Amazon Future Engineers Scholarship Guide: Essential Tips for Success

The Amazon Future Engineer Scholarship is a fantastic opportunity for high school seniors from underserved and historically underrepresented communities across the United States to get a financial boost towards a computer science degree. Awarding 100 scholarships of $40,000 each, the program aims to increase access to computer science education and create a diverse pool of future technology leaders. Additionally, recipients are guaranteed a paid internship at Amazon after completing their first year of college, providing valuable hands-on experience in the tech industry.

This comprehensive scholarship offers not only financial assistance but also unique employment and mentorship opportunities for students passionate about computer science and engineering. As Amazon is committed to fostering diversity in the tech sector, becoming an Amazon Future Engineer Scholar opens doors to a promising career in technology while making an impact on the lives of the next generation of computer science professionals.


Key Takeaways:

  • The Amazon Future Engineer Scholarship provides a $40,000 scholarship and internship opportunities for students from underrepresented communities.
  • This program aims to increase access to computer science education and promote diversity in the tech industry.
  • Recipients can expect valuable hands-on experience, mentorship, and networking opportunities through the offered internship at Amazon.

Eligibility Requirements

Academic Performance

To be considered for the Amazon Future Engineer Scholarship, applicants must demonstrate strong academic performance. Ideally, candidates should have completed or be currently enrolled in a computer science class during their high school. In addition, a competitive GPA is an essential factor showcasing the candidate’s dedication towards their studies.

Family Income

Amazon aims to support students from underserved and underrepresented communities via the Amazon Future Engineer Scholarship. As a result, applicants with lower family incomes are encouraged to apply for this scholarship. This focus ensures that deserving students with financial constraints can have access to computer science education and career exploration.

Residency Status

Applicants for the Amazon Future Engineer Scholarship must be eligible to work legally in the United States. Additionally, they should have the status of a permanent resident or be a high school senior in the U.S. These residency requirements ensure that the beneficiaries of this scholarship can pursue their computer science or engineering degrees inline with legal work guidelines in the country.

Targeted Disciplines

Computer Science

Computer science is a diverse field that includes areas such as software development, data science, and information systems. This discipline encompasses the design, development, and analysis of software and hardware used in various applications. The Amazon Future Engineer Scholarship supports students pursuing a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field of study, such as computer engineering, software engineering, and hardware engineering.

Engineering and Technology

Engineering and technology cover a wide range of specializations, including mechanical, electrical, aerospace, and aeronautical engineering, as well as computer hardware engineering and engineering robotics. These areas focus on the design, development, and implementation of innovative solutions for various industries. The Amazon Future Engineer Scholarship encourages students from underrepresented communities to pursue careers in these fields, providing them with financial support and internship opportunities.

Mathematics and Applied Sciences

Mathematics and applied sciences involve the study and application of advanced mathematical concepts to various fields, such as data science, robotics engineering, and management information systems. These disciplines play a crucial role in solving complex problems and developing cutting-edge technology. The Amazon Future Engineer Scholarship aims to inspire and educate students to explore careers in these areas, promoting diversity and innovation within the industry.


Application Process

Submission of Documents

To apply for the Amazon Future Engineer Scholarship, applicants must submit the required documents by the specified deadline. These documents include a completed application form, official high school or college transcripts, and a copy of the family’s most recent tax return. Providing the tax return is important as it serves as proof of the applicant’s financial background and ensures that only students from underserved and underrepresented communities are considered for the scholarship.

Essay Requirements

In addition to submitting the necessary documents, applicants must also write an essay as part of the application process. The essay should focus on the applicant’s passion for computer science, their career aspirations, and how the Amazon Future Engineer Scholarship will help them achieve their goals. It’s essential to maintain a confident, knowledgeable, neutral, and clear tone throughout the essay, showcasing your dedication to achieving success in the field of computer science.

