Orange Grove: Open Textbooks

The Orange Grove is committed to supporting faculty in creating a community of sharing among educators. Making a work open access does not mean an author has to give up all rights to a specific creative work. Authors can keep their copyright but allow people to use their work under a set of conditions that they select to apply to their work. Authors can specify how and to what extent they want to share their works, consistent with the rules of copyright.  This allows others to know exactly how they can and cannot use your electronic work.

The video A Shared Culture on YouTube explains why educators are supporting open resources and using the Creative Commons licenses.

Licensing Your Work with Creative Commons

One of the six Creative Commons licenses is typically used to protect open resources, including open textbooks. The Orange Grove repository enables contributors to identify the Creative Commons license they wish to attribut to a work or enter a unique copyright license.

Interested in exploring Creative Licenses for your work? View the video located to the right to learn more about Creative Commons (CC) licenses or use Creative Common’s quick and easy licensing questionnaire to decide what license best fits your needs.

Addressing Copyright Issues on YouTube

During this 5-minute video, Margaret Gould Stewart explains You Tube’s system for assigning copyright permission and determining copyright infringement – as well as some advantages of wider sharing of resources

Helpful Resources

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