Kipona Scholarship Guide: Your Roadmap to Educational Funding

The Kipona Scholarship is a need-based financial assistance program designed for eligible students attending participating private schools in Hawaii. Administered by Kamehameha Schools, a private charitable educational trust, this scholarship aims to provide opportunities for students of Hawaiian descent to access quality education. With its rich history and commitment to the advancement of Hawaiian children, Kamehameha Schools plays a pivotal role in empowering the next generation through education.

Understanding the intricacies of the Kipona Scholarship is essential for applicants who wish to benefit from this program. From determining eligibility criteria to navigating the application process, applicants are required to engage with various aspects to secure financial support. Beyond the application, the scholarship details aspects of maintaining eligibility and the renewal process for returning students, ensuring that recipients understand the commitment and the continuity of support.

Key Takeaways

  • The Kipona Scholarship offers need-based aid for students at participating Hawai’i private schools.
  • Kamehameha Schools facilitates this program, focusing on educational opportunities for Hawaiian children.
  • Applicants must understand eligibility, application, renewal, and maintenance requirements for the scholarship.

Understanding Kipona Scholarships


The Kipona Scholarship is a prestigious financial aid opportunity available to Hawaiian learners across various education levels. It’s designed to support and cultivate the educational journeys of students from preschool through grade 12.

History and Purpose

Initiated by Kamehameha Schools, the Kipona Scholarship Program has a rich history rooted in advancing the educational aspirations of native Hawaiian learners. The scholarship exists as part of the commitment of the educational institution to serve the community, reflecting the vision of Princess Bernice Pauahi Bishop, Kamehameha Schools’ founder. The intention behind this program is to provide financial assistance that makes education accessible at K-12 accredited schools in Hawaii which are not part of Kamehameha Schools’ system.

Annual Requirements:

  • Promotion to the next grade level
  • Completion of service hours

Kamehameha Schools also ensures that current recipients receive ongoing support, provided they meet annual requirements such as grade promotion and service hours.

Types of Kipona Scholarships

There are different categories under the Kipona Scholarship Program tailored to meet the educational stages of the applicants:

  • Preschool: Targeted towards the youngest learners, fostering early development.
  • K-12: For students in kindergarten through to high school, aimed at comprehensive education advancement.

Each scholarship reflects the maximum annual amount that a recipient can receive, and the awards are strictly non-transferable to another student or school year. They are designed not just to alleviate the financial burden of education but to also encourage and promote the responsibility and leadership among young Hawaiian learners. The Kipona Terms and Conditions document outlines specific criteria related to funds and program policies.

The Kipona Scholarships, in collaboration with the Pauahi Foundation, present an array of programs that support educational initiatives, extending from Preschool to higher learning institutions. It embodies a broader goal of nurturing Hawaiian leaders through education, stewardship, and community service.

Eligibility Requirements

The Kipona Scholarship is designed to support students based on financial need and other criteria. It is essential for applicants to understand the specific eligibility requirements to determine if they can apply for this financial aid opportunity.

General Criteria

To be considered for the Kipona Scholarship, candidates must demonstrate financial need. Applications are assessed on an individual basis; however, there are certain conditions that universally apply. Birth parents or legal guardians are expected to provide financial information. If parents are residing in separate households, the income of both households may be considered, with special attention given to the custodial parent’s household. Additionally, in the case of an applicant being a ward of the state, proper documentation needs to be submitted with the application.

  • Financial Need: Must be demonstrated by all applicants.
  • Birth Parents / Legal Guardians: Financial information required from both, if applicable.
  • Residency Requirement: Evaluation of households if parents live separately.
  • Ward of the State: Must provide necessary documentation.

Specific Eligibility for Different Kipona Programs

The Kipona Scholarship Program offers different sub-programs tailored to various grade levels, and each has its unique set of eligibility criteria. For example, some programs might only be available to students entering certain grades or attending specific educational institutions.

  • Entry Points: Scholarships available for specific grades such as K, 4, 6, 7, and 9.
  • Participating Schools: Students must be attending or applying to Kamehameha Schools eligible private schools in Hawai’i.
  • Reapplication Requirement: Annual reapplication to continue receiving aid, if applicable.

The application process involves verifying all eligibility requirements are met. Incomplete applications or those lacking the proper documentation will not be considered. It is thus crucial for prospective applicants to carefully review the terms and conditions associated with the scholarship to ensure compliance.

