Dickinson College Acceptance Rate: Key Statistics and Trends

Dickinson College, a highly ranked liberal arts school, has grown in selectivity over recent years. As of 2024, the acceptance rate at Dickinson College is 35%, reflecting a record number of applications and a focus on attracting high-achieving students. This makes it one of the more competitive liberal arts colleges in the United States.


Admissions statistics show that students admitted to Dickinson typically have an SAT score between 1260 and 1426 or an ACT score of 29 to 32. It’s a school that values both strong academic records and well-rounded applicants. Its commitment to academic excellence and holistic admissions is clear in these figures.

Prospective students will find that Dickinson offers a robust educational experience, enriched by a wide range of academic programs and extracurricular opportunities. The college’s ranking and recognition add to its appeal, making it a top choice for many high school graduates.

Key Takeaways

  • The acceptance rate at Dickinson College is 35%.
  • Admitted students’ average SAT scores range from 1260 to 1426.
  • Dickinson is a highly ranked liberal arts college.

General Admissions Information


Dickinson College has a competitive admissions process with specific deadlines and requirements that applicants need to meet.

Admissions Overview

Dickinson College is known for its selective admissions process. The overall acceptance rate varies slightly according to different sources. For example, the acceptance rate is reported to be around 34.92% for the academic year 2022-2023. Another source lists the rate at 35%. The college accepts both regular and early decision applications, with the early decision acceptance rate being higher at 58%.

Application Deadline

Dickinson College has several key application deadlines. The Early Decision I deadline is usually November 15, and the Early Decision II deadline is typically January 15. Regular Decision applications are due by January 15 as well. It’s important for prospective students to submit their applications and supporting materials by these dates to be considered for admission.

Admissions Requirements

The college looks at a variety of factors during the admissions process. Standardized test scores (SAT or ACT) are optional but can be submitted to bolster an application. Typically, admitted students have SAT scores ranging from 1200 to 1399 or higher. Other important elements include high school transcripts, letters of recommendation, and a personal essay.

Applicants are urged to use the Common Application, which allows students to apply to multiple colleges with one form. This application requires extensive information about the student’s academic performance, extracurricular activities, and personal qualities.

Overall, prospective students should ensure their applications are complete and submitted by the relevant deadlines to stand the best chance of admission.

Acceptance Rate

Dickinson College’s acceptance rate illustrates the school’s selectiveness and how it has varied over time. Important factors include historical trends and demographic breakdowns, such as acceptance rates for men, women, and international students.

Historical Acceptance Rate Trends

The acceptance rate at Dickinson College reveals significant insights into its admissions selectivity. Over recent years, the rate has fluctuated between 35% and 43%. For instance, in the 2024 edition of rankings, the acceptance rate stands at 35%, indicating a competitive admissions landscape.

Year-to-year changes in acceptance rates reflect the dynamics in application numbers and institutional priorities. In 2019, the acceptance rate was 40%. By comparison, 2021 saw a dip to 35%, and it climbed to 43% the following year. Tracking these fluctuations helps prospective students gauge their chances of admission over the years.

Acceptance Rate by Demographics

Acceptance rates can vary by demographics, highlighting differences in selectivity for various groups. At Dickinson College, men and women often experience different acceptance rates. Typically, acceptance rates for women tend to be marginally higher than for men.

Early decision applicants at Dickinson have a distinct advantage. The early decision acceptance rate is usually higher than the overall rate. This option benefits students who are particularly committed to attending.

International students also face unique admissions statistics. Though the acceptance rates for international applicants are not always separately published, they generally reflect the college’s broader commitment to diversity. Knowing these breakdowns can aid applicants in understanding their individual chances based on these demographic factors.

Admissions Statistics


Dickinson College has a selective admissions process, reflected in its acceptance rate and other key metrics. This section covers SAT/ACT scores, GPA requirements, high school rankings, and yield rate.

