FIU Scholarships: Essential Guide for Prospective Students

Florida International University (FIU) is committed to providing its students with ample opportunities for financial assistance in the form of scholarships. The Office of Scholarships offers a comprehensive platform that guides students through the process of finding, applying for, and earning national and university-based scholarships. The office strives to help undergraduate and graduate students develop essential skills, personal commitment, and the drive needed to pursue and receive scholarships that align with their academic and career goals.

FIU offers a wide range of scholarships tailored to various interests and needs. These include merit scholarships for incoming freshmen or transfer students, as well as specialized scholarships for graduate programs, international students, and those based on fields of study. By utilizing the FIU Scholarship Search, students can explore the various scholarships available and determine which ones best suit their qualifications and aspirations.

In addition to scholarships offered directly by FIU, numerous external scholarships are available to students. These may be awarded by government agencies, non-profit organizations, or even private businesses. The key to maximizing the potential for financial assistance is for students to begin their search early and apply for multiple scholarships. With the dedicated support of the Office of Scholarships, students at FIU are well-equipped to navigate the world of scholarship opportunities and secure the financial aid they need to achieve their academic dreams.


Types of FIU Scholarships

Merit-Based Scholarships

Merit-based scholarships at Florida International University (FIU) are awarded to students who demonstrate outstanding academic ability. These scholarships often consider the students’ GPA, essays, and other achievements. They are available for both incoming freshmen and transfer students. National merit scholarships, for instance, are awarded to those with exceptional academic records and can help cover tuition and fees.

Need-Based Scholarships

Need-based scholarships are financial aid awards granted to students with demonstrated financial need. These scholarships may require students to submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to determine eligibility. The combination of need-based scholarships, grants, and other financial aid can help alleviate the burden of college costs for undergraduate and graduate students.

University-Based Scholarships

FIU offers various university-based scholarships, catering to a wide range of student needs and interests. These scholarships may be awarded based on factors such as academic achievement, involvement in clubs or organizations, or community service. Students are encouraged to utilize the FIU scholarship search to find suitable opportunities.

Departmental Scholarships

Departmental scholarships are specific to a student’s field of study or major. These scholarships often provide financial assistance for research opportunities or participation in professional conferences. Students are encouraged to consult their department for relevant scholarship opportunities and deadlines.

State Scholarships

State scholarships, such as the Florida Bright Futures Scholarship, provide financial aid to Florida residents attending FIU. These scholarship programs have specific eligibility requirements, including minimum GPA and standardized test scores, and may cover a significant portion of tuition costs. It’s essential to maintain eligibility and meet deadlines to keep these scholarships.

National Scholarships

National scholarships are prestigious awards available to students across the country. While highly competitive, these scholarships can provide substantial financial support and recognition for academic and extracurricular achievements. Some examples of national scholarships include the Truman, Marshall, and Fulbright awards.

FIU Online Corporate and Community Scholarship

The FIU Online Corporate and Community Scholarship is a unique opportunity for students enrolled in FIU’s online degree programs. This scholarship aims to support individuals in their educational goals and professional development while fostering strong relationships between FIU and the corporate community.

By exploring the variety of scholarships available at FIU, including merit-based, need-based, university-based, departmental, state, and national scholarships, students can find the best opportunities to finance their education and minimize student debt. Timely scholarship applications and meeting eligibility requirements are key to securing financial aid at FIU.


Scholarship Application Process

FIU Scholarship Search

Florida International University (FIU) offers numerous scholarships to help students graduate with little to no debt. To find the most suitable scholarships, students can use the FIU Scholarship Search, which allows them to browse through merit-based and need-based financial aid opportunities. This tool provides an extensive list of scholarships available in various academic programs and is regularly updated to reflect current applications.

Scholarship Application Deadlines

It’s essential to be aware of scholarship application deadlines. Most scholarships available in the FIU Scholarship Search open in January and February, closing sometime in March or later. While some scholarships may open in the Fall and Winter, it’s beneficial to apply for as many scholarships as possible in the Spring to increase the chances of earning financial aid for the next academic year.

