Evans Scholarships Guide: Navigating Your Way to College Funding

The Evans Scholarship is an esteemed award presented to a select group of caddies with exemplary academic and professional records, offering them financial assistance for their collegiate pursuits. This scholarship, which covers not just tuition but also housing, is a life-changing opportunity for those who have a strong caddie background, excellent academic performance, proven financial need, and robust character. Over the years, this program has developed a reputation for producing leaders and significantly impacting the lives of its recipients.

To qualify for the Evans Scholarship, applicants must clear a set of rigorous standards that assess both their time spent in service to golf as well as their academic achievements. The scholarship is tied not only to financial coverage but also to a sense of community and leadership, as recipients often live together in scholarship houses at affiliated universities. Through a competitive application process, the Evans Scholars Foundation ensures that the candidates selected are those who have shown exceptional ability and dedication in their roles as caddies, as well as in their academic and community involvement.

Key Takeaways

  • The Evans Scholarship is a comprehensive award for high-performing caddies with financial need.
  • Eligibility for the scholarship is contingent on a strong caddie record and academic excellence.
  • Scholars benefit from full financial support for tuition and housing at selected universities.

History and Overview


The Evans Scholarship is a prestigious award founded through the vision of golfer Charles “Chick” Evans Jr. It offers full tuition and housing to high-achieving golf caddies across the nation who exhibit a strong work ethic, academic performance, and financial need.

Origin of the Evans Scholarship

Charles “Chick” Evans Jr. was a celebrated amateur golfer whose triumphs on the course paralleled his commitment to education. In 1930, he established the Evans Scholarship after receiving multiple requests for financial aid following his instructional recordings for the Brunswick Record Company. Focused on caddies specifically, the scholarship was born from his partnership with the Western Golf Association (WGA) and their shared dedication to nurturing young talent.

Growth of the Program

Since 1930, the Evans Scholarship has expanded significantly. Through the stewardship of the WGA and strong alumni support, the program has not only grown in the number of scholars but it has also strengthened its partnerships with top universities. One such institution, Northwestern University, was integral in shaping the scholarship’s early years. Today, a record number of Evans Scholars benefit, pursuing higher education without the burden of tuition costs thanks to the program’s enduring legacy and the generosity of its contributors.

Eligibility and Application


The Evans Scholarship is an esteemed award aimed at caddies who display significant financial need, academic prowess, and strong character. To join the community of Evans Scholars, applicants must navigate through a detailed process, showcasing their eligibility and adherence to set deadlines.

Qualifying Criteria

To be considered for the Evans Scholarship, applicants must fulfill several key conditions. They should have a strong caddie record, which demonstrates consistent performance and commitment to caddying for a minimum of two years. Additionally, financial need is a pivotal factor, and candidates must evidence their economic situation. Academically, applicants need to maintain excellent grades and show satisfactory performance on standardized tests such as the ACT or SAT. Attributes of leadership and outstanding character are also vital components of the eligibility criteria.

The Application Process

The application process for the Evans Scholarship is rigorous. Prospective scholars must start by completing the application provided by the Western Golf Association, typically at the beginning of their senior year of high school or as college freshmen. Adherence to the application deadline is critical, with all materials required to be submitted by October 15.

Supporting Documents

A complete application packet includes various supporting documents. Applicants are expected to provide a high school evaluation, a detailed caddie evaluation, and official test scores from the ACT or SAT exams. Furthermore, financial documentation through a CSS Profile and the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) must be submitted to demonstrate financial need.

Selection and Notification

After reviewing all applications, the selection committee, comprised of Evans Scholars alumni and leaders in the golf community, will make decisions based on the aforementioned eligibility criteria. Candidates who advance through the selection process will receive notification of their scholarship status. Successful applicants become part of a robust network of scholars and have the chance to renew their scholarship, provided they continue to meet the program’s academic and performance standards.

Scholarship Funding and Coverage


The Evans Scholars Foundation offers substantial support to high-achieving caddies through covering educational costs. It ensures that scholars with limited financial means can focus on their academic and personal growth without the burden of financing their college education.