SAT/ACT Score Range

For students applying to Dickinson College, the SAT score range is typically between 1200 and 1390 for the middle 50% of admitted students. About 54% of students score within this range. For higher achievers, 38% of admitted students score between 1400 and 1600. The college also accepts ACT scores, which are considered along with SAT scores during the admissions process.

GPA Range

The GPA range for admitted students to Dickinson College generally falls between 3.5 and 3.9 on a 4.0 scale. This demonstrates the school’s preference for students with strong academic performance in high school. Although a high GPA is not the sole criterion for admission, achieving within this range can significantly enhance an applicant’s chances.

High School Rank

High school rank is another important aspect of Dickinson College’s admissions considerations. Many of the admitted students come from the top 10% of their high school graduating class. Being within this range often indicates strong academic credentials and a well-rounded high school experience, both of which are valued by the admissions committee.

Yield Rate

The yield rate at Dickinson College is 20%. This means that 20% of students who are accepted choose to enroll. This figure gives insight into the school’s attractiveness compared to other institutions. While not the highest, it is a respectable yield rate that reflects the college’s selective and appealing admissions process.

Application Components

Applicants to Dickinson College must pay close attention to certain aspects of their application, including letters of recommendation, college preparatory courses, and the test-optional policy. Each of these components plays a critical role.

Letters of Recommendation

Dickinson College requires prospective students to submit letters of recommendation. Typically, applicants need two to three letters. These letters should come from teachers who know the student well.

Recommenders should highlight academic abilities, work ethic, and personal traits. A strong recommendation provides specific examples of a student’s achievements and character. For the best impact, students should ask teachers from core academic subjects like math, science, or English. Including a letter from a guidance counselor is also recommended.

College Preparatory Courses

Dickinson College values a rigorous high school curriculum. Students should take challenging courses, including Advanced Placement (AP) or International Baccalaureate (IB) classes.

The college evaluates applicants based on their performance in these courses. A strong transcript usually includes four years of English, three to four years of math, and three to four years of science. Participation in social studies and foreign languages is also important.

Completing AP or IB courses and doing well in them can significantly strengthen an application. These courses demonstrate a student’s readiness for college-level work.

Test-Optional Policy

Dickinson College has a test-optional policy for submitting SAT or ACT scores. This means students are not required to submit these test scores as part of their application.

Applicants can choose to include their standardized test scores if they believe it will strengthen their application. However, the absence of test scores will not disadvantage them.

Instead, the college focuses more on the student’s high school performance, course rigor, and other aspects of their application. This policy allows applicants to showcase their strengths beyond standardized testing.

By carefully considering each of these components—letters of recommendation, college prep courses, and the test-optional policy—applicants can present a comprehensive and strong application to Dickinson College.

Early Decision Program

Dickinson College offers an Early Decision program that allows students to apply earlier than the regular admissions. This can be beneficial for students who are certain that Dickinson is their top choice.

Early Decision Overview

Dickinson College’s Early Decision program is designed for students who are committed to attending if accepted. By applying early, students show strong interest and commitment to the college. The acceptance rate for Early Decision applicants is often higher compared to Regular Decision applicants. This can increase the chances of admission for those who apply through this program.

A common myth is that Early Decision applicants have fewer chances of receiving scholarships. In reality, students who are eligible for academic scholarships in Regular Decision will still receive them through Early Decision. This makes it an attractive option for students who are keen on securing their spot at Dickinson College early in the process.

Early Decision Deadline

The Early Decision application deadline for Dickinson College is November 15. This deadline allows students to receive their admission decision by mid-December. It is crucial for applicants to have all their materials ready, including transcripts, letters of recommendation, and standardized test scores (if required).

For those who might miss the November 15 deadline, there is an Early Decision II option with a January 15 deadline. This provides a second chance for students who couldn’t meet the initial date. Applying by these deadlines ensures a timely decision, allowing students to plan their college journey with more certainty and less stress.