The Application Process

The application process for the Kipona Scholarship is methodical and requires careful attention to guidelines and deadlines. Applicants must gather relevant financial information and ensure they accomplish each step sequentially to meet program requirements.

Starting Your Application

To start an application for the Kipona Scholarship, the applicant must first verify eligibility. Eligibility criteria can be found on the Kamehameha Schools website. Once confirmed, the applicant should create an account through the FACTS system. A non-refundable application fee of $35 is required at this stage, although fee waivers may be available under certain circumstances.

Completing the Application

The completion phase of the application demands careful entry of personal and financial information. Applicants should prepare by gathering their latest federal income tax return, records of non-taxable income, public assistance records, social security benefits, and if applicable, child support or custody documentation. Applicants must adhere to the program deadline, which is explicitly stated on the guidance documentation, to avoid their application being disregarded.

Document Submission Requirements

After completing the online components, applicants must submit the required documents to support their application. It is imperative to follow the instructions for submission closely, which can include uploading documents electronically or mailing them to the designated address. Upon successful submission, a confirmation email will be sent to the applicant’s registered email address. This email serves as a receipt for the submitted application and documents, confirming the process has been completed properly.

Applicants can call Kamehameha Schools directly at (808) 534-8080, or toll-free at 1-800-842-IMUA, if they require assistance or further clarification on any application steps.

Financial Information and Aid

Navigating the financial aid process can be challenging. This section simplifies understanding need-based aid and outlines what documentation is necessary to demonstrate financial circumstances for families seeking assistance.

Understanding Need-Based Aid

Need-based financial aid is a vital resource for families who require monetary support to cover educational expenses from PreK through 12th grade. The Kipona Scholarship, an example of such aid, is specifically designed for students of Hawaiian ancestry. Recognizing the importance of need-based aid, FACTS Grant & Aid conducts a detailed analysis of a family’s financial situation, considering various factors such as non-taxable income and workers’ compensation, to determine eligibility for support. Schools may have different criteria, but the core concept remains focused on the family’s inability to meet the cost of education without assistance.

Documenting Financial Circumstances

When applying for financial aid, it’s essential to provide accurate information about your financial status using a family application. Documenting financial circumstances includes submitting a complete IRS Transcript of Tax Form when required, to verify the family’s financial data. Furthermore, including a non-taxable income document can provide a comprehensive picture of a family’s financial capabilities as it complements the taxable income information. These precise records are critical for schools and scholarship programs to make fair and informed decisions regarding financial assistance allocations.

Scholarship Award Details

The Kipona Scholarship provides need-based financial assistance to support the educational aspirations of eligible students. This scholarship is integral for many families that demonstrate financial need, helping to lessen the burden of education costs.

Award Amounts

For the Kipona Scholarship Program, the award amounts vary by educational level. Scholarship amounts have been historically structured as follows:

  • Grade K-5: $7,000 per student
  • Grade 6-12: $9,000 per student

These figures are confirmed by the Kipona scholarship program’s FAQs for Schools, ensuring recipients are clear on what they can expect to receive.

Distribution of Funds

Funds from the Kipona Scholarship Program are allocated directly to the schools. This is managed in a single installment starting in August, as long as all eligibility and confirmation processes have been fulfilled by the given deadlines. Delays can occur if the enrollment confirmation is not completed in time. The funds are paid to the schools on behalf of the student, thereby streamlining the process and ensuring that the fund directly offsets tuition costs. Parents or legal guardians of the recipient do not receive the award directly but are responsible for determining their child’s educational institutions that are in alignment with the Kipona Scholarship Program’s objectives.

Maintaining Scholarship Eligibility

To retain any Kamehameha Schools (KS) scholarship, recipients must adhere to specific criteria that demonstrate commitment and responsibility. These criteria ensure that learners are not only academically successful but also positively contribute to their communities.

Academic Performance

Academic criteria are central to maintaining eligibility for scholarships like the Kipona Scholarship. For returning students, continuous enrollment and a sustained level of academic achievement are required. KS College Scholarships generally expect recipients to maintain a certain grade point average (GPA) set forth by the scholarship terms. In some cases, graduate-level scholars are held to even higher academic standards due to the rigorous nature of their programs.

  • Minimum GPA: Recipients must typically meet or exceed a GPA benchmark each term.
  • Course Load: Enrolled credit hours may need to align with a full-time student status.

Service Hour Requirements

Service to the community is integral to KS scholarships, including the Pauahi Keiki Scholars and Ho‘oulu Kaiāulu Community Service programs. Recipients are often required to complete a specified number of service hours within their campus or local community to foster a spirit of giving and leadership.

