Fifth Month Scholarship Guide: Your May Funding Strategy

Navigating the landscape of scholarships can be daunting, but the Fifth Month Scholarship stands out with its unique approach. It encourages creativity among applicants, asking them to submit work that highlights the number five in a significant way. This scholarship is not only designed to alleviate some of the financial burdens associated with higher education but also to offer a platform for students to express their originality.


Open to all U.S. students who are 14 years of age or older and currently enrolled or planning to enroll in an accredited postsecondary institution by fall 2026, the Fifth Month Scholarship presents an opportunity to secure $1,500 towards tuition or other educational expenses. The application process emphasizes originality, and submissions must adhere to specific guidelines to be considered. This scholarship is not just about the financial award; it’s an invitation to reflect on the value of the number five and to connect it with personal experience or creative thought.

Key Takeaways

  • The Fifth Month Scholarship calls for originality in a themed essay submission.
  • Eligibility is broad, open to U.S. students over 14 who meet enrollment criteria.
  • Successful applications meet creative and formal submission standards.

Eligibility and Application Requirements

The Fifth Month Scholarship provides a unique opportunity for students across the United States. Applicants must be legal residents and meet certain age and enrollment criteria to qualify.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the Fifth Month Scholarship, candidates must satisfy the following conditions:

  • Age: Applicants must be 14 years of age or older at the time of application submission.
  • Residency: They must be a legal U.S. resident, which includes being a resident of any of the 50 United States or the District of Columbia.
  • Enrollment Status: Students must be currently enrolled, or intend to enroll by fall of 2026 at the latest, in an accredited postsecondary institution of higher education.

Application Process

The application for the Fifth Month Scholarship involves several key steps:

  1. Submission of Application: Prospective applicants need to submit their application through the scholarship’s designated online platform.
  2. Written Response: An original written response to the scholarship’s prompt is required as part of the application.

Applicants are encouraged to ensure their eligibility and prepare their written responses according to the scholarship’s guidelines. The process is designed to be accessible and straightforward, allowing students from various educational backgrounds to participate.

Scholarship Details

The Fifth Month Scholarship offers a unique opportunity for students to secure a $1,500 award for postsecondary education expenses. Aimed at celebrating the peculiarities of the number five, this scholarship requires a concise and creative explanation from applicants.

Award Information

  • Amount: $1,500
  • Open to: All U.S. students aged 14 or older
  • Enrollment: Students currently enrolled or planning to enroll by fall of 2026 in an accredited postsecondary institution

Scholarship Topic

Applicants must submit an essay detailing why the number five is significant to them. The essay must showcase originality and a connection to the theme in no more than 250 words.

Required Submission Materials

  • Application Form: A completed form is necessary.
  • Essay: A brief composition of up to 250 words on the importance of the number five.

The Fifth Month Scholarship judges submissions on their creativity, coherence, and relation to the theme, providing financial assistance to those looking to further their education.

Submission Guidelines


Before applicants submit their entries for the Fifth Month Scholarship, they must adhere strictly to the guidelines set forth to ensure their submission is considered. The process necessitates attention to essay content as well as adherence to document submission protocols.

Essay Instructions

Applicants must write an essay with the prompt: “May is the fifth month of the year. Write a letter to the number five explaining why five is important. Be serious or be funny. Either way, here’s a high five to you for being original.” The essay evaluation will focus on the applicant’s writing ability, creativity, originality, and overall excellence.

  • Length: Essays should not exceed the specified word count provided by the scholarship guidelines.
  • Format: Submissions must be typed and formatted in a readable font.
  • Content: Essays should be original works that have not been published elsewhere.
  • Tone: Applicants may choose a serious or humorous tone, as long as it is engaging and relevant to the prompt.

Document Submission

For an application to be considered complete, students must follow the document submission requirements to the letter.

  • Deadline: The submission must be completed by May 31, 2024.
  • Method: Students should submit their essay online through the scholarship application form.
  • Email: If required, applicants must use a valid email address for potential correspondence related to their submission.
  • Contact Information: Entrants are responsible for providing accurate contact information so they can be reached if selected.

Entrants are advised to review their essays for clarity and impact, ensuring their work stands out for original thought and expression within the bounds of the provided theme.

Selection Process and Winner Notification


The selection process is a critical phase in awarding the Fifth Month Scholarship, with recipients being chosen based on specific evaluation criteria. Notification of the winner is conducted through direct communication channels.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Originality: Applicants must showcase their ability to present ideas that stand out. A well-written submission is expected to demonstrate a high degree of creativity.
  • Relevance: Responses should be pertinent to the subject of the scholarship prompt.
  • Evidence of Potential: Candidates should convey compelling reasons why they are potential winners, suggesting how the scholarship prize can aid their educational pursuits.
  • Documentation: Proof of enrollment at an accredited institution is mandatory for all applicants.

