Courage to Grow Scholarship: Key Insights and Opportunities

The Courage to Grow Scholarship is a notable financial assistance program that aims to help high school juniors and seniors, as well as college students, in pursuing their dreams and overcoming the burden of mounting academic expenses. Recognizing the importance of education, this scholarship helps students achieve their goals while reinforcing the value of hard work, determination, and perseverance. Eligible US citizens who maintain a minimum GPA of 2.5 are invited to apply for this opportunity, which can alleviate some financial constraints and empower them to focus on their studies.

Administered on a monthly basis, the Courage to Grow Scholarship awards $500 to one lucky applicant. The selection process involves submitting an application form and an essay of 250 words or less. The essay topic, specified on the application form, allows students to demonstrate their creativity, critical thinking skills, and commitment to personal development. As a result, the Courage to Grow scholarship not only supports students financially, but also encourages self-reflection and growth, embodying the very ethos of the award itself.


Eligibility Criteria

High School Students

High school juniors and seniors are eligible to apply for the Courage to Grow Scholarship. To be considered, they must meet the following criteria:

  • Be United States citizens
  • Have a minimum GPA of 2.5 or above

Furthermore, high school juniors must have plans to complete a two or four-year college program to qualify for the scholarship.

College Students

Current college students who meet the eligibility requirements can also apply for the Courage to Grow Scholarship. They must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Be legal US citizens
  • Be enrolled in any two or four-year college program
  • Maintain a minimum GPA of 2.5 or better

Overall, the Courage to Grow Scholarship aims to support high-achieving high school and college students by easing the financial burden of pursuing higher education.

Scholarship Details

Award Amount

The Courage to Grow Scholarship offers a financial award of $500 to the winning applicant. This scholarship aims to help students reduce their financial burden and pursue their educational goals.


The special deadline for this scholarship is on the last day of each month, which allows students to have multiple chances to apply if they don’t succeed on their first attempt.

Number of Awards

As the scholarship follows a monthly schedule, one winner is chosen per month, providing multiple opportunities for students throughout the year.

The Courage to Grow Scholarship is designed for high school juniors, seniors, or college students who have a GPA of 2.5 or higher. Applicants must submit a thoughtful essay in 250 words or less on the topic provided, which is assessed during each monthly cycle. By offering a variety of chances to win throughout the year, the Courage to Grow Scholarship strives to accommodate and support students in their pursuit of higher education.

Application Process

Essay Requirements

The Courage to Grow Scholarship requires applicants to submit an essay as part of the application process. The essay should be 250 words or fewer and must address why they believe they should be awarded the scholarship. It is important for applicants to present a clear, concise, and compelling argument for their eligibility, demonstrating their potential and dedication to their education.

Application Form

In order to apply for the Courage to Grow Scholarship, students must complete an online application form. This form requires applicants to provide their personal details, including name, email address, and information about their current educational institution.

Applicants will also need to report their Grade Point Average (GPA), which must be a 2.5 or higher, to demonstrate their academic achievement. As the scholarship program is only open to U.S. citizens, applicants will need to verify their citizenship status during the application process.

While filling out the application form, students should ensure that they have provided accurate and up-to-date information, as well as a well-thought-out essay that meets the specified requirements.

The deadline for the Courage to Grow Scholarship application is April 30, 2023. Those who are selected for the scholarship will receive an award of $500 to help ease the financial burden of their education. It is a great opportunity for high school juniors and seniors, as well as college students, to receive financial support for their academic dreams.

Selection and Renewability

Winner Selection

The Courage to Grow Scholarship selects its winners based on a merit-based system. Applicants must be high school seniors with a minimum GPA of 2.5 to be considered for the scholarship. Each month, one student is awarded the $500 scholarship based on the most thoughtful essay submission, which should not exceed 250 words. The essay should demonstrate why the applicant believes they should receive the scholarship. Each month’s deadline is the last day of the month, allowing for multiple opportunities to apply and win the scholarship 1.

Renewable Scholarship

The Courage to Grow Scholarship is renewable for up to four years 2. This means that the recipients have the opportunity to continue receiving financial support throughout their college journey. To maintain eligibility, students must continue maintaining a strong academic performance and meet any other criteria specified by the scholarship committee.

In summary, the Courage to Grow Scholarship selects its winners based on merit and essay submissions. It offers multiple chances to apply and win as it is a monthly scholarship. Moreover, the scholarship is renewable for up to four years, providing ongoing financial support for its recipients throughout their academic journey.



Using the Award

Paying for College

The Courage to Grow Scholarship is designed to help students who face financial challenges in pursuing their educational goals. This merit-based scholarship provides $500 to high school seniors with a GPA of 2.5 or higher. Students can utilize the award in various ways:

  • Tuition fees: The scholarship can be applied directly to cover a portion of the recipient’s tuition fees, reducing their out-of-pocket expenses.
  • Books and supplies: Award funds can be used to purchase textbooks and essential course materials, thus easing the financial burden.
  • Living expenses: Students may also allocate the money for housing, groceries, or transportation costs, leading to a more comfortable academic experience.

