Cheatham-White Scholarship: Guide To Success

The Cheatham-White Scholarship is a prestigious financial aid program that acknowledges academic excellence, leadership potential, and civic engagement among scholars. Established in honor of Henry P. Cheatham and George H. White, two trailblazing African Americans who served in the United States Congress, the scholarship is designed to foster the educational development of talented students at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University and North Carolina Central University. Not merely a monetary grant, this scholarship lays the groundwork for the formation of future leaders by offering an environment that stimulates intellectual growth and community involvement.


Applicants aspiring to become Cheatham-White Scholars face stringent eligibility criteria that underline the program’s high standards. The application process is comprehensive, designed to select students who not only demonstrate academic prowess but also show a commitment to their communities and potential for global citizenship. Scholars who are selected enjoy numerous benefits that extend beyond financial support; the program encompasses comprehensive academic resources, mentorship opportunities, and enrichment programs that collectively enhance the collegiate experience.

Key Takeaways

  • The scholarship celebrates academic prowess and leadership.
  • A rigorous application process ensures a distinguished cohort of scholars.
  • Benefits include extensive academic and community engagement resources.

Overview of Cheatham-White Scholarship


The Cheatham-White Scholarship is a prestigious program designed to afford outstanding educational opportunities, including financial support and enrichment experiences, for eligible students demonstrating excellence in academics, leadership, and service.

History and Background

Established in honor of Henry P. Cheatham and George Henry White, African-American congressmen of the 1890s, the Cheatham-White Scholarship recognizes and nurtures academic and leadership excellence. The scholarship’s namesakes were pioneers who significantly contributed to education and public service during their time.

Key Benefits

The scholarship distinguishes itself through its comprehensive key benefits, which include:

  • Fully Funded Tuition and Fees: Scholars receive full coverage of their tuition costs.
  • Housing and Meals: Accommodation and meal plans are included, relieving financial stress and fostering a conducive learning environment.
  • Textbooks and Learning Materials: Essential academic materials, including textbooks, are provided.
  • Laptop: To enhance their academic pursuits, scholars are equipped with a personal laptop.
  • Enrichment Opportunities: Over the course of four years, scholars have access to fully funded enrichment experiences during the four summers.
  • Comprehensive Support: Additional provisions for travel and personal expenses are allotted.
  • Leadership Development: The program strongly emphasizes the cultivation of leadership skills.
  • Networking: Scholars enjoy advantageous networking opportunities, connecting them to a wide array of professional and academic pathways.

By focusing on a well-rounded collegiate experience, the Cheatham-White Scholarship lays a foundation for scholars to excel in study, service, and leadership.

Eligibility Criteria


The Cheatham-White Scholarship offers a prestigious opportunity for incoming freshmen who demonstrate outstanding academic achievement and a strong commitment to service and leadership. Recognizing aspiring scholars, this scholarship sets specific criteria that must be met to qualify.

Academic Requirements

GPA: Applicants are required to possess a minimum 4.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale cumulative GPA. This standard ensures that only students who have shown consistent academic excellence throughout their high school education are considered.

Standardized Tests: Prospective Cheatham-White scholars must also present scores from standardized tests. The SAT requirements are a minimum 1280 on the new format or 1200 on the old, whereas the ACT requires a minimum score of 28. These benchmarks serve as evidence of an applicant’s readiness for college-level coursework.

Service and Leadership Expectations

Character and Leadership: Candidates must exhibit exceptional qualities of character and leadership potential. This expectation implies that applicants should have a history of taking initiative and positively influencing others in their school and community.

Extracurricular Commitment: A significant involvement in extracurricular activities is mandatory. This demonstrates an applicant’s ability to engage with their community and lead a balanced, well-rounded life, contributing positively beyond academic realms.

Citizenship: Eligibility extends solely to United States citizens or permanent residents. This criterion ensures that scholars have a vested interest in the future of the United States, with a particular focus on contributions to North Carolina.

Application Process


The journey to becoming a Cheatham-White Scholar involves two critical stages: a nomination and submission phase followed by a rigorous selection process that may include interviews.