  • Service Hours: A designated number of hours must be completed, verified, and submitted to maintain eligibility.
  • Types of Service: Eligible activities can range from campus involvement to broader community service initiatives.

Meeting these outlined expectations is crucial for learners to continue gaining the educational and community-focused benefits offered by Kamehameha Schools’ scholarships.

Renewal Process for Returning Students

Returning students seeking to renew their Kipona Scholarship must be attentive to specific conditions and required updates to their applications. Strict adherence to deadlines is crucial to maintain their funding for the following academic year.

Renewal Conditions

The Kipona Scholarship Program defines strict conditions for renewal applicants. A returning student must have been awarded the Kipona Scholarship in the previous school year to qualify for renewal status. This implies that financial need and tuition costs will be reassessed annually. To remain eligible, the recipient must also continue attending a participating private school.

Application Updates

For a smooth renewal process, returning students must update their application details through the designated FACTS account. Parents or guardians are required to:

  • Verify the student’s continuing eligibility;
  • Update any changed information such as income or household size;
  • Submit the revised application before the deadline stipulated by the Kipona Scholarship program.

Timely updates ensure that applications for the Kipona Scholarship are evaluated accurately, securing necessary financial aid for eligible students.

Resource and Support Services


Kamehameha Schools provides dedicated support for applicants and recipients of the Kipona Scholarship through various help centers and resources. Recognizing the importance of accessibility and assistance, the institution ensures that families can obtain help when they require it, especially during unprecedented times such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

Kipona Help Centers

Kipona Help Centers are tailored to support families throughout the application process. Assistance is readily available via phone at the Applicant Services Center by dialing (808) 534-8080 or (808) 541-5300. Families may benefit from personalized support by scheduling an appointment at the Kamehameha Schools Application Guide. This aims to facilitate a seamless and understandable application journey, ensuring questions or concerns are addressed promptly.

Resource Center Availability

Operating hours for the Resource Center are designed to meet the needs of families, with flexible hours to accommodate different schedules. During these service hours, applicants may contact the center for guidance on meeting eligibility requirements or understanding the terms and conditions of the scholarship. In light of the COVID-19 situation, virtual assistance options are also provided to ensure the safety and well-being of all parties involved. To access the guide outlining the scholarship’s terms, applicants can refer to the Terms and Conditions of The Kipona Scholarship Program.

Additional Opportunities and Programs

The Kipona Scholarship extends beyond financial assistance, incorporating programs and services that benefit not only the students but also their families and the wider community.

Supplementary Educational Programs

Private schools participating in the Kipona Scholarship program often offer supplementary educational programs. These are designed to enhance the student’s learning experience. They may include summer courses, after-school tutoring, or weekend workshops, which are optional but highly beneficial.

Community Involvement and Services

Community service is an integral part of the Kipona Scholarship. Recipients and their parents are encouraged to engage in Ho‘oulu Kaiāulu, translating to “enriching the community.” Participation in these activities can be mandatory for maintaining the scholarship. It helps foster a sense of responsibility and community spirit among the students.

Important Dates and Deadlines

The Kipona Scholarship program has specific time frames and milestones applicants need to be aware of. Adherence to these dates is crucial for a successful application process.

Application Window Timing

  • Kipona Scholarship Application Opens: August 15, 2022
  • Application Deadline: December 1, 2022

These dates are vital for potential applicants to ensure they prepare and submit all necessary documentation on time.

Key Program Deadlines

Final Award Disbursement Cutoff: No later than May 31, 2024. It is imperative that all requirements are met well before this date to secure scholarship disbursement. More details on the distribution timeline can be found in the Terms and Conditions of The Kipona Scholarship Program.

Disbursement Start Date: Disbursement begins in July 2023, or upon completion of all requirements, whichever is later. Scholarship recipients must complete all School Collaborator or parent requirements to avoid payment delays.

Contact and Communication

Effective communication is essential when inquiring about the Kipona Scholarship or awaiting a response after submission. Applicants should know the correct points of contact for queries and expect clear directives regarding post-submission communications.

Inquiring About Scholarships

When seeking financial assistance through the Kipona Scholarship, applicants can obtain detailed information and clarifications by contacting Kamehameha Schools. It is preferable to initiate inquiries via:

  • Email: Direct emails allow for a written record of exchanges and can be sent to the financial aid office of Kamehameha Schools.
  • Phone: A call to the provided contact numbers during office hours ensures real-time assistance. Kamehameha Schools’ contact information can be found within the scholarship details.