The essay should adhere to the word count and formatting guidelines provided in the application instructions. Remember to proofread your essay carefully, as well-structured and error-free content can significantly increase your chances of being considered for the scholarship.

Scholarship Benefits

Financial Support

The Amazon Future Engineer Scholarship offers a generous financial support package for students pursuing an engineering career. Up to 400 students will receive a $40,000 scholarship towards their college tuition, providing a significant assistance in managing the costs of pursuing higher education.

For students enrolled at two-year schools, the scholarship amount is $5,000/year for up to two years before transferring to a four-year school, where they will receive $10,000/year for up to two additional years. Apart from tuition fee assistance, the scholarship program also covers $500 in textbooks for up to 50 full-time undergraduate college students, easing the financial burdens that come with pursuing higher education.

Paid Summer Internship

In addition to the scholarship amount, recipients of the Amazon Future Engineer Scholarship also have the opportunity to gain valuable hands-on experience through a paid summer internship at Amazon. This internship is a unique opportunity to learn directly from industry experts and enhance the student’s practical skills, making them better prepared for a successful career in their chosen field.

Through this combination of financial support and experiential learning, Amazon aims to make engineering careers accessible and achievable for deserving students, regardless of their financial need. With scholarships and a paid internship, Amazon Future Engineer Scholarship recipients can focus on their studies and career development while reducing financial stress.

Internship Opportunities

Internship Selection

The Amazon Future Engineer Scholarship offers more than just a monetary boost for your college education; it also provides a valuable experience in the form of a paid internship at Amazon. The internship selection process focuses on exposing students to various sectors within Amazon, such as Amazon Web Services, the Amazon retail platform, and the development of cutting-edge Alexa Voice Technology.

Co-Intern and Manager Collaboration

During the internship, you will have the opportunity to work closely with both your co-interns and your manager. This collaborative environment allows you to learn from experienced professionals while also being a part of a supportive fellow intern cohort. You’ll receive guidance and mentorship from your team, making the most of your time at Amazon.

Amazon Business Exposure

Throughout the internship experience, you’ll gain exposure to the inner workings of the Amazon business. From writing production-level code to working directly with technology teams, you’ll get hands-on experience with Amazon’s industry-leading projects. Additionally, you will have the chance to attend fireside chats with senior leaders, allowing you to learn from their expertise and build a robust understanding of Amazon’s business operations.

Mentorship and Networking

The Amazon Future Engineer Scholarship program offers a unique opportunity for students from underserved and underrepresented communities to not only receive financial support but also engaging in valuable experiences in computer science education and mentorship. In this section, we will discuss the different aspects of mentorship and networking opportunities available through the program.

Senior Leaders Interaction

One of the key components of the Amazon Future Engineer Scholarship is the opportunity to interact and learn directly from Amazon’s senior leaders. These mentors have a wealth of experience and knowledge in the fields of computer science and engineering, providing valuable guidance and insights to help students navigate their academic and professional journey.

Technology Teams Collaboration

The program allows recipients to work closely with Amazon’s technology teams. This collaboration gives students the chance to experience first-hand how cutting-edge solutions are developed and implemented, providing invaluable learning opportunities to grow and enhance their computer science education. Working with these teams can also help students build good working relationships with professionals and create a strong network within the industry.

Fellow Intern Cohort

Amazon Future Engineer Scholarship recipients are part of a cohort of fellow interns who are all passionate about pursuing a career in computer science or engineering. This collective camaraderie encourages students to support and collaborate with one another, fostering a sense of belonging and facilitating the exchange of ideas and experiences. This peer network can prove to be an essential support system throughout their academic and professional life.

Social Events

Lastly, the scholarship program includes opportunities to participate in various social events, promoting a healthy balance between work and leisure. These events encourage scholars to interact with their peers, mentors, and other professionals in more relaxed and informal settings, creating connections that go beyond academics and work. Such events play an essential role in nurturing a sense of community and fostering long-lasting professional relationships.

