Orange Grove Events

The Orange Grove (OG), Florida’s digital repository provides a Learning Management System (LMS) integration tool that enables searching, contributing and management of the repository directly from within your LMS. Your faculty can search the repository and add links to content, as well as contribute and centralize their content across multiple courses. Without even leaving your LMS, faculty can also use authoring tools built into The Orange Grove to create, reuse and re-assemble content from the repository for their own use and delivery.

This integration tool can be installed by your institution’s LMS Administrator. Access to the OG digital repository is granted through the integration tool to the repository by means of a ‘Shared Secret’ that must be set up by the OG staff in order for the connection to be allowed. Think of the shared secret as the LMS server’s generic username and password to let all its users have access to the OG.

The repository uses the EQUELLA software and it is important to note that EQUELLA provides extensive support for many well-known standards prevalent in the elearning and knowledge repository space.

Integration Process

1. Institution completes and submits the Institution Profile Creation Form.

2. The Orange Grove (OG) system admin sets up a basic profile for the institution with a ‘Shared Secret.’

3. OG project manager sends an integration guide to the institution along with an ID and Shared Secret.

4. The institution’s LMS system admin uploads files from this website. This installation may require rebooting the LMS server.

5. Configuration settings completed by LMS administrator. Equella/OG system admin support is available.

Helpful Resources

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