Tuition and Full Housing

The Evans Scholarship provides full tuition and housing to eligible caddies, ensuring the primary costs of a college education are fully covered. These comprehensive benefits are designed to relieve scholars from the financial challenges of pursuing higher education.

  • Coverage Details:
    • Tuition: 100% coverage of college tuition fees.
    • Housing: Inclusive of full room and board expenses.

Recipients are selected based on meeting stringent criteria that include a strong caddie record, excellent academics, and outstanding character. The scholarship places specific emphasis on the financial need element, ensuring those with limited financial means have access to these vital resources.

Other Financial Support

In addition to the foundational scholarship benefits, the Evans Scholars Foundation may offer other financial assistance aimed at helping scholars with various educational expenses.

  • Examples of Support:
    • Textbooks: Assistance with purchasing course material.
    • Academic Supplies: Aid for required academic tools and technology.

By providing these supplementary resources, the Foundation strengthens the scholars’ educational foundation and furthers its mission to support young caddies in their pursuit of academic excellence and personal development.

Academic Requirements


The Evans Scholarship places a significant emphasis on a student’s academic performance, notably in their completion of college preparatory courses and maintenance of an excellent academic record. Scholarship applicants are expected to demonstrate strong academic abilities through their achievements in high school, particularly during their junior and senior years, as well as college freshmen who wish to apply.

Maintaining Scholarship Status

To maintain the Evans Scholarship, scholars are required to uphold a certain standard of academic excellence. A scholar must:

  • Complete College Preparatory Courses: Scholars should have a history of completing rigorous college preparatory courses, indicating readiness for university-level work.
  • Demonstrate Excellent Academics: Scholars must have maintained at least a B average and hold an admirable academic record to showcase their commitment and competency in coursework.
  • Submit Scholarship Applications Timely: Prospective scholars should complete and submit their scholarship application forms at the start of their senior year of high school, or as college freshmen.
  • Maintain Academic Record: Continuing scholars are expected to sustain their academic performance throughout their college career, as consistent with the expectations set out by the Evans Scholarship program.

Scholarship Houses

Evans Scholarship Houses serve as a unique element of the Evans Scholars program, offering housing college scholarships while fostering a collaborative and supportive living environment for its recipients.

Living in the Evans Scholars House

Evans Scholars have the opportunity to live in designated Scholarship Houses at several universities, such as the University of Illinois and the University of Wisconsin. These houses provide more than just accommodation; they are designed to enhance the collegiate experience by promoting academic success, leadership development, and social growth.

Community and Alumni Support

The support system within the Evans Scholarship community is robust, powered by a strong network of alumni and benefactors. Living in an Evans Scholars House connects scholars to a community that extends well beyond their college years, providing valuable networking opportunities, mentorship, and a sense of belonging. The alumni-driven support fosters an environment where current scholars can thrive academically and prepare for future success.

Impact and Success Rates


The Evans Scholarship has a notable influence on educational outcomes, distinguished by its substantial graduation rate and bolstering of career opportunities for caddie scholars.

Graduation and Career Achievements

The Evans Scholars program boasts a graduation rate that is not only impressive but also surpasses that of non-scholar peers. According to provided information, this rate significantly exceeds average rates, showcasing the program’s effectiveness at guiding scholars to complete their college education successfully.

Scholars under the Evans Scholarship program are considered high-achieving individuals with a robust caddie record. They have consistently demonstrated not only academic excellence but also a capacity for balancing their duties on the golf course with their studies. It’s these qualities, when combined with the financial support and network provided by the scholarship, that contribute to their thriving post-graduation.

Most Evans Scholars have graduated and translated the discipline and work ethic from their caddying days to their professional lives. They often secure positions in various industries, crediting the scholarship for providing them with a foundation of success and the necessary resources to carve out stable, prosperous careers.

Affiliated Institutions


The Evans Scholarship is a prestigious award available to eligible caddies at select institutions across the United States. This section provides insight into the universities that offer this life-changing opportunity.