Financial Aid

Applying for the Courage to Grow Scholarship is an excellent way to supplement financial aid packages that may not cover all of a student’s expenses. Additionally, students should consider other financial assistance options, such as:

  • Federal grants: Apply for federal grants like the Pell Grant or the Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG) to receive need-based aid that does not need to be repaid.
  • State-sponsored grants: Many states provide financial assistance to eligible students, so researching and applying for state-sponsored grants can result in further financial support.
  • Work-study programs: Participate in the Federal Work-Study Program or similar programs offered by colleges and universities to earn money for education-related expenses.
  • Scholarships: Along with the Courage to Grow Scholarship, students should explore other scholarship opportunities to maximize their financial assistance.

By using the Courage to Grow Scholarship and leveraging other financial aid resources, students can effectively reduce their financial burden and focus on achieving their educational goals.

Overcoming Obstacles

The Courage to Grow Scholarship is specifically designed for students who have faced obstacles in their lives but are determined to overcome them in order to achieve their educational goals. Financial difficulties, personal challenges, and other barriers can all prevent students from reaching their full potential. This scholarship aims to remove some of these barriers by providing financial assistance to deserving students, allowing them to pursue their dreams without being burdened by financial stress.

One of the key criteria for this scholarship is demonstrating determination in overcoming adversity. Applicants must have shown resilience and persistence in pursuing their goals despite the challenges they have faced. This can include a variety of situations, such as excelling academically despite personal or family difficulties, maintaining a strong work ethic in the face of financial struggles, or overcoming a disability to achieve success in school or extracurricular activities.

Eligibility for the Courage to Grow Scholarship includes:

  • Being a U.S. citizen or permanent resident
  • Having a minimum GPA of 2.5
  • Being a high school junior, senior, or a college student

In addition to these requirements, applicants must submit a thoughtful essay explaining how they exemplify the qualities of courage, determination, and commitment to overcoming personal obstacles. This scholarship offers a monthly award of $500 to one winner, providing financial support for students as they work towards accomplishing their educational objectives.

In summary, the Courage to Grow Scholarship recognizes students who have faced adversity and obstacles but continue to push forward with determination and resilience. This financial assistance can help alleviate some of the financial burden students face, allowing them to focus on achieving their ultimate dreams and aspirations.

Additional Information

Privacy Policy

The Courage to Grow Scholarship, a merit-based scholarship for high school seniors with a GPA of 2.5 or higher, values the privacy of its applicants. The foundation ensures the protection of the personal data submitted during the application process. Applicants can be assured that their privacy is a top priority and all information provided will be handled responsibly.

Contact Information

To apply for the Courage to Grow Scholarship, candidates must visit the official website. For any inquiries, concerns, or additional information, it is essential to reach out to the foundation directly. While the website does not provide a specific address or phone number, applicants may use the online contact form to ask their questions, clarify doubts, or request further guidance.

The Courage to Grow Scholarship is accessible to both undergraduate and graduate students who are U.S. citizens. As high school juniors, seniors, or current college students, they must be enrolled in an accredited American institution to be eligible. This award is offered monthly, with a non-renewable amount of $500, aiming to alleviate the financial burden and help students realize their academic dreams. To join the list of potential recipients, interested students across the USA should apply now.

Related Scholarships

The Courage to Grow Scholarship is a great opportunity for students, but there are other scholarships available for those who meet specific criteria.

One scholarship option for students interested in a two or four-year college program is the ACT Student Champions Scholarship. This scholarship awards students who have overcome challenges and demonstrated outstanding academic achievement. Applicants must have a minimum ACT score of 22 and submit an essay describing their accomplishments.

For students who excel in writing essays, the OCD Foundation Scholarship offers awards based on creativity and original thinking. To apply, students must submit an essay relating to their experience with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) or a related mental health condition. This scholarship is open to all U.S. citizens, and the foundation encourages applicants to share their stories and be an advocate for those dealing with mental health challenges.

Another scholarship opportunity is available specifically for U.S. citizens planning to attend a two or four-year college program. The All-USA College Academic Team is a prestigious academic award that recognizes students who have made significant contributions to their schools and communities. To apply, students must submit an essay detailing their achievements, as well as a letter of recommendation from a faculty member or administrator.

In summary, there are various scholarships available for students who are pursuing higher education. From the Courage to Grow Scholarship to opportunities for ACT achievers or students with exceptional essays, several scholarships cater to different interests and qualifications. By researching and applying, students can find the right scholarship that fits their needs and goals.

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