on projects.



Kennesaw State University (KSU) maintains an acceptance rate of 68%. This percentage reflects a moderately selective admissions process.

Students applying to KSU typically have SAT scores between 1030 and 1210 or ACT scores between 21 and 24. Freshmen with a GPA of 3.2 or higher may be admitted without standardized test scores.

KSU attracts a diverse range of applicants. They offer various majors, including math and foreign languages. Professors at KSU are well-reviewed, providing quality education and recommendations.

The number of applications KSU receives indicates its growing popularity. Out of those admitted, 54% of students decide to enroll. The acceptance rate has remained relatively stable over recent years.

For more detailed admission statistics, visit Kennesaw State University Admissions on College Simply.

KSU continues to support educational excellence, prioritizing student success. The application process, combined with the educational offerings, makes KSU a commendable choice for students seeking higher education.

Frequently Asked Questions


Kennesaw State University (KSU) has specific GPA and test score requirements for admission. The acceptance process has moderate selectivity, with a notable graduation rate. Here’s what you need to know about these aspects.

What are the GPA requirements for admission to Kennesaw State University?

Applicants to Kennesaw State University need a minimum GPA of 2.5 in 17 units of required coursework. Most admitted students have an average high school GPA around 3.33 to 3.4.

How competitive is the admission process at Kennesaw State University?

The acceptance rate at Kennesaw State University is 68%. This places it in a moderately selective category. Students generally fall within the top 45 percent of SAT and ACT test-takers.

What is the graduation rate at Kennesaw State University?

Kennesaw State University has a graduation rate that reflects its commitment to student success. However, specific data on the graduation rate is less commonly highlighted compared to other metrics like GPA and test scores.

Does Kennesaw State University have different acceptance rates for in-state and out-of-state applicants?

Kennesaw State University does not distinguish between in-state and out-of-state applicants regarding acceptance rates. The requirements and acceptance criteria are uniform for all.

How has the acceptance rate at Kennesaw State University changed in recent years?

Recent data suggests that Kennesaw State University’s acceptance rate has remained stable around 68%. This consistency indicates steady selectivity over the past few years.

What SAT or ACT scores do I need to increase my chances of being admitted to KSU?

Students aiming to increase their admission chances should target an SAT score between 1030 and 1210 or an ACT score between 19 and 25. Higher scores within these ranges can improve admission prospects.

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