Florida Open Textbook Initiatives

  • The 2009 Florida Legislature requested that an Open Access Textbook Task Force be created to: create an inventory of existing open access textbooks; make recommendations for encouraging and promoting faculty development and use of open access textbooks; and to identify barriers to the implementation of open access textbooks. Learn more about this group’s efforts here.

  • The Orange Grove contains a special collection for Open Textbooks. This area is open to everyone (including guest users), and contains a growing list of downloadable, PDF open textbooks. We search the web for these open texts and add them as they become available. Visit http://florida.theorangegrove.org/og/logon.do to access them.
  • Orange Grove Project Staff have conducted webinars about the repository and open textbooks for Central Florida Community College and the University of North Florida, and can offer similar webinars upon request.
  • Strategies for Reducing Textbook Costs (PDF, 798 KB)
    This brochure was adapted by the Florida Board of Governors from materials developed by the Minnesota Office of Higher Education.
  • Textbook Affordability — State Board of Education Rule 6A-14.092
    This link is to the latest version of the final adopted rule related to textbook affordability presented in Florida Administrative Code (FAC) from the Department of Education

Helpful Resources

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