Nomination and Submission

To apply for the Cheatham-White Scholarship, candidates begin by getting nominated. A high school administrator, such as a principal, vice-principal, or guidance counselor, initiates this process. Alternatively, students have the option to self-nominate. Post-nomination, the application can be completed, which includes academic records, extracurricular activities, and essays detailing personal achievements. The application cannot be accessed or submitted without a valid nomination.

Selection and Interviews

Following the submission phase, applications are reviewed based on selection criteria focusing on academic excellence, leadership qualities, and community engagement. Finalists are then chosen for a potential interview—a stage that delves deeper into an applicant’s competencies and alignment with the scholarship’s values. Interviews can be a decisive factor in the final selection of Cheatham-White Scholars.

For more details about the process and eligibility requirements, interested applicants should refer to the information on applying presented by North Carolina Central University and the broader UNC System.

Scholarship Program Benefits


The Cheatham-White Scholarship is distinguished by its comprehensive benefits that alleviate financial stress and promote academic excellence. Recipients are endowed with resources and opportunities that foster an environment conducive to both professional and personal advancement.

Financial Coverage

The Cheatham-White Scholarship Program offers a fully funded four-year scholarship designed to cover every aspect of the college experience for students at North Carolina Central University and North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University. Specifically, the financial package includes:

  • Tuition: 100% coverage of college tuition fees.
  • Housing: Fully paid on-campus accommodation.
  • Meals: Comprehensive meal plans to ensure nutritional needs are met.
  • Textbooks: All required academic materials and textbooks.
  • Laptop Computer: A laptop to facilitate academic work and research.
  • Supplies: Necessary educational supplies and materials.
  • Travel: Coverage for domestic and international travel for study or research pursuits.
  • Personal Expenses: A stipend for additional personal needs.

Educational Opportunities

Scholars under the Cheatham-White program not only benefit from financial aid but are also offered an outstanding educational experience through enriched academic offerings, including:

  • Enhanced Courses: Engaging in honors courses designed for academic challenge and growth.
  • Research Projects: Opportunities to participate in cutting-edge research.
  • Study Abroad: Options to study internationally, furthering global awareness and academic learning.

Professional and Personal Growth

Securing a Cheatham-White Scholarship means more than just financial support; it’s an investment into the scholars’ futures. Aided by the structure of the program, students can achieve exceptional levels of:

  • Academic Achievement: With financial burdens lifted, scholars can focus on maintaining high GPAs and pursuing intellectual rigor.
  • Leadership Skills: Development through engagement in leadership roles and community service.
  • Networking: Establishing connections with peers, faculty, and professionals in their chosen fields.
  • Life Skills: Scholars can participate in various extracurriculars that enhance personal growth and readiness for post-graduation success.

Education and Enrichment Opportunities

The Cheatham-White Scholarship not only covers academic expenses but also encompasses a broad spectrum of education and enrichment opportunities to facilitate comprehensive learning experiences for recipients.

Summer Programs

Each scholar under the Cheatham-White Scholarship Program at North Carolina Central University and North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University is entitled to four summers of fully funded enrichment. These summer programs are meticulously designed to include international travel and study opportunities, nurturing a global perspective and cultural understanding that bolster leadership and service capacities.

  • First Summer: Oriented towards community engagement and leadership development.
  • Subsequent Summers: Include options for research, internships, and international study programs.

Mentorship and Research

A key component of the Cheatham-White Scholarship is the emphasis on mentorship and research opportunities. Scholars are encouraged to engage in meaningful research activities that complement their academic pursuits in both the arts and sciences.

  • Research: Scholars participate in hands-on research projects, often surrounded by a supportive cohort that fosters a collaborative environment.
  • Mentorship: Experienced mentors guide scholars towards achieving their personal and professional goals.

These education and enrichment opportunities serve to cultivate a well-rounded experience that extends beyond the traditional classroom setting.

University Support and Services


The recipients of the Cheatham-White Scholarship across various universities in North Carolina benefit from a comprehensive array of support services aimed at fostering academic and personal growth. Within this framework, students engage in a tailored University Honors Program that emphasizes leadership and service.

