Boston University Trustee Scholarship Guide: Secure Your Education

Securing a Trustee Scholarship at Boston University represents a distinctive honor reserved for the most accomplished students. Rooted in the belief that financial constraints should not impede academic excellence, this merit-based scholarship offers a full ride to exceptional individuals poised to embark on their undergraduate journey. Candidates are selected based on a comprehensive evaluation of their achievements, both academic and extracurricular, reflecting a commitment to impact their communities and the world positively.


Applicants aiming for the Trustee Scholarship need to navigate an intricate application process, which requires meticulous planning and precise execution. This includes submission through the Common Application by a specific deadline and an essay that showcases the applicant’s intellectual curiosity and potential for significant contribution. In conjunction with the standard admissions procedures, the scholarship demands a separate essay, ensuring candidates are capable of excelling in a rigorous academic environment while engaging actively in the community.

Key Takeaways

  • The Trustee Scholarship fully funds highly accomplished incoming students.
  • A thorough application process is integral to securing the scholarship.
  • In pursuit of the award, academic distinction and community engagement are paramount.

Understanding the Boston University Trustee Scholarship

The Boston University Trustee Scholarship represents the apex of academic merit awards at the institution, offering full tuition to a select cadre of students who have demonstrated exceptional academic prowess and potential.

Overview of the Trustee Scholarship

The Trustee Scholarship is among the most prestigious honors that Boston University (BU) extends to its incoming first-year students. It’s a merit-based award, which underscores the university’s commitment to recognizing and nurturing remarkable scholarly talents. Recipients of this scholarship become part of an elite cohort, with approximately 20 students admitted to the Trustee Scholars Program each academic year.

Eligibility Criteria

Candidates for the Trustee Scholarship must exhibit outstanding academic credentials, typically including a flawless 4.0 high school grade point average and a class ranking in the very top percentile. Both domestic and international applicants are considered, with no restrictions on citizenship or residency status. As part of the selection process, students must complete a specific application for the scholarship and undergo rigorous evaluation by the admission committee.

Benefits of the Scholarship

The key benefit of the Trustee Scholarship is its offering of full tuition for four years of undergraduate study, contingent upon the scholars maintaining certain academic standards at BU. In addition to alleviating the financial burden, the program immerses students in a rich educational environment. Recipients have the freedom to pursue their academic interests without the constraints of a prescribed curriculum, thus fostering an atmosphere of intellectual exploration and growth.

Application Process for Trustee Scholarship

The Trustee Scholarship at Boston University represents a prestigious award, and to compete for it, applicants need to navigate a specific set of requirements and adhere to strict deadlines. The process encompasses both financial and academic documentation, including a unique essay component.

Key Dates and Deadlines

  • Deadline for Submission: Applicants must submit the Common Application and all required materials by December 1.
  • Financial Aid Documents: Candidates should also file both the CSS Profile and the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as part of their financial aid application by the December 1 deadline.

Application Requirements

  • Common Application: Submission should be complete, inclusive of all required materials for admission to an undergraduate degree program at BU.
  • Financial Documentation: Filing the CSS Profile and FAFSA is necessary to assess financial need.
  • Scholarship Essay: A pivotal part of the application, the Trustee Scholarship essay, must be completed through the Common Application.

Essay and Personal Statement

The Trustee Scholarship essay serves as a platform for applicants to showcase their intellectual vitality, leadership qualities, and potential contributions to the BU community. This essay is a critical element and should reflect the applicant’s best writing, complying with the prompts provided on the Common Application.

Financial Aid Integration

Boston University’s Trustee Scholarship integrates seamlessly with the university’s commitment to affordable education through financial aid. A student’s financial aid package, which may include the Trustee Scholarship, is carefully crafted, taking into account both merit and need-based criteria.

Understanding Need-Based Financial Aid

Students seeking financial assistance at Boston University are evaluated for need-based financial aid, which can significantly minimize the tuition burden. The institution’s AffordableBU initiative holistically examines a student’s financial circumstance to ensure higher education is accessible. A need-based financial aid package typically includes grants, scholarships, and other forms of aid that do not need to be repaid, reducing the net price of tuition.

The CSS Profile and FAFSA

To apply for financial aid, Boston University requires the completion of two important forms: the CSS Profile and the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The CSS Profile offers a detailed analysis of an applicant’s financial situation, which goes beyond the FAFSA to provide a more comprehensive picture for institutional aid. The FAFSA is necessary to be considered for federal student aid. Both are critical for Boston University to determine the level of financial aid for which a student is eligible.

