Freedom Alliance Scholarship Guide: Navigating Your Educational Future

Educational funding can be a significant barrier to college entry for many students, especially those who have lost a parent in military service or have a parent who has been severely injured. Understanding and navigating scholarship opportunities like the Freedom Alliance Scholarship Fund is a vital step in overcoming such barriers. The Freedom Alliance Scholarship Fund uniquely serves the dependent children of U.S. military personnel who have sacrificed life or limb in service to the country, offering financial support to help them achieve their higher education goals.


The scholarship assists by not only providing the necessary funds for college but also by symbolizing the gratitude and support of a nation for the service of military families. The application process is designed to be as smooth as possible to ensure that eligible candidates receive the support they need. Every year, many benefit from the generosity and recognition that the Freedom Alliance Scholarship represents, helping to ease the financial burden of college tuition and related academic expenses.

Key Takeaways

  • The Freedom Alliance Scholarship Fund aids children of military heroes in pursuing higher education.
  • Financial aid is extended to eligible students who have lost a parent or have a parent with severe combat-related injuries.
  • Access to scholarship funds is granted through a straightforward application process, reflecting the nation’s gratitude.

About Freedom Alliance Scholarship

The Freedom Alliance Scholarship Fund offers financial assistance to the children of American heroes who have sacrificed life or limb in defense of their country. This program has provided over $20 million in support to these families.

Historical Background

The Freedom Alliance Scholarship Fund was co-founded by LtCol Oliver North, USMC (Ret.) and the late LtGen Edward Bronars, USMC. It was established to honor the bravery and dedication of American servicemen and women by ensuring their children’s educational opportunities are sustained.

Freedom Alliance’s Mission

Freedom Alliance is committed to supporting American heroes and their families. They specifically aim to provide educational funding through the Freedom Alliance Scholarship Fund to those who have lost a parent or guardian in military service to the country.

Notable Achievements

One of the most notable achievements of Freedom Alliance is the awarding of over $20 million in college scholarships, signifying a substantial investment in the education of military children. These funds have made a transformative impact on the lives of many families.

Overview of Scholarship Programs

The Freedom Alliance Scholarship Fund provides scholarships to eligible students. To qualify, applicants must be the dependent child of an active-duty service member who has become permanently disabled or lost their life in the line of duty. The scholarship application process is clearly guided on their official website, ensuring applicants understand the requirements and how to apply.

Eligibility Criteria


The Freedom Alliance Scholarship supports the educational pursuits of the children of U.S. military heroes. This scholarship specifically aids those whose parents have made significant sacrifices, including life, limb, or liberty, in defense of their country.

Qualifying Parent Criteria

To qualify for the Freedom Alliance Scholarship, the applicant’s parent must meet one of the following: be a U.S. Soldier, Sailor, Airman, Marine, or Guardsman who has been killed in action, classified as a Prisoner of War (POW) or Missing in Action (MIA), received an honorable discharge and is 100% totally and permanently disabled, or has been awarded the Medal of Honor, Navy Cross, Distinguished Service Cross, Air Force Cross, Coast Guard Cross, or the Silver Star due to their actions in a combat mission. A single combat-related disability rating of 100% qualifies as well.

Child Eligibility

Applicants must be the dependent sons or daughters of eligible military personnel. This includes those who have lost a parent to enemy action or whose parent has been permanently disabled as a direct result of military service. Dependents are required to provide proof of dependency.

Age and Educational Requirements

To be eligible for the scholarship, candidates must be under the age of 26 at the time of application. They should also either be in their senior year of high school, a high school graduate, or a currently enrolled full-time undergraduate student. Maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale is also required to ensure continuation of the scholarship for up to three years.

Application Process


The Freedom Alliance Scholarship eases the financial burden for children of military heroes seeking higher education. Detailed below is the procedure to apply for this scholarship for the 2023-2024 academic year.

Online Application Instructions

To begin the application process, students must fill out the online application on the Freedom Alliance Scholarship Fund website. It is critical to first verify eligibility for the scholarship before starting the application. Eligible applicants typically are dependents of U.S. military personnel who are either totally and permanently disabled due to operational duties or who have lost their lives while serving the country. High school seniors or current undergraduate students planning to enroll or currently enrolled in a full-time undergraduate program in the U.S. are encouraged to apply.

Required Documentation

Applicants must prepare specific documentation to submit along with their application. The required documents include:

  • Government Issued Photo Identification: Such as a driver’s license or a passport.
  • Certificate of Death or Veterans Administration Disability: For those who are children of deceased or disabled military personnel.
  • DD Form 214: Proof of the military parent’s service and condition.
  • 500-word Essay or Personal Statement: Detailing the impact of their parent’s service on their life.
  • Official High School or College Transcripts: To confirm academic performance.
  • A JPEG Photo: For potential use in scholarship announcements.

Make sure all documents are clear and up-to-date.

Submission Deadlines

The Freedom Alliance Scholarship Fund typically has a set deadline for accepting applications. All applications for the current year must be submitted by the deadline to be considered for the award. Keep an eye on the scholarship fund’s renew page for the most current information or upcoming deadlines.

Contact Details

For additional inquiries about the application process or eligibility requirements, applicants can reach out to Dawn Brown, the contact person for the Freedom Alliance Scholarship. It is advisable that applicants confirm all details and get clarity on any questions they might have before submitting their applications to ensure completeness and accuracy.

Scholarship Benefits


The Freedom Alliance Scholarship provides critical benefits to eligible recipients, aiding them in pursuing their college education by offering financial support, access to educational resources, and a community for networking and mentoring.