FAFSA Submission

In addition to applying for scholarships directly through FIU, students should also complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). FAFSA determines eligibility for various types of financial assistance, including grants, work-study programs, and loans. Submitting the FAFSA is a crucial step in the scholarship application process, as some scholarships might have need-based requirements that depend on the information provided in the FAFSA.

To maximize their chances of receiving financial aid, students should:

  • Begin by exploring the FIU Scholarship Search to find suitable scholarship opportunities
  • Mark their calendars with application deadlines and stay organized to avoid missing any crucial dates
  • Complete and submit the FAFSA as early as possible to increase eligibility for need-based scholarships

By following these steps, students can navigate the scholarship application process effectively and potentially reduce their financial burden while pursuing their education at FIU.

Eligibility Requirements

Undergraduate Students

Eligibility requirements for undergraduate scholarships at Florida International University (FIU) vary depending on the specific scholarship program. Generally, students must demonstrate outstanding academic ability, which can be based on their GPA, an essay, or other achievements. Additionally, some scholarships are merit-based, while others may have need-based requirements. To increase their chances of being awarded, undergraduate students should apply to as many scholarships as they can and submit their applications early 1.

Transfer Students

Transfer students at FIU can also benefit from scholarship opportunities. They are eligible for merit-based scholarships presented by the university if they show exceptional academic performance in their previous institutions. Transfer students are encouraged to complete and submit their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to receive financial aid and need-based scholarships 2.

Graduate Students

Graduate students at FIU have a variety of scholarship options available to them as well. These scholarships can be based on academic merit, research accomplishments, or other relevant achievements. The amount and type of funding will depend on the specific scholarship program. Additionally, some scholarships may be available exclusively for non-Florida residents, such as the $5,000 Hospitality Graduate Scholarship 3. To apply, graduate students should review the renewal and appeal policies for the respective scholarship opportunities.

In conclusion, FIU offers various scholarships for undergraduate, transfer, and graduate students to ease their financial burden while pursuing their studies. Eligibility requirements differ depending on the scholarship program, but having strong academic performance and completing the FAFSA are essential steps. These financial opportunities help students attain their degrees and graduate with little or no debt.



Financial Aid Options

Florida International University (FIU) offers various financial aid options to help students fund their education. In this section, we’ll discuss different types of financial assistance available, including grants, loans, assistantships and fellowships, and work-study opportunities.


Grants are forms of financial aid that do not require repayment. They are usually based on a student’s financial need and can come from different sources, such as the federal government, state government, or the university. One common grant at FIU is the Florida Bright Futures Scholarship, which is awarded based on merit and/or need.


Loans are borrowed funds that students must repay after graduation. They can come from the federal government, state government, or private lenders. At FIU, students have access to various loan options, including federal loans and private loans. Federal loans typically have lower interest rates and more flexible repayment options compared to private loans. It is essential for students to understand the terms and conditions of each loan before accepting them.

Assistantships and Fellowships

Assistantships and fellowships are competitive financial awards provided to graduate students. They typically involve part-time work in research, teaching, or other academic activities. Assistantships come with a tuition waiver and a stipend, while fellowships usually cover tuition fees and provide a living allowance. At FIU, various scholarships are available based on merit or need, some of which include assistantships or fellowships.

Work-Study Opportunities

Work-study programs provide part-time employment opportunities for students with financial need, allowing them to earn money to cover education-related expenses. At FIU, the Federal Work-Study program offers eligible students the chance to work in various positions, including research, administration, or even in industries related to their field of study such as real estate.

In conclusion, FIU offers a range of financial aid options to help students fund their education, reduce debt, and gain valuable experience in their chosen fields. It’s vital for students to explore these opportunities and apply to those that best meet their needs and qualifications.