Enhancing Diversity in Tech

Girls in Technology

Amazon Future Engineer program aims to make computer science education more accessible to students from underserved and underrepresented communities, including girls. By empowering girls and providing them with the necessary resources, Amazon aims to bridge the gender gap in the tech industry, creating a more diverse and inclusive environment.

Underserved Communities

Computer science education plays a crucial role in preparing students for jobs in the future. Amazon understands this and focuses on providing opportunities for students from historically underserved communities. By offering resources like STEM education programs, Amazon hopes to help these students succeed academically and professionally in technology-related fields.

Scholarships for 400 Students

The Amazon Future Engineer scholarship program offers a unique set of opportunities to 400 students, assisting in expanding diversity in tech. This program provides each student with $40,000 towards their college education and a guaranteed paid internship at Amazon after their first year. With this financial support, students from different backgrounds can pursue a career in computer science without the burden of student debt.

Student Clubs and Activities

Amazon Future Engineer Scholarship program emphasizes on the importance of student clubs and activities in shaping the careers of future engineers. Participating in extracurricular activities can greatly enhance students’ college experiences while also providing valuable opportunities to develop essential skills in a practical environment.

Clubs play a pivotal role in fostering a collaborative and growth-oriented atmosphere. Computer science and engineering clubs offer students a chance to interact with like-minded individuals, explore ideas, and work on projects together. These clubs can range from coding clubs, where students collaboratively develop software, to robotics clubs where they design and build robots for various purposes.

Another exciting opportunity for students is participating in hackathons. Hackathons are intensive, time-constrained events where participants collaborate in small teams to develop innovative applications, websites, or other software products. These events not only provide students with a platform to showcase their skills but also help them learn new technologies, troubleshoot issues, and receive guidance from industry experts.

In addition, students can gain exposure to the broader field of information technology by attending workshops, guest lectures, and conferences. These events allow students to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and advancements, engage in meaningful discussions, and expand their professional networks.

By engaging in clubs, hackathons, and other information technology-related activities, students can hone their skills, gain valuable real-world experience, and make lasting connections in the industry – all helping them become well-rounded professionals, ready to embrace challenges and excel in their careers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the acceptance rate for the Amazon Future Engineer scholarship?

The exact acceptance rate for the Amazon Future Engineer scholarship is not publicly available. However, the program awards 400 scholarships, making it a competitive opportunity for students interested in engineering and computer science.

What are the requirements to apply for the scholarship in 2023?

To apply for the Amazon Future Engineer scholarship in 2023, students must meet the following requirements:

  • Be high school seniors in the U.S. who plan to pursue a degree in computer science, software engineering, or a related field.
  • Have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.
  • Demonstrate financial need.
  • Show strong leadership, community involvement, and academic achievements.
  • Be available for the paid summer internship at Amazon following their freshman year of college.

What kind of students typically win the scholarship?

Students who typically win the Amazon Future Engineer scholarship are those with strong academic performance, leadership qualities, and a passion for computer science or engineering. Recipients might also have a history of community involvement and demonstrate financial need.

How can I increase my chances of being awarded the scholarship?

To increase your chances of being awarded the scholarship:

  1. Ensure you meet all eligibility criteria.
  2. Highlight your achievements and experiences in computer science or related fields.
  3. Showcase your leadership and community involvement.
  4. Clearly articulate your financial need in your application.
  5. Submit a well-structured and error-free application before the deadline.

How does the scholarship benefit recipients?

The Amazon Future Engineer scholarship benefits recipients by providing a $40,000 award for college tuition. Additionally, recipients are offered a paid summer internship at Amazon after their freshman year of college, providing hands-on experience in software or hardware engineering.

Are both high school and college students eligible for the scholarship?

The Amazon Future Engineer scholarship is primarily for high school seniors planning to pursue a degree in computer science, software engineering, or a related field. College students are not eligible for this specific scholarship.

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