Orange Grove FAQ

  1. Why is the repository called “The Orange Grove?”

    It’s a metaphor for Florida’s tree of knowledge. Educators can both pick (choose) resources from their repository and plant resources (contribute them) to the repository

  2. What is The Orange Grove Digital Repository?

    It’s an online system to store and manage digital resources.

    • Content is created once, stored once, and then can be used an infinite number of times
    • The system facilitates discovery of resources
    • Users can link to or download resources
    • Users can contribute resources
  3. Does The Orange Grove own the content in the repository?

    The Orange Grove owns NONE of the content – the repository is a distribution vehicle for content. Repository users access content based on:

    • the copyright statement or license attached to each resource, and
    • the item contributor’s decision as to who can access the resource.
  4. What’s in the repository? The repository can store any type of digital resource. This includes audio and video files, images, animations, simulations, lesson plans, “open” textbooks, and administrative documents. Much of the content is freely available to everyone. Some resources, due to licensing restrictions, are available only to Florida educators.

    Content licensed only for Florida educators includes:

    • Kentucky Educational TV GED videos
    • College Algebra and Advanced English Composition telecourses produced by Florida Community College at Jacksonville
    • Over 600 multimedia files in a variety of subjects from the National Repository of Online Courses.
  5. Who can use the repository?

    Guest Accounts: Guest users, including students, can search for and access the many resources available to the general public. Please do not hesitate to send us resources links or files to share to We will add them for you. Guests may also submit resource information using our online form.

    Contributor Accounts: Florida public K-12 and Higher Education faculty and institutional staff and administrators are the primary users. They have direct access to the repository content for searching for and using available resources as well as contributing and managing their contributed resources. They may also set up RSS feeds, save favorite items and searches, and comment on and rate resources.

  6. Can faculty at Florida institutions use and contribute to the Orange Grove without having their own institutional collections?

    Yes, faculty can add content to the Orange Grove Resources in the repository and may also use it without having their own institutional collection.

  7. How do I contact someone regarding a support question?

    We are here to serve you and wish to address your repository problem as soon as possible. Please use the Contact Us form to submit any questions or concerns regarding the repository.


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