Maintaining Scholarships and Awards

Credit Hours Requirements

Florida International University (FIU) scholarships often have specific credit hour requirements for students to maintain their awards. For example, some scholarships may require full-time enrollment, while others may have lower enrollment thresholds. It’s essential for students to understand their scholarship’s requirements and ensure they meet them each semester. For flat rate scholarships, FIU prorates the award amount based on enrollment levels:

  • 12 or more credits: 100% of the flat rate scholarship
  • 9-11 credits: 75% of the flat rate scholarship
  • 6-8 credits: 50% of the flat rate scholarship

Academic Achievement

Maintaining a certain level of academic achievement is crucial for FIU students who receive scholarships. Many scholarships have a minimum GPA requirement to ensure students uphold high academic standards. It is the responsibility of each student to maintain the required GPA and regularly check their academic progress to avoid losing their scholarships.

Participation in Activities and Events

Students receiving scholarships at FIU may also need to participate in specific activities and events. These can include volunteer opportunities, community service events, or campus activities. Taking part in these experiences can help students develop their skills, build connections, and contribute to their overall educational experience. It’s important for recipients to review the stipulations of their scholarships to understand any necessary participation requirements, as failing to participate in required activities may jeopardize their awards.

By maintaining credit hour requirements, achieving academic success, and actively participating in activities and events, FIU students can uphold their scholarships and make the most of their educational experience.

Additional Non-FIU Scholarships

National Merit Scholarships

National Merit Scholarships are prestigious awards offered to high school students who demonstrate strong academic performance and potential. These scholarships are awarded based on students’ PSAT/NMSQT scores, which determine their eligibility as National Merit Semifinalists. Semifinalists can then qualify for Finalist status by submitting a detailed application, including their high school transcript, extracurricular activities, and a personal essay. Although these awards are not directly affiliated with Florida International University, FIU students may be eligible to receive them.

Industry-Specific Scholarships

Many organizations offer scholarships to students pursuing careers in specific industries. These Non-FIU Scholarships are designed to promote diversity and professional growth within niche industries, helping ambitious students pursue their career goals. Students should research scholarships related to their fields and apply for those they meet specific eligibility requirements. Examples of industry-specific scholarships include awards for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields, business, healthcare, education, and more.

First-Generation Scholarships

First-generation scholarships are aimed toward students who are the first in their families to attend college. These scholarships recognize the unique challenges and achievements of these students, providing financial support to help them attain higher education. Schools, private foundations, and other organizations may offer first-generation scholarships, often with criteria that require demonstrated financial need or academic merit. While first-generation scholarships may not be directly affiliated with FIU, many Non-FIU Scholarships are available for eligible FIU students applying to higher education for the first time.

By exploring various types of scholarships, including National Merit Scholarships, industry-specific scholarships, and first-generation scholarships, FIU students have the opportunity to find financial aid that can help them achieve their academic goals.

FIU Online Corporate and Community Scholarship

Eligibility Requirements

The FIU Online Corporate and Community Scholarship is designed for students who are newly admitted to Florida International University’s online or hybrid programs. To be eligible for this scholarship, applicants must be admitted for the Summer 2023 semester. Students enrolled in any of the fully online or hybrid programs offered by FIU Online are considered for this scholarship opportunity.

$2,000 Award

The scholarship provides a total of $2,000 in financial aid, which is divided and disbursed over the first three semesters of the student’s enrollment. These installments are disbursed equally, ensuring that recipients have consistent support throughout the initial stages of their education at FIU Online. The scholarship aims to reduce the financial burden on students while they pursue their academic goals in one of the many eligible programs offered by the university.

In summary, the FIU Online Corporate and Community Scholarship is a valuable opportunity for students enrolled in FIU’s online or hybrid programs to receive financial assistance. The eligibility requirements ensure that newly admitted students for the Summer 2023 semester have access to this financial support, while the $2,000 award helps reduce the debt they may incur during their studies at FIU Online.

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