Merit-Based Scholarships at Boston University

Boston University offers a range of merit scholarships to acknowledge and support academically exceptional students. These merit-based scholarships, including the prestigious Trustee Scholars Program, uphold the recognition of academic achievements, test scores, and distinctive personal qualities.

Distinguishing Between Scholarships

Merit scholarships at Boston University fall into various categories, with the Trustee Scholarship standing out as one of the most competitive offerings. Unlike need-based financial aid, these scholarships specifically reward academic excellence. The Trustee Scholars Program is designed for students who not only have outstanding academic records but also showcase leadership potential and a breadth of interests.

Merit-based scholarships at BU may cover partial to full tuition, and selection is typically based on academic achievement and test scores, including SAT and ACT scores. Students often must maintain a certain GPA to continue receiving these awards throughout their college tenure.

Academic Criteria for Merit Scholarships

The academic criteria for receiving merit scholarships at Boston University include a combination of high school GPA, class rank, and standardized test scores. For example, many of the current Trustee Scholars had perfect 4.0-grade point averages in high school and were ranked at the top of their classes. The SAT scores and ACT scores of scholarship recipients are also typically well above average.

Recipients of the Trustee Scholarship are among the approximately 20 outstanding students admitted to the program each year. To maintain the scholarship, scholars must continue to demonstrate high academic achievement throughout their studies at BU.

Additional Scholarships and Opportunities

Boston University offers a range of financial aid options beyond the Trustee Scholarship to help students finance their education. These include merit-based awards like the National Merit Scholarship and opportunities to work on campus or secure outside scholarships.

National Merit Scholarship

Students who excel in the National Merit Competition might qualify for the National Merit Scholarship at Boston University. Finalists who have designated BU as their first choice with the National Merit Scholarship Corporation by March 1 are considered for this award. The scholarships can supplement other financial aid, potentially covering a significant portion of tuition costs.

Outside Scholarships and Work-Study

Students have access to numerous outside scholarships; these funds come from organizations unaffiliated with Boston University and can vary greatly in terms of requirements and award amounts. To accommodate students who demonstrate financial need, the university also participates in the Federal Work-Study program. This program allows students to work part-time jobs, either on-campus or with approved off-campus employers, to earn money to pay for educational expenses.

Student Life and Opportunities


At Boston University, Trustee Scholars have access to a myriad of extracurricular and leadership opportunities that are integrated with their academic and social lives. The university fosters an environment where scholars can pursue their passions in various fields, including the arts, while still maintaining strong connections with the BU community and faculty, such as acclaimed BU professor Elie Wiesel.

Extracurricular and Leadership Opportunities

Trustee Scholars have the privilege of engaging in a rich tapestry of extracurricular activities that span across diverse disciplines. These activities provide a platform for students to hone their leadership skills and implement impactful projects. Opportunities range from:

  • Student government where scholars can take significant roles in shaping the university policies and student experience.
  • Community service initiatives that allow them to give back and lead social change.
  • Cultural clubs which let them embrace and share their heritage while promoting diversity.
  • Involvement in fine arts groups that foster creative expression through performances, exhibitions, and more.

Integration with University Academics and Social Life

The Trustee Scholars Program is not solely focused on academic excellence but also on ensuring a well-rounded university experience. Students can:

  • Enjoy social opportunities that enrich their university life through organised events and social gatherings unique to Trustee Scholars.
  • Benefit from interactions and mentorship from renowned professors such as Elie Wiesel, who once held the position of Andrew W. Mellon Professor in the Humanities at BU. His legacy continues to influence students.
  • Access a curriculum that reinforces their academic endeavors with real-world applications and social networking, paving the way for a comprehensive understanding of their chosen fields.

Boston University’s Trustee Scholarship facilitates an environment where scholars grow academically while exploiting a spectrum of activities that shape them into future leaders.

Special Considerations for International Applicants

Boston University offers significant scholarship opportunities that cater to a diverse student body, including those from around the world. Here, we focus on the eligibility criteria for international applicants aspiring to secure the Trustee Scholarship.

