ASU New American University Scholarship Guide: Securing Your Financial Support

Arizona State University (ASU) offers an array of scholarships aiming to acknowledge and support the academic achievements of aspiring students. Among these, the New American University Scholarship stands out as a significant opportunity. This scholarship exemplifies ASU’s commitment to rewarding academic excellence and facilitating access to higher education. Designed for incoming first-year students, these merit-based awards vary in amounts and are renewable, easing the financial strain of pursuing a degree.


Understanding the eligibility criteria, renewal requirements, and benefits of the New American University Scholarship is crucial for applicants. Prospective students should familiarize themselves with ASU’s scholarship ecosystem, which not only appreciates academic accomplishments but also encourages continuous personal and educational development throughout their university journey. With careful planning and by maintaining the required academic standards, awardees can maximize their educational finance strategy and enrich their student experience by taking advantage of the special programs and opportunities that come with being a part of the ASU community.

Key Takeaways

  • ASU’s New American University Scholarship rewards first-year students for academic excellence.
  • The scholarship is renewable, subject to maintaining academic performance standards.
  • Scholarship holders have access to various programs and resources, supporting their educational journey.

Understanding ASU’s Scholarship Ecosystem

Arizona State University (ASU) offers a diverse array of scholarship opportunities designed to support students financially through their academic journey. The scholarship ecosystem at ASU includes various types of financial aid aimed at acknowledging academic achievement and assisting with tuition costs.

ASU Scholarship Types

ASU presents a comprehensive range of scholarship options to cater to different student requirements and accomplishments. These include:

  • First-year Academic Awards: Scholarships for incoming freshmen.
  • Transfer Student Awards: Financial aid for students transferring from other institutions.
  • Nonresident Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) Awards: Reduced tuition rate scholarships for students from WUE states.

Scholarships specific to ASU include the New American University Scholar awards, which are subdivided into categories such as President’s Scholarship, Provost’s Scholarship, and Dean’s Scholarship. These awards bring together financial assistance and academic enrichment.

Merit Scholarships and Eligibility

Merit scholarships at ASU are designed to reward students for their academic accomplishments. Eligibility criteria typically require a combination of:

  • GPA
  • SAT or ACT test scores
  • Course rigor

The New American University Scholarship is a prime example of a merit award provided by ASU, and it varies in amount. To retain eligibility, students must adhere to certain academic standards throughout their time at ASU. The criteria for renewal include maintaining a satisfactory GPA and completing a minimum number of credit hours each academic year.

Admission and Scholarship Application Process


To secure their future at Arizona State University and benefit from the New American University Scholar programs, applicants need to navigate the admission process efficiently. Scholarships are closely tied with admission, and meticulous attention to deadlines and requirements is essential.

Undergraduate Admission

Undergraduates must first submit an application for admission to ASU, which, once processed, allows them to be considered for the merit-based scholarships. The criteria include academic performance, with specific scholarships requiring certain GPA levels. To streamline the process:

  • Complete the undergraduate admission application.
  • Provide official transcripts and standardized test scores.

Graduate Programs and Scholarships

For graduate students, securing funding through scholarships often involves separate applications, after gaining admission to ASU’s graduate programs. Scholarship criteria can include:

  • Academic merit or research potential.
  • Necessity of enrollment in a specific graduate program.

Application Fee and Waivers

Application to ASU requires a non-refundable application fee. However, waivers may be available for eligible students experiencing financial hardship. Steps to apply for a waiver include:

  • Reviewing eligibility requirements.
  • Submitting the waiver request when applying for admission.

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

Prospective students should complete the FAFSA to unlock additional federal funding opportunities, which may complement ASU scholarships. Important FAFSA notes:

  • Not mandatory for scholarships, but recommended.
  • Opens access to a wide range of financial aid options.

Scholarship Awards and Requirements

Arizona State University offers the New American University Scholar awards to recognize high-achieving students. This section details the various levels of scholarships available, the criteria for eligibility and renewal, and circumstances under which scholarship amounts may be adjusted.

