Kamehameha Scholarship Guide: Tips for Securing Financial Aid Success

The Kamehameha Scholarship Guide serves as a valuable resource for students seeking financial assistance for higher education. Kamehameha Schools offer a variety of educational programs and scholarship services for Hawaiian learners of all ages across the state. By providing scholarships and financial aid, Kamehameha Schools aim to empower Native Hawaiian learners to explore their potential and develop as ‘ōiwi leaders.

To make the most of these opportunities, it is important for students to understand the application process, eligibility criteria, and types of scholarships available. With various scholarships tailored to specific campuses and programs, applicants should be well-informed before diving into the application process. This comprehensive guide will provide insights into the Kamehameha Scholarship offerings and equip students with the knowledge needed to submit a compelling application.

Key Takeaways

  • Kamehameha Schools provide scholarships to empower Native Hawaiian learners.
  • Understanding the application process and eligibility criteria is crucial.
  • Various scholarships cater to specific campuses and programs.

Understanding Kamehameha Scholarships


History and Purpose

The Kamehameha Schools were founded in 1887 by the will of Princess Bernice Pauahi Bishop, with the mission to provide educational opportunities for Native Hawaiian learners. The schools aim to create a strong and vibrant native Hawaiian community by improving the well-being of its students through holistic education and cultural preservation. The Pauahi Foundation, in partnership with Kamehameha Schools, offers various scholarship opportunities to further support the education and development of Native Hawaiian students.

Types of Scholarships Offered

Kamehameha Schools offer a wide range of scholarships to cater to different educational needs:

  • Preschool Scholarships: These scholarships help Native Hawaiian families enroll their children in one of the 29 KS preschools across the state.
  • K-12 Scholarships: Financial aid is available for students of Hawaiian ancestry attending Kamehameha Schools’ campuses in Hawai’i, Kapālama, and Maui, as well as other private schools in Hawai’i.
  • College Scholarships: Kamehameha Schools provide numerous college scholarships for Native Hawaiian students pursuing higher education both in Hawai’i and on the continental United States.
  • Summer and Extended Learning Scholarships: These scholarships support students who wish to participate in summer programs, internships, and other extended learning opportunities.

Eligibility Criteria

Different scholarships have specific eligibility requirements. However, some common criteria for Kamehameha Scholarships include:

  1. Hawaiian Ancestry: Applicants must demonstrate Hawaiian ancestry through the Kamehameha Schools ancestry verification process.
  2. Academic Merit: Applicants are evaluated based on their academic achievements, such as their grade point average, coursework, and test scores.
  3. Financial Need: Many scholarships require applicants to demonstrate financial need through the submission of relevant documents, such as tax returns or the CSS Profile.
  4. Program-specific Requirements: Depending on the type of scholarship and the program, additional eligibility criteria may apply, such as enrollment in specific schools or programs, or pursuing a particular field of study.

In summary, Kamehameha Scholarships aim to support Native Hawaiian learners at various stages of their educational journey. With various scholarship opportunities targeting different educational needs, Kamehameha Schools and the Pauahi Foundation play an essential role in empowering Native Hawaiian students and fostering a thriving indigenous community.

The Application Process


Application Window and Deadlines

The application process for Kamehameha scholarship begins by understanding the important dates and deadlines. The Application Window and Deadlines vary depending on the type of scholarship you are applying for, such as preschool, K-12, summer, college, and beyond. It is crucial to not miss these deadlines as late or incomplete applications may not be considered.

Required Documents and Checklists

To successfully apply for a Kamehameha scholarship, applicants must gather the necessary documentation. Some essential items to prepare include:

  • Personal Information: Applicants’ basic information such as full name, address, and date of birth.
  • Academic Records: Transcripts and records from previously attended institutions.
  • Financial Information: Income and assets for both parents and students.
  • CSS Profile: Submission of the CSS Profile is required for financial aid. This step includes entering Kamehameha Schools’ CSS Code “0274” so that your application is directed to the right institution.

Preparing an Application Checklist is highly recommended, as this helps applicants ensure they don’t miss out on any vital documents during submission.

Submission Guidelines

Once all required documents are gathered, it’s time to proceed with the application submission. Here are some guidelines to follow when submitting your Kamehameha scholarship application.

  1. Complete your online application: Fill out the online application accurately, providing all the required personal, academic, and financial information.
  2. Submit the CSS Profile: For financial aid, complete and submit the CSS Profile, using the Kamehameha Schools’ CSS Code “0274”. A $25 application fee is required.
  3. Additional Documents: Depending on the scholarship type, additional documents may be required. Make sure to follow the guidelines provided by Kamehameha Schools for your specific scholarship.

