Burger King Scholarship Guide: Your Roadmap to Funding Education

Gaining a scholarship can be a transformative step for students seeking assistance with their educational expenses. Among the numerous opportunities available, the Burger King Scholars program stands out as a significant source of financial support for deserving students across North America. Since its inception, this program has helped thousands of students by awarding millions of dollars in scholarships. The program’s focus is to extend aid as broadly as possible, envisioning a scholarship for every Burger King restaurant in the region.


Applicants interested in the Burger King Scholars program must navigate a series of eligibility requirements and application procedures to secure this financial aid. Understanding the criteria and preparing a thoughtful and thorough application are critical steps in the process. Knowledge of deadlines, necessary financial information, and educational pathways are also key to a successful application. Once a scholarship has been awarded, it opens the door to a host of educational opportunities and resources that can support students throughout their academic journey.

Key Takeaways

  • The Burger King Scholars program provides financial aid to a large number of students in North America.
  • A clear understanding of the eligibility requirements and application process is crucial for success.
  • The scholarship awards support a broad range of educational goals and provide access to further resources.

Understanding the Burger King Scholars Program

The Burger King Scholars Program has been an influential initiative in supporting the educational aspirations of numerous students across North America. Established by a renowned fast-food entity, the program highlights its commitment to education through substantial scholarships.

History and Background of the Scholars Program

In 2000, the Burger King℠ Scholars program was founded in memory of James “Jim” W. McLamore, the co-founder of Burger King. The program’s inception was driven by McLamore’s passion for education and his desire to give back to the community. Since its establishment, the program has grown substantially, reflecting the foundation’s dedication to fostering education and providing financial assistance to deserving students.

Overview of the Scholarship Awards

The Burger King Foundation administers the scholarship program, offering annual awards to high school students, Burger King employees, and their immediate family members. Scholarships generally commence at $1,000, with the possibility of recipients receiving higher amounts based on certain criteria. The foundation sets a goal each year to grant ”one scholarship for every BK® restaurant in North America,” which translates to over $7 million in scholarships annually.

Scholarship Impact and Success Stories

The impact of the Burger King Scholars Program is evident in the numbers. To date, it has granted close to $55 million to over 45,000 students, enabling them to pursue diverse educational goals. The success stories arising from these opportunities underscore the substantial difference the program has made in the lives of individuals—empowering them to achieve higher education and career advancement.

Eligibility and Requirements


The Burger King Scholars program offers a substantial opportunity for students in North America to receive financial aid for their college education. This section outlines the specific eligibility criteria and academic requirements needed to apply for this scholarship.

Who Can Apply

High school seniors from the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico are invited to apply for the Burger King Scholarship. This includes students who are employees or relatives of employees — specifically children and spouses or domestic partners of Burger King employees are also encouraged to apply.

Academic and Other Criteria

Academic excellence is a crucial consideration; applicants must hold a minimum GPA of 3.3 on a 4.0 scale to qualify. They must also plan to enroll full-time in an accredited four-year college or university in the U.S. Additionally, demonstrating financial need and holding a part-time job for at least 12 months during high school are part of the eligibility requirements for the scholarship program.

Preparing Your Application

Before diving into the preparation, applicants should understand that a well-documented and comprehensive application significantly increases their chances for the Burger King scholarship. Gathering the necessary documents and presenting a holistic picture of one’s extracurricular and community contributions are crucial steps in the application process.

Key Documents and Materials

Candidates should begin by compiling key documents for their application. This includes:

  • Transcripts: A record of academic excellence with a minimum GPA as mentioned in the eligibility requirements.
  • Personal Statement: A thoughtfully crafted essay detailing aspirations and reflecting on experiences.
  • Letters of Recommendation: At least two from individuals who can vouch for the candidate’s character and achievements.

Evaluating Work Experience and Extracurriculars

When detailing work experience, applicants should list their roles, responsibilities, and the skills they have honed during their employment. Similarly, for extracurricular activities, whether it is participating in sports, clubs, or other school organizations, the focus should be on leadership roles and contributions that stand out.

Highlighting Community Service and Involvement

The scholarship application should underscore community service and involvement. Applicants should itemize their volunteering activities, from helping at local charities to participating in religious organizations. It is essential to demonstrate a genuine commitment to serving the community and the impact one’s efforts have had.

Application Process and Timeline


The Burger King Scholars program has a structured application process with a definitive timeline, ensuring applicants know exactly how to proceed and when to submit their materials.

How to Apply

To apply for the Burger King Scholarship, candidates must fill out an online application found on the program’s official website. The application requires personal details, academic records, and employment history. Applicants typically need to provide:

  • A completed application form
  • Official high school transcript
  • Two letters of recommendation

Applicants should ensure they meet the eligibility criteria before starting the application process, which includes being a high school senior and demonstrating a financial need.

Submission Deadlines

The timeline for the scholarship is strict, with the application process opening on October 16 each year. Students have a limited window to submit all required documentation. The deadline for submission is December 15. To avoid any last-minute issues, it’s advised that applicants apply early and ensure all materials are accurate and complete before submission.

Financial Information


The Burger King Scholarship Program offers substantial financial support designed to cover essential educational expenses such as tuition, fees, and required books for successful applicants.

Understanding Scholarship Funds

The Burger King Scholars Program has consistently expanded its reach, aiming to award scholarship funds to match the number of its restaurants throughout North America. What this translates to in practical terms is that a high volume of students annually receive scholarships that help lessen the financial burden of higher education.