Universities Offering the Evans Scholarship

The Evans Scholarship is honored by a network of 24 leading universities where scholars can pursue various academic disciplines. The following is a comprehensive list of institutions affiliated with the Evans Scholarship program:

  • University of Michigan: Home to a diverse and driven student body, the University of Michigan is a vibrant institution that welcomes Evans Scholars.
  • Michigan State University: Known for its commitment to research and education, Michigan State University proudly supports the aspirations of Evans Scholars.
  • Marquette University: Marquette University offers Evans Scholars a community that values leadership and service in the spirit of excellence.
  • University of Minnesota: Scholars at the University of Minnesota join a legacy of academic innovation and community involvement.
  • Ohio State University: Ohio State fosters a rich educational experience for Evans Scholars, accentuated by a robust campus life.
  • Purdue University: With its commitment to high-achieving students, Purdue University is a prime destination for Evans Scholars to excel.
  • University of Missouri: The University of Missouri, with its tradition of education, embraces the inclusion of Evans Scholars.
  • Miami University: A nurturing environment for academic growth, Miami University extends its resources to Evans Scholars.

Each of these universities offers the Evans Scholarship, catering to students who have demonstrated a strong caddie record, excellent academics, and financial need.

Additional Opportunities


The Evans Scholarships present prospects beyond just financial assistance for higher education. They facilitate avenues for personal and professional growth through structured caddie programs and involvement in special events.

Caddie Development Programs

The Caddie Academy is specifically designed for young caddies who exhibit the potential and drive to develop their skills. Organized during the summer months, this program provides participants with comprehensive training and caddying opportunities at leading golf clubs. Those who excel in the academy not only improve their chances of scholarship eligibility but also gain invaluable experience in the world of golf.

Fundraising and Events

Each year, the BMW Championship serves as both an exciting competition and a pivotal fundraising event for the Evans Scholars Foundation. Spectators can enjoy watching top-tier golfers while supporting educational opportunities for caddies. Additionally, local and regional fundraising events occur regularly, giving individuals the chance to contribute to the scholarship fund, ensuring that more caddies can pursue their academic ambitions.

Further Information

This section provides comprehensive details on contact methods for visiting the foundation and the structure of the application timeline, including what to expect during the review process for the Evans Scholarship.

Contact and Visit

Individuals interested in the Evans Scholarship can contact the Western Golf Association (WGA) for more information or to schedule a visit. The Evans Scholars Foundation offers guidance on how to proceed with applications, coordinates visits to their facilities, and can provide direct assistance for potential applicants.

Application Timeline and Review

The application timeline is a critical aspect for candidates to consider. Applications are typically accepted at the beginning of an applicant’s senior year of high school and also from college freshmen. Applications include recommendation letters, transcripts, as well as financial documents like the CSS Financial Aid Profile and Federal Student Aid Report.

  • September to October: Applications open.
  • November to January: Scholarship committees review applications.
  • February: Applicants notified of finalist status.

Finalists may be invited for interviews, after which the scholarship committee awards the scholarships to the selected caddies.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Evans Scholarship provides caddies with a full, four-year tuition and housing college scholarship based on specific criteria. Understanding the requirements and application process is crucial for potential applicants.

What are the eligibility requirements for the Evans Scholarship?

Eligibility for the Evans Scholarship includes a strong caddie record, excellent academics, demonstrated financial need, and outstanding character.

How does one apply for the Evans Scholarship?

Candidates must complete a detailed application process, which includes providing their caddie record, academic transcripts, financial information, and personal statements. For more information, see Applying for the Evans Scholarship.

What is the average award amount received by Evans Scholars?

The Evans Scholarship covers full tuition and housing. However, the actual award amount varies as it corresponds to the specific costs at the affiliated university or college. Further details are available on the Scholarships page.

What is the deadline to apply for the Evans Scholarship?

The deadline to apply can vary, so it is essential to check the most current information from the Evans Scholars Foundation.

How is financial need determined for the Evans Scholarship?

Financial need is determined based on a comprehensive review of a family’s financial situation, including income, assets, and the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Which schools are associated with the Evans Scholarship program?

The Evans Scholarship program is partnered with leading universities and colleges across the nation. A complete list of participating schools is available on the Evans Scholars Foundation website.

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