After Submission Communication

Once the scholarship application is submitted, applicants will receive a confirmation email acknowledging receipt of their application. Further communication will typically be conducted through email to provide updates or request additional information if needed. Applicants should periodically check both their inbox and spam folders for correspondences from Kamehameha Schools, particularly as the decision date approaches. It is also important for applicants in Hawai‘i to be aware of potential time zone differences that could affect response times.

Navigating Challenges and Changes

When applying for financial aid through the Kipona Scholarship, applicants must be prepared to address any changes in their financial situations and handle disruptions, such as those caused by COVID-19. The Kipona Scholarship program has specific requirements for addressing these issues.

Addressing Changes in Financial Situations

Applicants may find that their financial circumstances can change unexpectedly. The Kipona Scholarship Program explicitly requires that recipients reapply for a scholarship award each year and provide a current assessment of their financial status. It’s essential to:

  • Report income changes: Any significant changes in a family’s income must be reported immediately as they could affect the amount of aid provided.
  • Update application information: Keep all application details up-to-date, since eligibility may be impacted by financial changes.

Handling Disruptions like COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic introduced unprecedented challenges for scholarship programs and their recipients. Kamehameha Schools have ensured continuous support for current recipients as long as they fulfill annual requirements, which could have been affected by the pandemic as evidenced by their flexible approach. Students should:

  • Adapt to new learning environments: Whether it’s remote learning or hybrid classrooms, students must be able to adapt to changes in their educational settings.
  • Maintain academic and service requirements: Despite disruptions, students are expected to progress to the next grade level and complete service hours as part of their scholarship conditions.

By staying informed and responsive to these challenges, Kipona Scholarship applicants and recipients can navigate changes in their financial aid journey.

Kipona Scholarship Impact

The Kipona Scholarship has fostered educational success and community involvement among its recipients. Let’s explore how the program has helped students thrive academically and contribute positively to their communities.

Success Stories

Numerous students have benefited from the Kipona Scholarship, achieving academic milestones that may have been out of reach otherwise. For instance, participants have gained admission to prestigious private schools across Hawai’i, a critical step facilitated by the need-based financial assistance provided by the Kamehameha Schools. These stories of individual success echo the program’s impact, acknowledging the doors it opens on educational paths.

Long-Term Benefits

The Kipona Scholarship Program shapes its recipients beyond the immediate financial aid. In the long run, beneficiaries often emerge as leaders in both their educational pursuits and community engagements. A significant aspect of the program is the requirement for scholars to participate in Hawaiian culture, community service, and enrichment activities, which instills a sense of civic duty and cultural appreciation. These experiences enhance the students’ personal development and contribute to a legacy of service-oriented alumni who continue to uplift their communities.

Statewide Scholarship Options

Navigating the landscape of financial aid for education in Hawai‘i reveals a spectrum of opportunities. Scholarships are a crucial aspect of this landscape, often providing need-based aid to students and facilitating their academic pursuits throughout the islands.

Available Scholarships in Maui

In Maui, students can benefit from opportunities like the Kipona Scholarship Program provided by Kamehameha Schools. This scholarship caters specifically to the needs of students with Hawaiian lineage and offers financial support for those attending private schools across the state, including Maui.

Kāpili ‘Oihana Internship Program: Also available for students on Maui, this internship program paves the way for hands-on experience in various industries, potentially alongside financial stipends for qualified participants.

Options Across Hawai‘i

Statewide, Hawaiian students have numerous scholarship options. The Kipona Scholarship extends across the islands, ensuring that no matter their location, eligible learners can access education with less financial burden.

For a more holistic approach, need-based aid is provided by several entities, aiming to support students from diverse backgrounds and financial circumstances. This statewide support network underscores Hawai‘i’s dedication to making education accessible for all its residents.

Pauahi Foundation Scholarships

The Pauahi Foundation provides numerous scholarships that assist students at various educational levels, with a focus on supporting the advancement of Native Hawaiians through financial aid for pre-K through 12 education and beyond.

Exploring Pauahi Foundation Offerings

Pauahi Foundation Scholarships are diverse and cater to a broad range of students with different academic goals. They offer financial support for undergraduate and graduate studies, including trade and vocational courses. Specifically, these scholarships may support students in fields from arts to sciences, with certain scholarships based on merit and others aimed at students demonstrating financial need. Furthermore, there are some funds specifically targeted to support students coming from particular geographic regions in Hawai’i.