New American University Scholarship Levels

Arizona State University provides several levels of the New American University Scholar awards. Each level corresponds to specific academic achievements and cater to different student profiles, ranging from the President’s Award to the Dean’s Award.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility for the New American University Scholar awards is based primarily on academic merit. Students are evaluated on the rigor of their high school coursework, grades, standardized test scores, and class rank where applicable. International students may also apply and are considered for these scholarships.

Renewal Criteria

These scholarships are renewable for eight semesters, provided recipients meet specific renewal criteria each academic year, which typically includes maintaining a requisite GPA and full-time enrollment status. For details on renewal policies, students can refer to ASU’s Scholarship Renewal Guide.

Scholarship Amount Adjustments

Scholarship amount adjustments can be necessary if a student’s enrollment status changes, such as from full-time to part-time, or if they receive additional financial aid. These adjustments ensure compliance with financial aid policies and may affect the overall scholarship value.

Academic Standards and Performance


The New American University Scholarship at Arizona State University demands specific academic standards. Applicants and recipients are expected to meet and maintain a definitive level of academic performance, which includes adhering to GPA requirements and submitting standardized test scores.

GPA Requirements

The New American University Scholarship places emphasis on a strong academic record. First-year applicants must have a minimum cumulative high school GPA. For transfer students and current ASU students, maintaining a minimum cumulative ASU GPA of 3.0 is required for scholarship consideration and renewal.

ACT and SAT Test Scores

In addition to GPA requirements, the scholarship program considers ACT and SAT test scores. Prospective students are evaluated on their performance in these standardized tests. Although test scores are not the sole criterion, they can bolster the applicant’s scholarship eligibility particularly in competitive award categories.

Maintaining Eligibility

Once awarded, students must maintain certain academic standards to continue receiving their scholarship. This includes achieving a minimum cumulative ASU GPA of 3.0, which is regularly reviewed to ensure scholars are on track with their academic progress. Failure to maintain the required GPA can result in the discontinuation of the scholarship.

Financing Your Education at ASU

Financing education is a critical step for prospective students. Arizona State University offers a range of financial aid options to manage the tuition and additional costs of higher education.

Tuition and Additional Costs

Annual tuition rates at ASU can vary significantly based on a student’s state residency, chosen program, and enrollment status. Besides tuition, students should account for costs including housing, food, books, and supplies. The New American University Scholarship is an opportunity for students to offset these costs, wherein they are automatically considered upon admission.

Financial Aid Packages

ASU provides financial aid packages to eligible students, which may include scholarships, grants, work-study opportunities, and loans. These packages aim to help bridge the gap between the cost of attendance and what families can afford. Detailed information about such packages is accessible through the ASU Scholarships page.

Loans and Total Cost of Attendance

To cover the total cost of attendance, ASU students may also consider federal, state, or private loans. Loans must be repaid with interest, so it’s crucial to understand the terms and lifetime costs. ASU’s financial aid office provides resources to help students grasp the full spectrum of attending the university, including indirect costs that may not be billed by the university but are typical for most students.

Scholarship Search and Resources

Conducting a scholarship search is a proactive way to fund education. ASU’s extensive scholarship resources help students find applicable scholarships offered by ASU and external organizations. Using the scholarship estimator can help prospective students understand their potential for award eligibility.

Special Programs and Opportunities

Arizona State University (ASU) provides several special programs and opportunities designed to support and enhance the educational journey of its students. These initiatives include financial benefits and are part of ASU’s commitment to academic excellence and accessibility.

Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) Program

The Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) Program is a financial opportunity for students residing in the Western United States. This program allows participants to receive a significant reduction in tuition fees, nearly 150% of the in-state tuition rate, rather than the full out-of-state rate. Students from WUE-participating states are automatically considered for this benefit when admitted to ASU.

Qualified Tuition Reduction (QTR) Program

The Qualified Tuition Reduction (QTR) Program is exclusive to ASU and offers eligible employees and their dependents the chance to take advantage of reduced tuition rates. This program is a testament to ASU’s investment in its community, promoting lifelong learning across the institution. Details on eligibility and program specifics can be found on ASU’s scholarship renewal guide.

National Scholar Awards

ASU recognizes the achievements of high-performing students through its National Scholar Awards. Merit-based scholarships, such as the New American University Scholar awards, are granted to freshmen who exhibit exceptional academic prowess. Recipients are selected based on their admissions application, without the need for a separate scholarship application, making the process seamless and inclusive.