Financial Assistance

The Freedom Alliance Scholarship offers considerable financial aid to the children of military personnel who have been killed or permanently disabled in the line of duty. This scholarship aims to ease the financial burden on families by covering educational expenses, such as tuition fees, books, and living costs, for each academic year. High school seniors and current college students may apply, provided they submit necessary documents like transcripts and evidence of the parent’s military status.

Educational Opportunities

Beneficiaries of the Freedom Alliance Scholarship gain access not only to funds but also to broader educational opportunities. The scholarship encourages recipients to embark on a diverse range of college-level studies. By doing so, it fosters a grateful nation that remembers the sacrifices made by its military members, supporting these students to complete their academic pursuits and attain their educational goals.

Networking and Support

Recipients of the Freedom Alliance Scholarship become part of a supportive community that extends beyond financial assistance. This network—comprised of fellow students, alumni, and members of Freedom Alliance—provides a platform for mentorship, guidance, and support. Through events and communication channels, scholarship holders connect with peers and professionals who can offer advice, career guidance, and encouragement throughout their college journey.

Renewal Information


The Freedom Alliance Scholarship provides an opportunity for the children of military heroes in the US to advance academically. Maintaining this scholarship requires adherence to specific conditions for renewal each year.

Annual Renewal Criteria

To ensure the Freedom Alliance Scholarship remains in effect, recipients must satisfy the following criteria annually:

  • Full-time Undergraduate Enrollment: Students must be enrolled as full-time undergraduates.
  • Cumulative GPA: A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 on a 4-point scale is required for renewal.

Procedure for Renewal

The process for renewing the Freedom Alliance Scholarship is straightforward and managed by dedicated staff, such as Dawn Brown. Students eligible for renewal will receive guidance on the steps involved, typically outlined on the renew page, but key actions include:

  • Notification & Application: Scholars will receive an email with renewal information each April.
  • Submission of Documents: Required documentation, which confirms ongoing eligibility, must be submitted by the specified deadline.

Success Stories


The Freedom Alliance Scholarship has been instrumental in supporting dependent children of US military heroes. Recipients often share how the scholarship has enabled them to pursue higher education without the financial burden that often accompanies college tuition.

One notable success story involves a US Marine’s daughter. Her academic journey was catalyzed by the Freedom Alliance Scholarship, allowing her to focus on her studies in political science. Her aspirations to serve the grateful nation that her father defended became more attainable with the scholarship.

Each academic year, high school seniors with military parentage receive this scholarship. Many have shared testimonials of how the Freedom Alliance Scholarship has lessened their financial strain, often including how support continued beyond their freshman year.

Not only do these scholarships cover tuition, but also create networking opportunities for recipients. They meet and connect with others who have similar backgrounds—forming a community bound by shared experiences of sacrifice and resilience.

Applicants provide essays that reflect their experiences and the impact of their parents’ service. These stories underscore the importance of supporting the educational endeavors of military families, reinforcing a sense of duty to give back to those who have given so much.

The success of the Freedom Alliance Scholarship recipients is a testament to the meaningful support extended to the children of America’s military heroes. Their successes, both academic and personal, are a credit to the value of such programs within our society.

Contact and Support


When seeking assistance for the Freedom Alliance Scholarship, knowing the correct contact channels can facilitate a smoother application process. This guide provides specific contact information for the scholarship board, technical support, and resources available to recipients.

Scholarship Board Contact Information

The Freedom Alliance Scholarship Board is responsible for overseeing the scholarship program. Applicants can contact the scholarship board for general inquiries or additional information about the scholarship. Dawn Brown is a key contact who can assist with questions regarding the scholarship. She can be reached at:

Technical Support for Applicants

For technical issues encountered during the application process, such as problems with submitting forms or accessing the portal, technical support is available. Applicants struggling with the online system can request assistance by:

Applicants are encouraged to reach out if they face any technical difficulties to ensure their applications are submitted correctly and on time.

Support Resources for Recipients

Once awarded the Freedom Alliance Scholarship, recipients have access to various support resources. These include guidance on scholarship renewals and utilization of awarded funds. Recipients seeking support should contact:

  • Scholarship Board: Directly through provided contact information post-award.
  • Scholarship Office: Using the general contact details to address specific issues regarding the scholarship fund usage.

Each recipient is afforded a support system to ensure they can make the most of the scholarship benefits and the investment in their education.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Freedom Alliance Scholarship Fund supports the education of military children. These FAQs address the core aspects of eligibility, application process, scholarship amounts, necessary documents, deadlines, and differentiation from other military scholarships.

What are the eligibility requirements for the Freedom Alliance Scholarship?

Eligibility hinges on being the dependent child of an American service member who has been killed or permanently disabled in an operational mission or training accident. Detailed criteria can be found on their FAQ page.

How can one apply for the Freedom Alliance Scholarship?

Interested applicants can submit an application through the scholarship’s dedicated application page. The process takes about 20 minutes and requires inputting personal and educational information.

What is the typical scholarship amount awarded by Freedom Alliance?

The Freedom Alliance Scholarship Fund awards vary based on individual needs and available funds, with tens of millions of dollars awarded to date in support of educational dreams.

What documents are necessary when applying for the Freedom Alliance Scholarship?

Applicants must provide evidence of their eligibility, including their military parent’s death certificate or disability documentation, and their own proof of enrollment in a post-secondary institution.

Are there any specific deadlines to consider when applying for the Freedom Alliance Scholarship?

Deadlines are established annually. Applicants should check the Freedom Alliance Scholarship Fund website or contact the organization directly to ensure they apply within the appropriate timeframe.

How is the Freedom Alliance Scholarship different from the Folds of Honor and No Greater Sacrifice scholarships?

While all three scholarships serve the children of military personnel, they have different eligibility requirements and may focus on varying aspects of service and sacrifice. The Freedom Alliance specifically aids children of service members killed or disabled in service, whereas other scholarships may have broader criteria.

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