Advising and Counseling

At institutions like North Carolina Central University, students are paired with dedicated advisors who provide guidance throughout their academic journey. These advisors ensure scholars fully leverage the opportunities afforded by the scholarship, from educational resources to personal development programs. In addition to academic advising, students have access to personal counseling services, ensuring their well-being and addressing any challenges they encounter in Durham or other campus locations.

Campus Life

The Cheatham-White Scholarships enrich the campus experience in cities such as Greensboro and Winston-Salem by offering an inclusive campus life that embraces cultural, social, and intellectual diversity. Scholars are encouraged to engage with their campus community through a range of activities:

  • Extracurricular Activities: Involvement in clubs, sports, and arts.
  • Community Service: Participation in service projects, reflecting a strong commitment to giving back.
  • Leadership Opportunities: Assuming leadership roles within the university and beyond.

Scholars also enjoy fully funded enrichment experiences, which may involve international travel, providing a global perspective and further networking opportunities. These experiences contribute to a well-rounded university education, preparing Cheatham-White scholars for future success.

After Graduation


The transition from university to career is a significant milestone for Cheatham-White Scholars. With their comprehensive four-year scholarship and rigorous academic preparation, these individuals are poised to make impactful contributions across various sectors.

Alumni Network

The Cheatham-White Scholars Program prides itself on a robust Alumni Network that supports graduates in their professional journey. Alumni have ventured into diverse fields, leveraging the leadership skills and academic foundation gained during their university education. Notable areas include public service, where graduates like George H. White and Henry P. Cheatham—namesakes of the program and former African American members of the United States Congress—have set a precedent. The network also fosters connections in industries like business and management, providing a platform for mentoring and collaboration among former scholars.

Career Pathways

Upon graduation, Cheatham-White Scholars have a plethora of Career Pathways to choose from, many of which align with the advanced degrees they pursued, from Ph.D. programs to becoming an attorney. Fields such as technology, engineering, and computer science are ripe with opportunities for graduates, who are equipped with the skills to excel in rapidly evolving environments. Moreover, in disciplines like biology and animal science, scholars often contribute to cutting-edge research or go on to specialize in areas like veterinary medicine. Knowledge of languages, such as Spanish, can enhance a graduate’s ability to serve in multicultural contexts or international capacities. The program’s comprehensive nature ensures that scholars are well-prepared for a spectrum of careers, bearing the legacy of trailblazers like Josephine Dobbs Clement and paving the way for future generations in both academia and industry.

Frequently Asked Questions


The Cheatham-White Scholarship is an esteemed program for students aiming to attend North Carolina Central University. Below we clarify the common inquiries regarding the application process, eligibility, and benefits of the scholarship.

How does one get nominated for the Cheatham-White Scholarship?

Candidates must be nominated by their high school or another educational entity. Detailed nomination procedures are outlined on the Cheatham-White Scholarship application page.

What are the key deadlines for the Cheatham-White Scholarship application?

Nominations for the scholarship must be completed by November 1. Prospective students should ensure they are admitted by this deadline and are aware that nominations open on August 15. More information is available on North Carolina Central University’s application details.

How do I prepare for a scholarship application, specifically for programs like Cheatham-White?

Preparation should include excelling academically, participating in leadership roles, engaging in community service, and obtaining strong recommendation letters. For the Cheatham-White, it is also imperative to submit a comprehensive application that meets all the program’s guidelines.

What are the academic and honors requirements for eligibility in the Cheatham-White Scholarship?

Eligibility requirements include a minimum weighted GPA of 4.0 on a 4.0 scale and an SAT score of at least 1280 or an ACT score of at least 28. Superscores are considered. For more detail, refer to the FAQs of the program.

How does the Cheatham-White Scholarship differ from the Lewis and Elizabeth Dowdy and February One scholarships?

Each scholarship has unique criteria and benefits related to them. The Cheatham-White Scholarship specifically offers full funding inclusive of tuition and other personal expenses for four years. Differences among the scholarships can be further explored through the university’s scholarship programs information.

What benefits does the Cheatham-White Scholarship provide to recipients?

Recipients are awarded a fully-funded four-year scholarship. This covers tuition, student fees, housing, meals, textbooks, a laptop, and additional supplies and expenses. It represents a comprehensive package aimed at fostering scholars’ academic and professional success, as outlined in the North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University’s overview.

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