  • Scholarship Types:
    • Merit-based
    • Need-based
    • Geographic-specific

The Foundation’s scholarships not only honor the legacy of Princess Bernice Pauahi Bishop by advancing educational opportunities for Hawaiian learners but also increase access to private school education, thereby paving the way for a more diverse and well-educated community.

Application Guidance for Pauahi Offerings

When applying for a Pauahi Foundation Scholarship, attention to detail and adherence to the application process is paramount. Prospective applicants must verify eligibility criteria and ensure that their application, along with all required documentation, is submitted by the stipulated deadlines. Financial need is often a consideration; therefore, applicants may be required to provide comprehensive financial information.

  • Application Steps:
    • Verify eligibility
    • Complete application form
    • Submit financial information
    • Meet deadlines

All instructions, including submission guidelines for essays, recommendations, and any additional supporting documents, are clearly detailed by the Foundation. Applicants are encouraged to review these requirements thoroughly to increase the likelihood of receiving scholarship aid. With the right approach, students can secure financial aid for pre-K through 12 education and higher learning, thereby easing the financial burden and focusing more on their academic pursuits.

Managing Your Scholarship Account

Successful management of a Kipona Scholarship account is critical for maintaining eligibility and ensuring the smooth disbursement of funds. Accessibility and up-to-date information are central to this process.

Online Account Use

To access the Kipona Scholarship account, recipients must log in using their credentials. It is essential that recipients remember their login details, as the account is the primary platform for monitoring scholarship statuses and award disbursements. For any issues with account access, the Kamehameha Schools Help Line can be reached at 1-800-842-IMUA.

Updating Personal Information

It’s imperative that scholarship recipients keep their personal information current within their Kipona Scholarship account. To update personal details, recipients should navigate to the account settings after login and submit any changes promptly. Such updates ensure that communications and scholarship fund processing are not delayed. For further assistance, detailed guidelines are provided in the Kipona Scholarship Ho’oulu Kaiaulu Guide.

Current Recipients’ Guide


Kamehameha Schools provides ongoing assistance and performs rigorous evaluations to ensure the Kipona Scholarship recipients uphold the standards and meet the criteria set forth by the scholarship program each academic year.

Receiving Continued Support

Current recipients of the Kipona Scholarship must maintain their eligibility to continue receiving financial aid. Kamehameha Schools has clearly stated that they will support returning students as long as they fulfill annual requirements, including educational progression and engagement in communal activities. The scholarship program necessitates a variety of commitments, and recipients are expected to stay informed of any updates to these requirements.

Scholarship Program Evaluations

The Kipona Scholarship undergoes periodic program evaluations to ensure the efficacy and fairness of the financial aid provided. They assess whether recipients have met their annual goals, ranging from academic performance to community service contributions. This continuous evaluation helps maintain the integrity of the scholarship program and ensures that resources are being utilized to support the educational development of diligent students.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section provides answers to common inquiries about various scholarship opportunities offered by Kamehameha Schools, including details on eligibility, application process, scholarship benefits, participating schools, and online information management.

What are the eligibility requirements for the Kamehameha Schools’ Kipona Scholarship?

To be eligible for the Kipona Scholarship, applicants must be Hawai’i residents within 12 months of the application date, be enrolled in a participating school, and complete the Kamehameha Schools Admissions process.

How does one apply for the Imi Na’auao Scholarship, and what does it cover?

The Imi Na’auao Scholarship details are not provided in the search results; thus, specific information regarding application and coverage cannot be confirmed at this moment.

What does the Na Ho’okama a Pauahi Scholarship include and who can apply?

The Na Ho’okama a Pauahi Scholarship is not described in the provided search results; therefore, accurate information regarding its inclusion and application criteria is not available for presentation here.

Can you list the schools that participate in the Kipona Scholarship program?

A list of schools participating in the Kipona Scholarship program can be obtained by referring to the official Kamehameha Schools website or contacting their financial aid office directly for the most current information.

What steps must be taken to maintain eligibility for the Ka’i Lanakila Scholarship?

As the search results do not include information about the Ka’i Lanakila Scholarship, specific steps to maintain eligibility are not provided and should be sought from official Kamehameha Schools resources.

How do candidates access their Kamehameha Scholarship information online?

Candidates can access their scholarship information online through the Kamehameha Schools’ designated portals. However, the exact process is not detailed within the search results, and candidates should refer directly to the schools’ official communication for instructions.

Helpful Resources

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