Scholarship Eligibility for International Students

International students at Boston University may apply for distinguished awards such as the Trustee Scholarship and the Presidential Scholarship. These scholarships are competitive and merit-based, recognizing individuals with exceptional academic records. International applicants are not automatically disqualified from these scholarships; on the contrary, they are specifically considered for them. However, they are not eligible for certain other merit awards that are exclusive to U.S. citizens, permanent residents, or eligible non-citizens.

To be considered for the Trustee Scholarship, international candidates must adhere to the same deadlines as domestic applicants. They must submit a complete application for admission to an undergraduate degree program by December 1 and also complete a Trustee Scholarship essay, which is a part of the application process. This essay is a crucial component of the selection criteria and must reflect the applicant’s academic prowess and intellectual curiosity.

For comprehensive guidelines on how international students should apply for the Trustee Scholarship, prospective applicants can refer to detailed steps outlined by Boston University, assuring they comply with the necessary process and deadlines.

Planning Your Education Journey


For students with a vision for their future, aligning educational milestones with career aspirations is vital. Securing the right scholarships plays a pivotal role in this process, as it can ensure access to the necessary resources and institutions that foster their passions.

Aligning Career Goals with Scholarships

A student who dreams of an innovative career in technology and wishes to attend the College of Engineering at Boston University might seek out scholarships to alleviate financial concerns. They should explore the Trustee Scholarship, which is among the most distinguished Boston University scholarships. This merit-based award is designed to support approximately 20 exceptional students each year, offering them the freedom to pursue their passions without the burden of financial constraints.

When aligning career goals with scholarships, the student should focus on how the scholarship aligns with their area of study and how it supports their long-term objectives. For instance, if their passion lies in developing sustainable energy technologies, they should emphasize this in their scholarship applications. Detailing how Boston University’s engineering program aligns with their dream to innovate within the field could significantly strengthen their candidacy for such competitive scholarships.

Support and Resources


The Trustee Scholarship at Boston University provides extensive support and resources for applicants, ensuring that both the application process and the understanding of scholarship benefits are clear and accessible. Prospective scholars can rely on the infrastructure put in place by BU’s Admissions and Financial Aid Offices to navigate the application requirements and any related queries they might have.

BU Admissions and Financial Aid Offices

Admissions Website: Boston University’s Trustee Scholarship page offers detailed information about the scholarship itself, the financial coverage it provides, which includes full undergraduate tuition plus mandatory undergraduate student fees, and the renewal conditions for the scholarship.

Application Requirements: All interested applicants in the United States must submit their Trustee Scholarship essays as part of their BU admissions application by the respective deadline mentioned on the website. It is crucial to follow the prompt provided by BU and submit a well-crafted response that showcases an applicant’s achievements and potential contributions to the university community.

Boston University’s Office of Financial Assistance functions to help applicants navigate through the financial aspects of their education. They offer personalized advice on financial aid options, ensuring students make well-informed decisions about their higher education financing. The office is committed to making the process transparent and manageable for all prospective students and their families.

Frequently Asked Questions


In this section, you’ll find precise information regarding the application process and requisites for the Boston University Trustee Scholarship.

How can one apply for the Boston University Trustee Scholarship?

To apply for the Trustee Scholarship, candidates must submit the Common Application along with all required admission materials to an undergraduate degree program at Boston University. Additionally, applicants must complete the Trustee Scholarship essay as part of their BU application.

What are the eligibility requirements for the Trustee Scholarship at Boston University?

Eligibility for the Trustee Scholarship is based on academic excellence. Candidates are evaluated on their academic achievements, leadership, and community service. The scholarship is designed for students who showcase exceptional academic credentials.

What is the acceptance rate for the Boston University Trustee Scholarship?

Information concerning the acceptance rate for the Trustee Scholarship at Boston University is not typically disclosed publicly. The scholarship is highly competitive, as it targets top academic achievers.

What type of essay is needed for the Boston University Trustee Scholarship application?

Applicants are required to write a Trustee Scholarship essay, which should reflect well-informed and well-reasoned views on important political, social, or artistic issues.

Are there examples of successful essays from previous Boston University Trustee Scholarship winners?

Examples of successful essays from previous Trustee Scholarship recipients are not publicly posted by Boston University. Applicants are encouraged to express their unique perspective and individual insights in their essays.

By when do applicants need to submit their materials for consideration for the Trustee Scholarship at Boston University?

The deadline for submitting the Common Application and the associated Trustee Scholarship essay is December 1. Materials should be submitted by this date for applicants to be considered for the upcoming academic cycle.

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