Winner Announcement

The scholarship winner will be announced on a stipulated date, and they will be notified directly via email or phone. The winner’s details might also be published on the scholarship provider’s platform.

  • Award Amount: $1,500
  • Notification Method: Email/Phone
  • Additional Requirements: Continued compliance with all scholarship terms.

College and University Participation

Participation in the Fifth Month Scholarship is contingent on attendance at an approved institution. The following subsection provides essential details on the accreditation standards for these institutions.


Students need to ensure that their chosen institutions—be they a college, university, or trade school—maintain proper accreditation. Accreditation signifies that an educational institution meets certain standards of excellence and is recognized by official regional or national agencies. For the purpose of the Fifth Month Scholarship, applicants must be enrolled or planning to enroll at an accredited postsecondary institution.

  • Accredited Postsecondary Institution: Encompasses all accredited colleges and universities that offer undergraduate or graduate degree programs.
  • Accredited Post-Secondary Institution: Typically refers to not only traditional colleges and universities but can also include community colleges and vocational schools that provide a credential following completion of the program.
  • Trade School: A specialized kind of post-secondary institution that focuses on skilled trades and careers, also subject to accreditation standards.

Institutions that lack accreditation may not be considered valid for scholarship eligibility. Students should verify the accreditation status directly through their school or by checking with recognized accrediting organizations.

Additional Information

When applying for the Fifth Month Scholarship, it is crucial to understand the specifics of the privacy policy and the terms and conditions that govern the application process and the award.

Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy of the Fifth Month Scholarship, offered on, details how applicants’ personal information is handled. Information such as the applicant’s name, background details, and academic information is collected for the purpose of evaluating eligibility. It is important to note that all personal information is the property of the sponsor and may be used in accordance with their policies. Entrants should ensure that the provided details, including contact information, are accurate to avoid their application being lost, misdirected, or unintelligible.

Terms and Conditions

Under the Terms and Conditions section, eligible applicants are advised that the contest is not renewable. Employees, officers, directors, agents of the sponsor, or their related companies and immediate family members (spouse, parents, siblings, and children) are not eligible to participate. The scholarship is void where prohibited. The scholarship guidelines dictate that submissions must be in English, and use of correct spelling and grammar is expected. Importantly, the terms state that entries become the property of the sponsor, which implies that once submitted, essays and other materials can be used by the organizers at their discretion for promotional purposes. The scholarship topic must be strictly adhered to; essays that do not will be disqualified. Applicants should double-check their submissions against the scholarship rules to ensure compliance.

Contact and Support

For assistance regarding the Fifth Month Scholarship, applicants can reach out through various available channels. The primary means of support is via email, and inquiries should be directed to the provided contact information on the scholarship’s official page.

Address correspondence is handled at their office, which is located at:

  • Unigo
  • 10th Floor
  • Hoboken

For immediate support, one can call the number listed on the aforementioned scholarship page during standard business hours to speak with a representative.

Parents or guardians seeking to help their children with the application form can find guidance in a written response from the Unigo support team. They work diligently to address all inquiries and ensure widespread participation.

Media inquiries regarding the scholarship should also be directed to the email or phone number specified for press on the Unigo website.

Contact TypeDetails
EmailClick here to email
PhoneListed on the application page
MailUnigo, 10th Floor, Hoboken

Scholarship applicants or their parents can expect a professional and knowledgeable response to any queries regarding the scholarship. The team’s response time is typically prompt, ensuring that applicants have the information they need without undue delay.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Fifth Month Scholarship offers financial assistance to students based on unique essay prompts, and understanding the specifics is crucial to submitting a successful application.

What requirements must be met to qualify for the Fifth Month Scholarship?

Applicants must be at least 14 years of age, legal U.S. residents, and currently enrolled (or enroll no later than fall of 2026) in an accredited postsecondary institution of higher education to be eligible for the Fifth Month Scholarship.

When is the application deadline for the upcoming Fifth Month Scholarship?

The deadline for the upcoming scholarship is set for May 31, 2024, and it’s essential for applicants to adhere to this date to be considered for the award.

What are the essay prompts or themes typically associated with the Fifth Month Scholarship?

The scholarship often requires applicants to write a letter to the number five, explaining why five is significant in an inventive and engaging manner, as evidenced by previous essay prompts.

How is the Fifth Month Scholarship awarded, and what amount can recipients expect to receive?

One scholarship winner will be chosen to receive a $1,500 award, which can aid in covering educational expenses at an accredited postsecondary institution.

What strategies are recommended for writing a winning essay for scholarships like the Fifth Month Scholarship?

To write a winning essay, students are encouraged to be creative, personal, and precise in their narrative, showing a clear connection to the essay theme and adhering to the guidelines provided.

Can you apply for the Fifth Month Scholarship in addition to other monthly scholarships, or are there restrictions?

Students can indeed apply for the Fifth Month Scholarship alongside other monthly scholarships, provided they meet all of the specific eligibility requirements for each scholarship program.

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