Following the above-outlined steps will help applicants in successfully applying for a Kamehameha scholarship, ensuring that they meet the required deadlines and submit a complete application.

Financial Aid and Awarding Criteria


Determining Financial Need

Kamehameha Schools offers financial aid and scholarships to Hawaiian learners to support their education. To determine financial need, applicants must complete the CSS Profile. This comprehensive document requires providing tax information and other personal financial details. The deadline to complete the CSS Profile for the 2024 school year is January 19, 2024.

When assessing financial need, the school considers factors like family income, assets, and the cost of attendance. Based on this evaluation, Kamehameha Schools awards need-based scholarships to students who display genuine financial need and meet other eligibility requirements.

Scholarship Award Amounts

The scholarship award amounts vary based on individual students’ financial needs. Kamehameha Schools thoroughly reviews the applicants’ financial information to determine the best possible award amounts to support learners in their educational endeavors. These awards will be distributed to eligible students in various ways, such as tuition discounts or assistance with other educational expenses.

To maintain transparency and consistency in awarding scholarships, the school follows Max Funding Guidelines. To learn more about these guidelines, refer to the Financial Aid and Scholarship Services document.

Notification and Acceptance

Kamehameha Schools will notify eligible students of their scholarship awards within a specified time frame. For example, students who complete their applications by January 19, 2024, can expect to receive award notifications by October 2021.

Upon being awarded a scholarship, recipients must accept their scholarship offers and adhere to the terms and conditions required by the school. This may include submitting additional documentation, maintaining good academic standing, and fulfilling other expectations outlined in the award acceptance package.

In summary, Kamehameha Schools employs a thorough process to assess financial need and allocate scholarship awards to deserving students. By leveraging the CSS Profile and Max Funding Guidelines, the institution can ensure that financial aid is awarded fairly and effectively to support students on their educational journeys.

Specific Opportunities by Campus


Kapālama Opportunities

At the Kapālama campus, Kamehameha Schools offers various scholarship programs to support students in their educational journey. Some of these programs include Po‘o Kula Scholarships, which are awarded to high-achieving seniors seeking financial assistance to pursue a college education. Additionally, the Ka‘i Lanakila Scholarship awards students demonstrating strong leadership skills, academic excellence, and community involvement.

Maui Campus Scholarships

The Kamehameha Schools Maui Campus offers a range of scholarships to support its students in their pursuit of higher education. Among them are need-based scholarships, merit-based awards, as well as scholarships targeting specific fields of study, such as Hawaiian Culture, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). The scholarships are designed to lessen the financial burden faced by students and their families.

Hawai‘i Campus Programs

At the Hawai‘i Campus, Kamehameha Schools provides a variety of financial aid opportunities to help students in their academic and extracurricular endeavors. From scholarships for college-bound seniors to summer programs and internships, the options are tailored to suit the diverse needs and interests of the students. For instance, Kamehameha Scholars offer scholarships for a range of interests, including Marine Transportation, Marine Engineering Technology, Mechanical Engineering, and Health Careers.

In conclusion, Kamehameha Schools campuses offer a wealth of opportunities for their students, supporting their growth and development throughout their educational journey. Each campus provides an array of financial aid and scholarship options to ensure students have access to the necessary resources for a bright and successful future.

Additional Programs


Internship Opportunities

Kamehameha Schools offer a variety of internship opportunities for students to gain valuable work experience and develop professional skills. These internships often focus on areas related to Hawaiian culture and education, providing students with unique experiences that align with their cultural heritage and educational goals.

Community Service Programs

Kamehameha Schools also encourage students to participate in community service programs. These initiatives provide valuable opportunities for students to give back to their local communities and foster a sense of responsibility and connection to their fellow community members. By engaging in community service, students can develop important skills such as teamwork, leadership, and communication, which are essential for personal and professional growth.

Cultural and Educational Support

Kamehameha Schools are dedicated to providing cultural and educational support for their students. This includes programs such as Pauahi Keiki Scholars and Kipona, which offer financial aid and other resources to help students succeed academically. These programs often incorporate Hawaiian culture-based learning, allowing students to explore their heritage while pursuing their education.

In addition to financial aid, students also have access to various support services that promote cultural understanding and integration. This includes workshops, cultural events, and mentorship programs designed to empower and enrich students’ experiences with Hawaiian culture and education.

With a combination of internship opportunities, community service programs, and cultural and educational support, Kamehameha Schools are committed to providing students with a holistic and culturally relevant learning experience. Their comprehensive approach encourages students to develop meaningful connections to their community, culture, and educational goals, ensuring a well-rounded educational experience.

