Orange Grove Opportunities

The Orange Grove Digital Repository (OG)
is an online, statewide initiative to store and manage Florida’s instructional, organizational, and professional development resources for discovery, use and remixing by Florida faculty and administrators.

The OG is supported by the Florida Distance Learning Consortium (FDLC). The FDLC is a legislatively funded entity that supports all public (39) post secondary institutions in Florida in their delivery of technology mediated learning through quarterly meetings, web services and resources including an online catalog of distance learning courses at and The Orange Grove Repository. The Orange Grove Committee advises on guidelines for the repository, including content guidelines. Questions about the repository or appropriate content may be directed to The Orange Grove via an email to

Orange Grove Text Plus (OGT+) is a joint initiative of the University Press of Florida  and The Orange Grove repository.  The goal of this partnership is to reduce the cost of books to students by offering no-cost downloadable and printable open access texts that are affordable, accessible, and adaptable to reader preferences.  You may also recommend or request that an open access textbook be considered for inclusion as an OGT+ which ensures that a print copy is also available at low cost for your students. Be sure to check out the Open Textbook Resources collection within the repository!


The repository fosters an environment to share, disseminate, and collaborate in the development of educational resources. If you have original resources or favorite websites you use in your teaching, we encourage you to add them to the repository. The repository can store any type of digital resource. This includes audio and video files, images, animations, simulations, lesson plans, “open” textbooks, and administrative documents. Whenever possible, content should be modular to facilitate linking to and arranging content in diverse ways. This enables faculty to design content in a manner that best fits the needs of their students and their instruction.


  1. Content is created once, stored once, and then can be used an infinite number of times
  2. The system creates one location for users to search for and locate content from many sources
  3. Users can link to or download resources
  4. Users can contribute resources

Through resources already stored in the repository and through federation with other repositories, The Orange Grove provides access to many thousands of resources which can be located by a search of standards based metadata and likewise provides the opportunity for other repositories around the world to benefit from Florida’s collection of publically available resources. The cataloguing of resources with controlled vocabularies such as MeSH, ERIC and GEM subject headings, and Florida statewide course numbers, allows for precision searching and personal notification when a resource or textbook becomes available in a faculty member’s area of interest.

Educators, students and members of the public are very welcome to access our large number of publically available Orange Grove resources by logging in as a Guest user. These resources include ALL our open textbooks, as well as most of our other resources. Simply select the “Login as guest” option on the login page at:                                     

Copyright of Resources

Resources in The Orange Grove are free for educational use.  Copyright statements assigned by the creator or author articulate the conditions under which a resource may be used or reused. You may find it helpful to read the information on copyright we have made available. One of the six Creative Commons licenses is typically used to protect open resources, including open textbooks and OGT+ textbooks.

Brief tutorials are available within the repository to learn more about searching and contributing content.

Resource Collections

You will find a variety of collections within the repositories. The number of resources listed by each collection name is not a reflection on the number of resources within the collection rather the number of resources that have been freely available to those who are not members of a given collection.

Helpful Resources

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