Enrollment Data


Dickinson College provides detailed information about the student population, focusing on the total number enrolled.

Total Enrolled Students

As of fall 2022, Dickinson College had an undergraduate enrollment of 2,125 students. The setting of the college is suburban, and it spans 144 acres. Enrollment data from previous years demonstrates a consistent number of students, highlighting the school’s ability to maintain a stable student body.

In fall 2021, the total number of enrolled students slightly increased, reflecting the college’s popularity and its robust academic offerings. This data shows that the institution continues to attract a steady stream of students each year, ensuring a vibrant and dynamic campus environment.

For more detailed enrollment data, you can visit Dickinson College Enrollment Data.

Academic Offerings


Dickinson College provides a range of academic programs and majors that cater to various interests. The school emphasizes a liberal arts education, with strong programs in social sciences, humanities, and business disciplines.

Popular Programs and Majors

Dickinson College offers popular majors like psychology, history, and business. The psychology program delves into human behavior, making it a top choice for students interested in mental health or counseling careers.

The history program covers a wide range of periods and regions, offering insights into global historical events and trends.

In the business area, management and international business stand out. These programs prepare students for careers in corporate environments and global markets, focusing on essential skills such as strategic planning and cultural competency.

The college also has strong programs in education and linguistics. Education majors train for teaching roles, while the linguistics program explores language structure and use.

The academic offerings reflect Dickinson’s commitment to providing a diverse and comprehensive education.

College Ranking and Recognition


Dickinson College is well-recognized for its academic quality and liberal arts focus. It has gained various rankings that highlight its strengths and reputation.

In the 2024 edition of Best Colleges by U.S. News, Dickinson College is ranked #46 among National Liberal Arts Colleges.

According to Niche, the college offers 46 majors along with minors and certificate programs. It is also highlighted for its diverse community, with a notable ranking as one of the Most Diverse Colleges in Pennsylvania.

The BestColleges website notes that Dickinson has an average graduation rate of 82%, and the student-faculty ratio is 9:1. These statistics contribute to its strong academic profile and selective admissions process.

In terms of diversity, Dickinson ranks #21 out of 105 in Pennsylvania, emphasizing its commitment to fostering an inclusive environment for all students.

Below is a summary of Dickinson College’s key rankings and recognitions:

  • National Liberal Arts Colleges: #46 (U.S. News)
  • Most Diverse Colleges in Pennsylvania: #21 (Niche)
  • Graduation Rate: 82% (BestColleges)

These rankings underscore Dickinson College’s strong academic standing and commitment to diversity and quality education.

Frequently Asked Questions


This section provides detailed answers to common questions about the acceptance rate and admissions process at Dickinson College.

What are the SAT requirements for admission to Dickinson College?

Applicants typically need an SAT score between 1260 and 1426. These scores represent the middle 50% of admitted students.

How does the Early Decision acceptance rate compare to the regular decision rate at Dickinson College?

Early Decision applicants often benefit from a higher acceptance rate compared to Regular Decision applicants. This reflects a strong commitment to the school by those applying early.

What is the average GPA of admitted students at Dickinson College?

Admitted students usually have a high school GPA that is competitive. While the range may vary, successful candidates often present strong academic records above a 3.5 GPA.

How competitive is the admission process at Dickinson College?

The admission process at Dickinson College is competitive. The acceptance rate typically falls between 35% and 43%. Applicants should focus on building a strong overall application.

How does the acceptance rate at Dickinson College vary for in-state and out-of-state applicants?

Dickinson College does not significantly differentiate acceptance rates between in-state and out-of-state applicants. Admission decisions are based on the strength of the application rather than geographic location.

Is there a difference in acceptance rates between different admission cycles at Dickinson College?

The acceptance rate may vary across different admission cycles. Some years might see a slightly higher or lower acceptance rate. Monitoring yearly trends can provide a clearer picture.

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