Key Resources


Online Application Platforms

Kamehameha Schools offers a variety of scholarship opportunities for students. The primary online application platform is the CSS Profile, which serves as a single-entry point for all available 2024-2025 KS college scholarship opportunities. Your application will be reviewed, and based on your responses, you may be eligible for one or more scholarships.

In addition to the CSS Profile, Kamehameha Schools also uses KS Net Partner for managing certain scholarships. Here, you’ll find information on various scholarship offerings, such as the California-Hawai’i Elks Association Captain David Lyman Scholarship and Chuck Wothke Health Career Scholarship.

Scholarship Guides and Help Centers

Kamehameha Schools offers comprehensive guidance on the Application Guide page, providing details about application windows and deadlines for various programs, including preschool, K-12, summer, college, and beyond. This resource helps students and their families navigate the application process in an organized and efficient manner.

The Kamehameha Schools Resource Center is another valuable source of information, providing details on scholarships and internships available to Hawaiian learners. The resource center also covers other forms of financial aid, ensuring that students have access to the support they need to succeed in their educational journey.

When applying for scholarships, students may encounter application fees. For the CSS Profile, there is an application fee involved. However, fee waivers are available for eligible students, making the application process accessible to a wider range of applicants.

Using these key resources, students and their families can better understand and navigate the Kamehameha Schools scholarship application process.

Success Strategies


Tips for a Strong Application

When applying for the Kamehameha scholarship, it is essential to submit a well-rounded and thorough application. Below are key elements to consider:

  1. Quality of Application: Ensure all information is accurate, complete, and well-presented.
  2. Academic History: Highlight your academic achievements and provide your latest college transcripts.
  3. Extracurricular Activities: Showcase any relevant associations, clubs, or volunteer work in which you have participated.
  4. Personal Statement: Craft a compelling narrative demonstrating your passion, goals, and how the scholarship will support your academic journey.
  5. Letters of Recommendation: Obtain letters from individuals who can attest to your character, work ethic, and potential.

Managing Deadlines and Requirements

Staying organized is crucial when applying for scholarships. Keep track of important dates and deadlines, such as the Kamehameha Scholarship application window which opens on October 1, 2023, and closes on January 19, 2024. Be diligent in gathering necessary documents, like college transcripts and letters of recommendation. Create a calendar or checklist to help you prioritize tasks and submit your application on time.

Seeking Further Assistance

It is natural to have questions or need additional guidance throughout the scholarship application process. For student interns and others who may benefit from personalized support, consider reaching out to the Kamehameha Scholars program which offers resources and assistance for applicants. Additionally, don’t hesitate to consult with college and career counselors or mentors for advice and encouragement during this important journey.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the qualifications for receiving the Kamehameha Scholarship?

To qualify for the Kamehameha Scholarship, students must meet specific eligibility requirements, such as being of Hawaiian ancestry and demonstrating financial need. Additionally, each scholarship program may have unique eligibility criteria, so it is important to review the program details and requirements carefully before applying.

How does the amount of Hawaiian ancestry affect eligibility for Kamehameha Schools?

Kamehameha Schools prioritize serving students of Hawaiian ancestry. While the amount of Hawaiian ancestry can affect eligibility, all applicants must still meet the general requirements for admission, including academic performance and character development. The exact influence of ancestry on admission decisions may vary depending on the specific program or scholarship.

Is there financial assistance available for preschool education through Kamehameha Schools?

Yes, Kamehameha Schools offers financial aid for qualified families seeking preschool education. The financial aid application window usually opens in August and closes in June the following year. It is crucial to submit your application as early as possible to secure assistance for preschool education.

What scholarships does the Hawai’i Community Foundation offer for Kamehameha students?

The Hawai’i Community Foundation offers various scholarships for students in Hawai’i, including Kamehameha Schools students. The foundation has a wide range of scholarships based on factors like academic achievement, financial need, and specific interests. Students are encouraged to search and apply for scholarships through the Hawai’i Community Foundation website.

What programs are available for summer studies at Kamehameha Schools?

Kamehameha Schools provide summer programs for students from kindergarten to 12th grade. These programs focus on academic and personal enrichment and cater to the unique interests and needs of the students. You can learn more about these summer courses on the Kamehameha Schools website.

What is the acceptance rate for prospective students at Kamehameha Schools?

The acceptance rate for prospective students at Kamehameha Schools varies depending on the specific campus and grade level. Kamehameha Schools is committed to helping as many of its students as possible while maintaining a strong educational experience. Exact acceptance rates may not be readily available, but the school’s emphasis on serving Hawaiian learners ensures a priority is given to those applicants.

Helpful Resources

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