Campus Involvement and Student Life


The Arizona State University (ASU) scholarship recipients are encouraged to enrich their academic journey by engaging with campus life and utilizing the innovative ASU Sync system for a blended educational experience.

On-Campus Engagement

On-campus students at ASU are located at the heart of university life, with access to a wealth of resources, clubs, and organizations. The vibrant community offers numerous opportunities for scholarship recipients to connect with peers, faculty, and industry professionals. ASU’s campus is designed to foster an environment where students can thrive academically while pursuing diverse interests and activities.

  • Clubs: Over 1,000 student-led organizations
  • Resources: Academic support, career services, and wellness facilities

Online Learning and ASU Sync

Students registered for iCourses and ASU Sync have the flexibility to engage with their coursework remotely while still feeling an integral part of the university community. ASU Online students are provided with a suite of tools to facilitate collaboration and communication with classmates and instructors, ensuring a rigorous and fulfilling educational experience.

  • iCourses: 100% online with set deadlines
  • ASU Sync: Live digital sessions, interactive engagement

Policies and Procedures for Scholarship Holders


The successful maintenance of the ASU New American University Scholarship hinges on understanding specific guidelines. Scholarship holders must adhere to critical dates, manage eligibility during deferment, and ensure their academic records meet set standards.

Deadlines and Priority Dates

To safeguard their scholarship status, students must be cognizant of all deadlines and priority dates. It’s imperative to apply for renewals and necessary paperwork before these dates to prevent disqualification or delays in funding:

  • Renewal Applications: Must be submitted no later than the end of each spring semester.
  • Priority Date: The scholarship has a priority date to guide students for timely submission, which typically falls toward the beginning of the calendar year.

Scholarship Deferment and Incomplete Cases

In the instance where students face extenuating circumstances necessitating deferment, the following applies:

  • Deferment Requests: Must be formally submitted and approved, detailing the reason based on the university’s recognized grounds for deferment.
  • Incomplete Cases: Should a student have an incomplete grade, they are required to finalize the course within one calendar year to prevent impact on their scholarship status.

Transcript and Academic Record Requirements

Maintaining excellence in academic performance is a cornerstone of the New American University Scholarship. Scholarship holders are expected to present:

  • Transcripts: As evidence of their academic progress, updated official transcripts need to be provided when called upon.
  • Credit Hours and GPA: Recipients are required to complete a minimum of 30 ASU credit hours with at least a 3.00 ASU cumulative GPA by the end of each spring semester to sustain their award.

Students should refer to the details within the Scholarship Renewal Guide for a comprehensive outline of policies and ensure they remain in compliance to continue benefiting from the scholarship program.

Frequently Asked Questions


The New American University Scholarship at Arizona State University provides varying levels of financial support to incoming students based on their academic achievements. Below are the details to the most pressing questions concerning this scholarship.

What are the eligibility requirements for the New American University Scholarship at ASU?

Eligibility requirements include meeting specific GPA, class rank, and ACT/SAT score thresholds. International first-year and transfer F-1 students may also be considered for this scholarship.

How does one apply for the New American University Scholarship at Arizona State University?

Students are considered for this scholarship at the time of their admission to ASU; no separate application is necessary. Prospective students are advised to have their test scores sent directly to ASU.

What amounts are awarded through the New American University Scholarship, and how do they vary?

The scholarship award amounts may vary based on the campus enrolled in, program, residency, or if the student meets the criteria for National Scholars.

What are the criteria for renewing the New American University Scholarship at ASU?

Students must complete a minimum of 30 ASU credit hours by the end of each spring semester and maintain a minimum 3.00 ASU cumulative GPA to renew their scholarship.

Can ASU’s merit scholarships be combined with the New American University Scholarship?

Yes, merit scholarships may be combined with the New American University Scholarship, provided the student meets the necessary criteria for each.

What GPA is necessary to qualify for a full ride scholarship at Arizona State University?

While the GPA requirements for the New American University Scholarship are clearly specified, information regarding a full ride scholarship at ASU would need to be confirmed by contacting the university’s scholarship office for the most current criteria.

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