Scholarships range from $1,000, typically awarded to a large number of applicants, to $5,000 for successful candidates who demonstrate high academic achievement and leadership potential. In exceptional cases, three students may receive up to $50,000, acknowledging their exceptional academic and leadership strengths. These funds help recipients cover costs associated with higher education, including but not limited to tuition, fees, and textbooks.

Application Fees and Associated Costs

Applicants can rest easy knowing there are no fees associated with applying for the Burger King Scholarship. This ensures that financial need is not a barrier to applying. There are no hidden costs to worry about, so students can focus on putting forth their best application without financial strain. All application processes are conducted online, negating any need for postage or related expenses, further ensuring that all qualified students, regardless of their financial situation, have equal access to these scholarship opportunities.

Educational Pathways

The Burger King Scholars program offers financial aid to students across North America, promoting access to a range of post-secondary educational institutions. This assistance furthers their commitment to education by broadening opportunities for college and vocational learning.

Types of Eligible Institutions

Eligible institutions for the Burger King Scholars program include accredited four-year colleges and universities throughout the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, and Guam. Additionally, candidates may apply the scholarships to vocational/technical schools, offering a varied array of pathways for students pursuing career-specific education.

  • United States: Including all 50 states and territories
  • Canada: Encompassing provinces and territories
  • Puerto Rico & Guam: Extending opportunities to these U.S. territories

The flexibility of the program encourages a diverse range of academic pursuits in various disciplines, supporting both traditional universities and more specialized post-secondary vocational/technical schools.

Undergraduate and Graduate Studies

The program supports students seeking an undergraduate degree, which is a pivotal step toward long-term career goals and personal development. For those continuing beyond an undergraduate degree, the scholarship can also be applied toward advanced graduate degree programs, fostering continuous learning and expertise in specialized fields.

  • Undergraduate Degree: Aiming to aid the foundational collegiate experience
  • Graduate Degree: Furthering education beyond the initial four years of college

Through offering aid for both undergraduate and graduate levels of study, the Burger King Scholars program propels students along their educational trajectories in North America, reinforcing post-secondary education as an attainable objective for many motivated individuals.

After Receiving the Scholarship


Upon receiving the Burger King Scholarship, recipients should understand the importance of responsibly managing their awarded funds and be aware of any legal and citizenship considerations that may apply.

Managing Scholarship Funds

Scholarship winners are advised to initially plan their budget to ensure their scholarship money is used effectively to cover educational expenses. The Burger King Scholars program offers scholarships that can help offset the costs associated with college or vocational school, which can include tuition, books, and other supplies. A strategic approach to budgeting will help in making certain that the funds support one’s educational journey throughout its entirety. Recipients may consider the following:

  • Use scholarship funds for direct educational costs first: tuition, fees, and textbooks.
  • Create a detailed budget for each semester or year.
  • Keep track of spending and review the budget periodically.

Legal and Citizenship Considerations

When accepting scholarship money, recipients should understand how this award could potentially affect their tax obligations. In the United States, scholarships used for tuition and books are typically not taxable, but funds used for other expenses might be. For Burger King employees or family members who are not U.S. citizens, it’s crucial to check if there are any specific policy requirements or implications related to citizenship status that could affect their eligibility to receive or retain the scholarship funds. Here are some pointers:

  • Review the scholarship’s terms and conditions to understand any potential tax implications.
  • For non-citizens, consult an immigration specialist to understand how the scholarship may impact your visa or residency status.

By carefully planning the use of scholarship funds and being aware of relevant legal considerations, recipients can maximize the benefits of their Burger King Scholarships and support their educational and career aspirations.

Additional Resources


This section provides direct access to in-depth information and timely updates regarding the Burger King Scholarship. These resources can be pivotal for applicants seeking detailed guidance or the latest news.

Official Guidelines and FAQs

The Burger King Foundation offers comprehensive guidelines and a list of frequently asked questions to assist prospective applicants. Here, students and BK employees can find eligibility criteria, application periods, and specific details on scholarship amounts. It is crucial to carefully review the guidelines to ensure a complete and accurate application process.

Burger King Scholarship Blog and Updates

For recent updates, success stories, and tips on the application process, the Burger King Scholarship Blog is an invaluable resource. The blog posts are regularly updated to provide applicants with firsthand insights and advice from past recipients, as well as announcements regarding scholarship deadlines and award notifications.

Frequently Asked Questions


The Burger King Scholars program provides financial assistance for deserving students. Detailed below are some common inquiries regarding the scholarship.

What are the eligibility requirements for the Burger King Scholarship?

Eligibility for the Burger King Scholarship includes being a high school senior, a Burger King employee, their dependent child, spouse, or domestic partner. Home-school students in the United States, Canada, or Puerto Rico can also apply.

What is the application process for the Burger King Scholarship?

Applicants must submit general information, high school transcripts, and SAT/ACT scores to apply for the Burger King Scholarship. It is important to fill out all required sections accurately and completely.

What is the deadline to apply for the Burger King Scholarship?

The application period for the Burger King Scholarship often closes on December 15th. Interested students should apply early to ensure their application is considered.

How are the winners of the Burger King Scholarship selected?

The winners of the Burger King Scholarship are selected based on their academic achievements, leadership qualities, community service, and work experience.

Is there an essay required as part of the Burger King Scholarship application?

While specific requirements may change, historically, the Burger King Scholarship application has not required an essay.

What are the Burger King Achievement Awards and how are they related to the scholarship?

The Burger King Achievement Awards recognize outstanding employees, or their family members, who demonstrate work ethic and commitment. These awards form part of the scholarship program and support the educational advancement of recipients.

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